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4530 S Decator Blvd. #103
Las Vegas, NV 89158
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Junaid Hasan Roni

فورصي B B V

Brahim Vayega
Amos Muna
Fahad Aldossari

After paying for the plan, I received everything within 3 minutes... people having problems must be doing something wrong. I've already printed out everything and made a binder.. Haven't had a single problem yet..

Luke Dennis
Elbrent Paul
Emerson Delfin
Jho Alabastro
Mahmoud Yaghi
Mujtaba Farhan
Kimo Kerbadou
Ebhan Anas

I ordered the program and after I was charged, I realized it's an American based company, and it's more expensive than I thought as I live in Canada.
I contacted them via Facebook messenger, as well as email, asking for a refund and they replied within a week and I have been given A full refund (less the $5).
Although, they don't have a contact phone number, they do in fact correspond as "real people" via email.
Thanks for the great customer service and understanding !

Lindsay Jay
Christelle Marras
Ayoub Hajji
Saber Ben Hssen
Janet Bartolo

There is no phone number to speak to a representative. If they had one, I could ask questions like, is this $57 offer I saw from a YouTube add legitimate or a scam site? I couldn’t tell and I emailed support who directed me to the website...that I obviously already looked at. I’ll take my business elsewhere due to lack of customer service...mainly a phone number. You guys would have much more success to hit your growth goals if you implemented that. Update per response: Thank you! Customer service phone numbers are usually not 24/7 but definitely need to be there so people can talk to a human vs email back and forth. Since I’m editing this review you may want to leave that phone number again. Sorry! I am really excited to be a part of the V Shred family. I got the package plus the custom meal plan and will update as I see progress. Should be a fun time for the next few months. Getting prepared for my wedding. If you don’t see another update, that means I’m very happy.

Preston Rodman gave V Shred a 4 star review

Any program you follow through will work. I’ve always known how to see gains for my body type. I like the concept of heavy lifting with burn outs. But following a program, is so much easier. Fitness is a Science not a religion. Truthfully, I like the way Vince talks. Take accountability, it’s your life. To go further into detail: at the start I was 167lbs 20% body fat. In 60 days I’m 160lbs with 12% body fat. My goal is to hit 160lbs with 9

michael nava gave V Shred a 5 star review

i bought the ripped in 90 days for a friend and he's been enjoying the workouts and accountability. the community is great and supportive. had a hiccup and got a quick email back from their customer service team.

zac gave V Shred a 5 star review

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