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4111 Murrells Inlet Road
Murrells Inlet, SC 29576
United States

Declare wellness has been fabulous. Every time I go, I’m greeted with smiles and positive attitudes.


I would give them 10 stars if I could. A wonderful group of people genuinely wanting to help you be the best you. Dr. Cohen & his lovely staff changed my life.


Lisa gave Declare Wellness Center an AWESOME Recommendation

Lisa M

Christine had a great experience with Declare Wellness Center

Christine K

Great people who take an interest in each individual


Christine suggests you use Declare Wellness Center

Christine S

Declare Wellness Center is true to their word. They truly care about your well-being and your health and show it through the coaching calls and follow-ups. I’m glad I made the decision to became part of Declare Wellness - best decision I ever made. I’m more energetic - I feel great and I’ve lo... See More


After struggling with diets and my weight my entire life I was fatigued and overweight and never thought I would be able to lose weight again. Thanks to the caring and encouragement of Dr Cohen, his wife Amanda and wonderful staff, I have now lost 60 lbs and at age 75 I feel like I have a new lease ... See More


You are doing everything right when it comes to your food consumption/activity but it no longer works! Aging can do that. I had years of doctors and prescriptions to return to “better health“ resulting in disappointment and living through a continual decline. I contacted Dr. Cohen and the Declar... See More


Dr. Cohen is the most exceptional doctor I have ever had the privilege of knowing. When I first started with him my hormones were completely depleted due to a hysterectomy. He did the research and found something that worked for me. It truly changed my life. I am not tired, I have plenty of e... See More

Anita H

Amy Highly Recommends Declare Wellness Center to their friends & family!

Amy C

This program helped me loose 12.5 lbs, and I was able to remove 2 prescription medications I was on. It has taught me to make better choices to keep a healthier lifestyle as far as what I eat and how I exercise. Further, the staff at Declare Wellness Center are so supportive and encouraging and neve... See More


Declare wellness has really helped me to understand how the food I eat causes me to feel the way I do, both good and bad. The program helped me to recognize that certain foods cause me discomfort and now that they have been eliminated my life, it has really changed for the better. I feel less bloate... See More


Paula gave Declare Wellness Center an AWESOME Recommendation

Paula A

I had attended a workshop on hormone imbalance and abdominal body fat. I met with Dr. Cohen and his staff, after extensive lab work. Dr. Cohen sat down with me to review results. I was already “a healthy person”, I was doing High intensity workout 5-6 days a week, burning 450-500 calories a day,... See More

Karen C

Dr. Cohen and his staff provide the kind of care and service that you would be tempted to think no longer exists. Personal and holistic, efficient and compassionate. My husband and I both rely on Dr. Cohen and his staff to help us optimize our health and be proactive with our care, we both have been beyond satisfied. I had all but lost hope as I was acting as my husbands patient advocate managing 5 different types of specialists. Dr. Cohen looked at things none of them looked at, addressed deficiencies and management of Rx’s that totally turned my husbands health around and restored my hope!!!! I will be forever grateful and would shout from the roof tops to recommend this practice.

Jessie Kretzer gave Declare Wellness Center a 5 star review

My physician of 15 years, Dr. Duffy, retired a few years ago. Even though I am in the medical field I was unable to find a local primary care physician that I felt truly cared about me as a person and my health. Unfortunately, most of our local medical offices have been bought out by massive hospital systems and the physicians are now employees of those corporations. The pressure on the practitioners in those offices to see more and more and MORE patients daily has a detrimental effect on patient care and wellness. Not to mention it is almost impossible to get an appointment for acute problems that need to be addressed in a timely manor. Well, after all of these years searching I have FINALLY found Dr. Cohen. I know that this may be hard to believe but his office staff makes a trip to the doctor actually enjoyable. He and all of his staff are so friendly, above and beyond helpful and they actually follow up with you when they say that they will. With minimal wait times and a thorough assessment and exam you get fantastic care without spending your entire day in his office. I could keep going but the best advertisement for his office will answer the phone when you call to make an appointment. Sammi deserves her own 5 STAR review! If you are reading all of these reviews and you are still not sure if he is everything that people say call and make an appointment and experience it for yourself. You will love them!

maceo'smom gave Declare Wellness Center a 5 star review

Dr. Cohen and his staff are fantastic! It is evident that they are passionate about patience care and creative a positive work environment for the staff an patients. Dr Cohen strives to help me achieve superior health, not just treat the ailments. Sammy always greets me with a smile and attends to me quickly. The nurses are thorough and always give me great exercise tips to keep my back in good shape. I have been looking for ten years in this area for a Dr and health care facility that put prevention and wellness before prescribing drugs, someone that aligns with my belief in a healthy lifestyle and self care. They are always encouraging me! Dr Cohen has an amazing way of connecting with his patience and making you feel like he really cares, because he does. Plus I love that he is a nurse practitioner and a Chiropractor! I feel so blessed to have found Inlet Physical Medicine! Thank you!

GINGER SETSER gave Declare Wellness Center a 5 star review

My husband John and I have been patients here since they opened in this area. Craig Cohen has been our Chiropractor since he opened this practice and now he is also our Primary Care Provider. we have never dealt with a more caring and conscientious medical professional. He has a wonderful staff and the addition of Dr. Holt was a definite plus. When I go there I feel like I am visiting family. We won't ever give them up.

arlene pezzullo gave Declare Wellness Center a 5 star review

I absolutely love the doctor's and staff at Inlet Physical Medicine. I could not have asked for a better team of healers. I started seeing Dr. Cohen as my PCP and chiropractor just over 3 years ago. Since we started treatments everything ranging from chronic conditions to the common cold, I have been a more healthier happier person; which is exactly what the doctors and staff strive to achieve. With the help of Dr. Cohen, Dr. Holt and Dr. Cohen's medical assistant Sarah, I have successfully lost 66lbs using the HCG weight loss program and found relief from chronic aliments that have plagued me for years. Everyone at Inlet Physical Medicine has become family to me, a support system I never knew I needed. If you are looking for a doctor's office that actually puts the patient first, has time to answer questions, listens and in general makes you feel appreciated, you must give them a try!

Tiffany gave Declare Wellness Center a 5 star review

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