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I am pleased with the constant easy phone contact that was available during this transfer process. The process did go as explained in the initial meeting. Nice to pay for this time share transfer and have the work actually accomplished. Thank you Newton Group Transfers. Shirley Watkins... See More


We were impressed with the Newton Group folks. We did not like having to pay to get rid of our time-shares, but after researching several options, we felt most comfortable with them to handle our process. They were efficient and kept us well informed throughout the process. Forms were easy to com... See More


Newton Group Transfers did what they said they would. Highly recommended. ... See More


We received a call from David, of the Newton Group, in which he invited us to listen to a presentation about exiting our timeshare responsibility. We set up an appointment, and were contacted prior to the meeting as a reminder, and then were helped to join the presentation. Edna Watson gave a very... See More


Even though, it took a while to complete the process, the experience was facilitated by those who provided appropriate and timely follow up. I appreciate their communication and will certainly consider NGT in the future with my time share needs. THANK YOU for assisting me with this transaction!!!... See More


Newton group delivered. I was skeptical about giving money up front but they did everything they said they would. Thank you Newton Group. ... See More


This group is very professional. I had contacted many other groups trying to get rid of my time share. No other group sounded credible. I am so happy I chose the Newton Group. They literally took me by the hand from the beginning thru the whole process. Starting with an amazing eye opening 30 ... See More


Unlike other time share transfer companies I looked into these folks operated professionally. They did what they promised and regularly kept me informed of the progress along the way. It took a while, but was worth it.... See More


I was very skeptical at the beginning of the process, but as things moved forward I was pleased with how well I was kept informed of the progress of the transfer. Each and every one of the many Newton Group associates I dealt with was professional, helpful, and very pleasant. I'd highly recommend ... See More


Very happy to final be out of Time Share that I was no longer using. Paying maintenance fees that continued to go up. Being threatened by collecting agencies for my time share that had not used for many years.
The Newton Group got the job done, it took a while, but I understand that’s the bureau... See More


The transfer of property went flawlessly through Newton Group. Very friendly and great people to work with. Would highly recommend ... See More


The information was very valuable and Edna, the presenter, was very clear and easy to understand.... See More


I feel they have been upfront with us and very informative. I don’t know why I waited so long to contact them.... See More


Newton Group Transfers has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for a reason. That is exactly the kind of service I received from them. I sent my initial payment on October 5, 2017 and by November 16, 2017 I had received my letter of "Confirmation of Timeshare Transfer". At my first phone... See More


We are very pleased of how Newton Group Transfers kept. in touch with us every 2 to 3 weeks. Checking to see if we had any questions and or concerns. Assuring us that all paper work was in order and on time in processing our request. We have received our certificate that tells us we hav... See More


Newton Group Transfers was a very good experience for us. They did exactly what they said they would, were in contact with us throughout the process, and always answered any questions we had. In just a little over 6 months we are rid of our timeshare. Thank you for being honest and trustworthy. ... See More


This is a great company. Very easy to work with and very polite, friendly, efficient and effective. I would highly recommend them. ... See More


The Newton Group made my entire experience as good as it could get! I would recommend them Highly.... See More


My experience was great. Newborn group did all that they said, and was in constant contact with me during the process. All my questions where answered and now I'm no longer a timeshare owner.
Thanks for your help... See More


After owning and never using two Las Vegas Timeshares and struggling to make the annual always increasing maintenance fees, we knew we needed to dispose of them. We had high hopes that we could sell them, but after researching inventory for sale soon realized there were hundreds out there for sale ... See More


Newton Group Worked very hard for us to sell our timeshare. They kept us up-to-date as the situation progressed, and finally, made us feel very grateful when the time share was finally sold. We would recomend the Newton Group to anyone else looking to sell their difficult time share. John W. Sull... See More


All of the staff at Newton Group were great to work with, kept us informed regularly about the transfer of our timeshare and the whole process to less than 6 months. We are extremely pleased to no longer have to deal with the timeshare scam. Thank you Newton Group!!... See More


We were happy to finally find a company that actually did the job that they said they would and got us timeshare free.
We are relieved now that the process is finished.
It took a while to get the job done, but now it doesn't seem as long as when we were waiting for the final step to get finalize... See More


When I first received the letter from The Newton Group regarding my timeshares I was somewhat septic, however I did make the call. it was the best call I ever made. Their agent explained to me what they would do to rid me of my timeshares, I accepted their help and they did everything they said they... See More


We had a great experience with Newton Group Transfers. We atteneded a presentation in March 2017 and the process was completed in August 2017. They kept us updated every 2 weeks during the whole process, even if there was no new status to report. We highly recommend them. ... See More


Basically, they are a company that does what they say. The presenter noted in his briefing that it may take up to 9 months to a year. Not because Newton Group is slow, but because the timeshares are slow. So beware, exiting a timeshare contract will not happen overnight. They assign you a POC for yo... See More


Was very pleased they were able to make good on their promise to transfer my timeshare. Would defineatly
recommend them to anyone who needs help transferring their timeshare ownership.... See More


I attended a workshop and was totally convinced by the presentation. Very professional and informative. Moreover; the Newton Group was courteous and super to work with after the initial transaction. Thank you.
Ray... See More


Smooth transaction and excellent service. ... See More

We were impressed with the Newton Group folks. We did not like having to pay to get rid of our time-shares, but after researching several options, we felt most comfortable with them to handle our process. They were efficient and kept us well informed throughout the process. Forms were easy to complete and submit. Would recommend them to anyone in such a situation.

Larry Weishaar gave newton group transfers a 4 star review

Like a lot of people I too was skeptical. NGT is different. They were able to get us out of our deed. There was some money to be paid to make it happen but in the long run we no longer have to deal with maintenance fees and exchange fees. It took almost 3 years but most of that delay was the part of the ownership group we had the timeshare with. It made me a little nervous that it was taking so long but I kept in touch with NGT and each time they responded in a timely manner. I was relieved when the final documents came through. Thank you Newton Group Transfers for fulfilling your promise.

Perry Tiemann gave newton group transfers a 5 star review

Newton Group Transfers is a fantastic company to utilize if you are looking to no longer own your timeshare. I would highly recommend it to anyone. They are professional, responsive, articulate and kind in explaining the process. Their A+ rating with the BBB wasn't just given to them after 14 years, it was earned. They are an excellent company overall who take CARE of their customers!

Gillian Alvillar gave newton group transfers a 5 star review
Jake Gehersky gave Newton Group Transfers a 5 star review

Great experience with The Newton Group Transfers! No more timeshare and no more maintenance fees. What a great feeling. Thank you!

Carol Robinson Allen gave Newton Group Transfers a 5 star review

I would like to take a few minutes to share a wonderful experience with those of you that are sick and tired of paying all the fees to “own” a timeshare and are considering getting rid of it. First off don’t just walk away – it can cost you dearly as time goes on. I had a timeshare that the fees just kept getting higher and higher and I was unable to use it the way it was presented to me. So there were more fees to NOT use my timeshare. You know when it really boils down to it…it wasn’t mine because I wasn’t free to use it the way someone uses their real property. I tried using a couple other methods to get rid of the thing but all that happened was that I got rid of more money. I even contacted the resort myself and they said they could get rid of it for me….just send them $500. Then it ended up if I would just send them more money, and more money, and well you get the picture. Every option I tried just cost me more money while I still had to pay all the ever increasing fees. That was when I decided to just walk away. As I was researching how much it would hurt my credit, which involves every other aspect of my life, I came across The Newton Group. I actually heard about the group while on a hiking group and overheard a bit of a conversation. I thought I would look into this company that seemed to be real people with a real talent for honoring their word. A rarity in this business I had learned, the hard way, by being ripped off by scam companies. Looking into their ratings and reviews was a big help before I took that first step. I thought why not try again to do it the right way and keep my honor. I was so happy I tried one more time with The Newton Group. I paid them a set fee and never had to worry again. I received phone calls with updates as to the status but never once did they ask for more money. Each phone call was just a very nice person telling me each step as we got closer to being free. It had gotten to the point that I was beginning to hate this albatross around my neck bleeding me dry but now I am free because of The Newton Group. I wish I could speak to everyone that is wanting/needing to be free of a timeshare nightmare but I think that would be impossible so I thought I would put the word out as best I can to give The Newton Group a try. Usually if we get ripped off we let the world know about it but rarely do we really get behind an honest and decent company like this so here is my paying it forward in a way. A real person singing real praises. I am so much behind wanting to help I will put my cell number here and if you would like to speak to a real person that had a real experience give me a call. Bill Moore @ 719-480-9999 and no I am not paid or getting commissions for this. My heart just aches for people being ripped off by unethical companies and I found a company with honor, integrity and a love for helping people that want out. Give them a call, you will be glad you did.

William Moore gave Newton Group Transfers a 5 star review

It took about 5 months and that is due to the fact is it has to be placed on the market for 30 days first. The rest is trying to get the people from other parts of the equation to all come together. I am so very happy I am looking forward to NEVER making Maintenance fees again! During the process I received many updates. I am so glad I found these guys and gals!

Michael Sever gave Newton Group Transfers a 5 star review
Tarsi Zuganelis Newton gave Newton Group Transfers a 5 star review
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