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By identifying and treating root causes not symptoms, Thriven’s inside-out approach has revitalized me. I’ve gained nutritional knowledge, measurable results and enthusiasm for healthy eating. Their personalized teamwork and support is exceptional and a blessing. Thriven has helped keep me in th... See More


I have been working with Dr. Anderson and her staff since May 2022. I wanted to get my blood sugar levels down since I was pre-diabetic. I also wanted to get off my statin drug that I have been on since my heart attack in 2017. Before joining the program at Thriven, my cholesterol levels were high b... See More


Thriven Functional Medicine got a great recommendation by David

David L

Clarity has changed my life. After concussion at Young age I started having anger issues. I struggled with anger for over fifty years. Then I had the first treatment right away I felt a peace that I couldn't remember ever having before. Clarity continues help with my happiness. It's so nice to be so relaxed I'm not suffering depressed moods like I used to. Clarity has truly been a game changer.

David Lamb
Thriven Functional Medicine Replied: Thank you for your testimony Dave! It has been a blessing watching your health improve. Resiliency from highs and lows in mood definitely opens the door to happiness and connection. Keep moving forward :)

Thriven Functional Medicine got a great recommendation by Karen

Karen S

Faye LOVED Thriven Functional Medicine

Faye N

Suzi LOVED Thriven Functional Medicine

Suzi M

Bromley Highly Recommends Thriven Functional Medicine to their friends & family!

Bromley B

These ladies are wonderful. In a world out of control I feel with the tools and love I have a bit of control of my own. Always positive and helpful. I tell everyone about Thriven!

Ronda Guza

Highly recommend dr Loy Anderson! She has been so supportive throughout my program! I haven’t feel this good in years. Having hashimotos effects so much of your daily life it can because unbearable . Iv learned so much. I found out the hard way I always have to advocate for my own health. But Loy taught me so much more, and now I have more confidence in myself and my journey to better health. When I joined the program my antibodies were well over 300! By the end of the program they are down in the 100s.
I suffered... Read More

Rachael Ctlo

Thriven Functional Medicine gave me a new lease on life. After 47 years in the work force, the last 30 of which were spent as an OB/Gyn physician with long hours and lots of stress, I retired and finally decided to take care of myself at age 72! I had earmarked some of my HSA (health savings account) funds to invest in this wellness program after my retirement and move to Montana. My family had told me about Dr. Anderson and her program. I just finished my 6 month program. Even though I had been a physician... Read More

Karen Wells
Thriven Functional Medicine Replied: Karen, we are so incredibly proud of all your hard work and how far you've come! It was such a privilege being apart of your journey ❤ We're here for you whenever you need us. Lots of love, -Your Thriven Family

Thriven is an amazing practice and family! I had been to several different doctors regarding my chronic medical condition but was always in and out of the hospital and clinic. Through the course of seven months with Thriven, I learned so much about how nutrition, rest, and exercise played a role in my condition and I feel like a brand new person and just about forget about my condition! From being stuck in the house, to now being able to explore the outdoors without worrying about what might happen, the change in... Read More

Caleb Toth
Thriven Functional Medicine Replied: Thank you for such a heartfelt review, Caleb! It was such an honor working with you ❤ We are so incredibly proud of how far you've come. We're still here for you if you need anything!

Thriven Functional Medicine is FABULOUS. Their team-oriented, holistic approach to mental and physical health helped me diagnose and remedy a chronic health condition that my western doctors (including specialists) could not. I finished the program months ago and the lessons I've learned are still serving me today (and I imagine they will for the rest of my life)! Thank you Thriven!

Erica Schumacher
Thriven Functional Medicine Replied: Thank you for your kind words Erica! It was your hard work, perseverance and commitment to learning and trusting yourself that brought your amazing results. Working with people like you is gift that ignites our passion and serves as purpose. Keep in touch!

Thriven Functional Medicine is FABULOUS. Their team-oriented, holistic approach to mental and physical health helped me diagnose and remedy a chronic health condition that my western doctors (including specialists) could not. I finished the program months ago and the lessons I've learned are still serving me today (and I imagine they will for the rest of my life)! Thank you Thriven!

EG Schumacher

Very professional and beyond competent! Transforming people’s health, one client at a time! I refer as many people to Thriven as I can because I believe in them and their program. Job well done!

Julie Bliss

Since starting my program at Thriven Functional Medicine, I have been nothing but happy. The friendly, knowledgeable and supportive staff are amazing. Working with them to improve my health and well-being has been a smooth and fun experience. They definitely have a passion for what they are doing. Through doctor visits, the program education modules, numerous online classes and learning opportunities, they go above and beyond making sure we have all of the information required to heal and get back on track to... Read More

Tricia Sommer

This is a phenomenal team that is dedicated to each and every single one of their practice members. They are dedicated to providing practice members with the knowledge, tools, support and most importantly love that is needed in order to make life altering changes in habits, thoughts and actions. I couldn’t have found a better place to start my healing journey. Thank you ❤️❤️❤️ Dani

Danielle Guernsey

Honestly, without a doubt, the best purchase I've ever made --including college. Couldn't pay me enough money to go backwards now. Simply life changing. And it's been 3 years running.

Stephen Maki

I came to Thriven wanting to become the healthiest version of myself. Dr. Loy and her team truly care about your health and your overall well being. The individualized program exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend Thriven to anyone that cares about their health!

Tamara Mendenhall-Haynes

I started my program with Thriven Functional Medicine due to my health issues that western medicine and some naturepoaths couldn't help me with besides offering drugs to address symptoms only. With Dr. Loy and her excellent team (Quincie, Callie, Jackie) they worked with me on multiple issues, but also addressed the mental/emotional component of life and stress. Where do you find that type of service...

Its amazing how your body heals itself when you follow this program, eat whats recommended, exercise and... Read More

Ken Metzger

Dr. Anderson and her team helped me change my life and start living! If your looking to get to the root cause of your health problems, this is the place for you! I highly recommend!

Cali Salmond

AMAZING!!! Dr. Loy and her staff are extremely knowledgable and caring. They truly go above and beyond for their patients. I highly recommend!!!

Luke Wempe

Dr. Loy and her staff are incredible! Dr. Loy is extremely passionate, knowledgable, and caring. I highly recommend her!!

Luke Wempe

After years of fighting high cholesterol (thank you Trujillo family genes), including taking red rice yeast, drinking herbal tea, eating oatmeal, probiotics, running 5 days a week and even being vegan for the last couple of years; I found out it wasn't something I was missing in my diet, it was something I needed to eliminate. In February I did an elimination diet for 4 weeks and when I added back in foods, low and behold I was intolerant to soy. So soy left my diet (not an easy thing for a vegan who loves her... Read More

Jennifer Trujillo Jones

For 26 years of my life, I have battled with constant health issues such as asthma, severe allergies, and rashes. I’ve dealt with achy joints and muscle cramps since I was about 10. I was diagnosed with ADD at 12 and have been on various ADD meds since then, depending on them to get me through the day. I have been on Prednisone and antibiotics throughout my childhood; Going into my teen years, I battled with anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. At 18, I was quite overweight, reaching almost 200 lbs., when I... Read More

Tasha Hetrick
Marc Wagner

I am fortunate to have found Thriven. I reached a point where I was taking an acid reducer daily, suffering increasing brain fog, had difficulty staying... more

Robin W. gave Thriven Functional Medicine a 5 star review

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