How it Works

  • SoTellUs is a groundbreaking review system that, plain and simple, helps you get more customers. This one-of-a-kind system that we created uses your existing customers and the great work you have already done to sell new customers for you. On SoTellUs, you can get video, audio or written reviews in seconds. By simply handing the customer your phone or tablet, they can use our app to instantly give you a review when they are most excited - right after they receive your awesome service!

  • Once your customer's video, audio or written review is submitted, it is instantly posted to your SoTellUs business profile. This profile is where all of the information about your business, your services and your reviews live. Potential customers are able to visit your business profile and see all of your reviews before they ever call to ask about your services. This is super exciting because 88% of people consider reviews as good as getting a personal recommendation from a friend.

  • Can you imagine answering your phone and the person calling is already sold on your service? The reviews on your website become your salespeople, converting customers before they even pick up the phone. We already have customers reporting as much as a 90% increase in conversions from their website. What could a 90% conversion rate do for your business?

  • Where else do people go online for reviews and recommendations besides websites? Social media. People go to social media to get recommendations from family and friends to find the best businesses in their area. To get your business in front of these potential customers the SoTellUs app allows you to share your favorite reviews to your social media account with the push of a button. It's never been easier to share reviews to your social media, business profile and website than it is with SoTellUs.

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