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There is a lot I've learned from Kimberely, it was entirely new to me that unconditional self-acceptance is the key to happiness. I am still learning this, it still feels big to grasp and a lot of undoing is required. I have many parts to me, and finding ways to accept and comfort rather than push away and reject the parts that I feel shame around is a big step forward Kimberley has taught me to start to make (in conjunction with studying a course in miracles which I did synchronistically to starting being coached by Kimberley. Kimberley models such deep conviction that there is a power that is breathing us that knows us intimately and knows what's best for us that working with her is both reassuring and wonderful and forces you to face your lack of faith and doubt! I've found her a challenging coach but in ways that have led to an increase in awareness, that I still feel stretched to become. Kimberley is dedicated and has been a rock when I've had a lot of challenge. I recommend her if you are ready to go deep and be questioned and question yourself on how you react and how you could reduce the pain in any reaction by seeing the lies / illusions you buy into. Really helped me utilise ho'oponopono more and start to let go of getting stuck in self-punishment or self-hate or self-blame. Sessions with kimberely are hard to describe- they make an impact!

-- Hannah de Quincey

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