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4530 S Decator Blvd. #103
Las Vegas, NV 89158
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Junaid Hasan Roni

فورصي B B V

Brahim Vayega
Amos Muna
Fahad Aldossari

After paying for the plan, I received everything within 3 minutes... people having problems must be doing something wrong. I've already printed out everything and made a binder.. Haven't had a single problem yet..

Luke Dennis
Elbrent Paul
Emerson Delfin
Jho Alabastro
Mahmoud Yaghi
Mujtaba Farhan
Kimo Kerbadou
Ebhan Anas

I ordered the program and after I was charged, I realized it's an American based company, and it's more expensive than I thought as I live in Canada.
I contacted them via Facebook messenger, as well as email, asking for a refund and they replied within a week and I have been given A full refund (less the $5).
Although, they don't have a contact phone number, they do in fact correspond as "real people" via email.
Thanks for the great customer service and understanding !

Lindsay Jay
Christelle Marras
Ayoub Hajji
Saber Ben Hssen
Janet Bartolo

I can honestly say that my coach Chase really helps me every step of the way. He helps me to stay focused, encourages me and gives me good advice. He replies to my emails very quickly and sends me really good meal plans that are perfect for my busy, hectic life. I am doing so well and I owe it all to Chase 😁👍

Louise Gosselin gave V Shred a 5 star review

I’ve had an excellent experience with my VShred trainer. He’s been extremely responsive and helpful when I have questions or concerns or need to make adjustments. He’s always positive and motivational. You can tell they really care about your success. I would highly recommend having a personal trainer, as it has been key for my success to have that extra support.

Kimber Kunze gave V Shred a 5 star review

Loving V Shred. I had no idea what to do or where to start, but they do it all for you, so I'm not AS overwhelmed. Super excited to see where this journey takes me! And love my trainer Tito A. He's the best! :)

Lauren Closson gave V Shred a 5 star review

My coach adam is awesome very response and helpful. So far every week i have been on the program when i have followed it to a T i have lost almost 2 pounds a week. I recommend the workouts and the meal plan. Best results for your money as well!

Heidi Ballendorf gave V Shred a 5 star review

I bought custom diet plan with coach support. Diet approach is interesting, I got answers from the coach, but the plan wasn't really customised. They give a swap bible, where you can see how to substitute some food. Due to my consumption preferences (separate carbs from proteins) I had to rework my plan by 70%, I supposed it would be less time consuming... I'd recommend this company for local region USA, they don't even deliver their supplements to Europe.

Olha Aitova gave V Shred a 4 star review

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