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I had an incredible experience treating my TBI with the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy at Urban Wellness Group. I was treated in the chamber for multiple weeks and noticed a marked difference after just the first week. When I completed my treatment, I was experiencing nearly none of my symptoms from PCS. I went from pain at an 8 or 9 down to a 1! I couldn't recommend this more, truly incredible improvement.

Claire Metcalfe

WISH I'D GONE TO DR. ZABELL FIRST! Dr. Zabell's ozone healed a scary antibiotic-resistant infection in just three visits! AMAZING!
I went to med school with Dr. Zabell so I already knew him as a mission-driven, caring, super-smart wonderful man. But when I sought treatment with him, it was a next-level experience. I could watch my blood change color and I could literally feel the oxygen reaching my brain.
By the third visit, my deep bone infection was cleared, where multiple antibiotics had failed to solve the problem. Thank you so much, Dr. Zabell!

Dr. McKay

Travis thinks you should try Urban Wellness Group

Travis O

Saeed had a great experience with Urban Wellness Group

Saeed H

Dr. Zabell is knowledgeable, focused, approachable and compassionate.

Anne Weiss

Great place. Dr Zabell is very knowledgeable, focused, and compassionate.


Julie had a great experience with Urban Wellness Group

Julie H

Martin is very excited to recommend Urban Wellness Group

Martin B

Shannon suggests you use Urban Wellness Group

Shannon R
Terence Klingman

Cecily Strongly Recommends Urban Wellness Group

Cecily K

Laurie enjoyed the experience with Urban Wellness Group

Laurie N

Olivia is very excited to recommend Urban Wellness Group

Olivia H

Urban wellness is a very professional and welcoming place. Both office staff and Dr Andy Swanson were very attentive and knowledgeable. It’s wonderful to have a place that offers a competitive price for iron infusions. I highly recommend Urban Wellness.

Zara Hardy

Zara thinks you should try Urban Wellness Group

Zara H

I am very, very happy with Dr. Swanson. He is exceptionally knowledgeable and very easy to work with. Although I have only had 3 visits I can already feel a big difference in my feet and overall sense of wellness. I am looking forward to working further to get to the level of health I wish to be ... See More

Urban Deep

Ciprian Strongly Recommends Urban Wellness Group

Ciprian T

Very professional and friendly, listened to patent needs.

Carolyn Deets
Brianna Mancini

Wonderful staff and doctors. They truly care about your well-being and treat you as an individual rather than following one size fits all protocols. Their goal is to get you well, to heal, NOT to keep you on medications forever. Highly recommend this clinic.

Alma Svarthumle

Urban wellness has been terrific. I have found treatments for a uncommon illness. Very helpful and informative.

Rachael Chambers
Iliana Fontal
Erica Torres

Strongly Recommends Urban Wellness Group


Antony LOVED Urban Wellness Group

Antony P

The Urban Wellness Group has a wonderful group of providers. I am grateful to Dr. Swanson for his quality care that makes me feel like a valued patient. He... more

Kristal P. gave Urban Wellness Group a 5 star review

Finding a practitioner that truly knows how to use oxidative therapies to their full potential is a rarity in today's health market. Thankfully I found Dr.... more

Jeremy Y. gave Urban Wellness Group a 5 star review

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