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Was very pleased they were able to make good on their promise to transfer my timeshare. Would defineatly
recommend them to anyone who needs help transferring their timeshare ownership.... See More


I attended a workshop and was totally convinced by the presentation. Very professional and informative. Moreover; the Newton Group was courteous and super to work with after the initial transaction. Thank you.
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Smooth transaction and excellent service. ... See More

Newton Group is a excellent company that does what they say their going to do!

Lynn Raulerson gave newton group transfers a 5 star review
Jake Gehersky gave Newton Group Transfers a 5 star review

Great experience with The Newton Group Transfers! No more timeshare and no more maintenance fees. What a great feeling. Thank you!

Carol Robinson Allen gave Newton Group Transfers a 5 star review

I would like to take a few minutes to share a wonderful experience with those of you that are sick and tired of paying all the fees to “own” a timeshare and are considering getting rid of it. First off don’t just walk away – it can cost you dearly as time goes on. I had a timeshare that the fees just kept getting higher and higher and I was unable to use it the way it was presented to me. So there were more fees to NOT use my timeshare. You know when it really boils down to it…it wasn’t mine because I wasn’t free to use it the way someone uses their real property. I tried using a couple other methods to get rid of the thing but all that happened was that I got rid of more money. I even contacted the resort myself and they said they could get rid of it for me….just send them $500. Then it ended up if I would just send them more money, and more money, and well you get the picture. Every option I tried just cost me more money while I still had to pay all the ever increasing fees. That was when I decided to just walk away. As I was researching how much it would hurt my credit, which involves every other aspect of my life, I came across The Newton Group. I actually heard about the group while on a hiking group and overheard a bit of a conversation. I thought I would look into this company that seemed to be real people with a real talent for honoring their word. A rarity in this business I had learned, the hard way, by being ripped off by scam companies. Looking into their ratings and reviews was a big help before I took that first step. I thought why not try again to do it the right way and keep my honor. I was so happy I tried one more time with The Newton Group. I paid them a set fee and never had to worry again. I received phone calls with updates as to the status but never once did they ask for more money. Each phone call was just a very nice person telling me each step as we got closer to being free. It had gotten to the point that I was beginning to hate this albatross around my neck bleeding me dry but now I am free because of The Newton Group. I wish I could speak to everyone that is wanting/needing to be free of a timeshare nightmare but I think that would be impossible so I thought I would put the word out as best I can to give The Newton Group a try. Usually if we get ripped off we let the world know about it but rarely do we really get behind an honest and decent company like this so here is my paying it forward in a way. A real person singing real praises. I am so much behind wanting to help I will put my cell number here and if you would like to speak to a real person that had a real experience give me a call. Bill Moore @ 719-480-9999 and no I am not paid or getting commissions for this. My heart just aches for people being ripped off by unethical companies and I found a company with honor, integrity and a love for helping people that want out. Give them a call, you will be glad you did.

William Moore gave Newton Group Transfers a 5 star review

It took about 5 months and that is due to the fact is it has to be placed on the market for 30 days first. The rest is trying to get the people from other parts of the equation to all come together. I am so very happy I am looking forward to NEVER making Maintenance fees again! During the process I received many updates. I am so glad I found these guys and gals!

Michael Sever gave Newton Group Transfers a 5 star review
Tarsi Zuganelis Newton gave Newton Group Transfers a 5 star review
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