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Words can’t describe how pleased we are with The Meadows Early Learning & Childcare. We noticed when our son, Niklas, was around 3 months old that he seemed extra-sensitive - he would cry if someone sneezed, and would not tolerate other children or adults being around. For the first year of his life, I tried taking him to mommy groups, library classes and other activities but they almost always ended in tears with him refusing to participate or even observe. For the second year of his life, Dad stayed home with him and continued to attempt social activities. While he improved, almost every adventure still ended in tears.
When we learned about the Meadows part-time enrichment program from a friend, we thought it sounded perfect. When we toured the facility, we immediately loved it. The staff was welcoming, the facility was clean, and things were quiet - which was something we hadn’t seen at other daycares (other daycares we looked at just seemed to be full of screaming kids! Children at the Meadows seemed engaged and entertained, and weren’t running wild).
The first couple of weeks were rough for Niklas (and us) - he cried a lot and we even had to pick him up early once or twice. But the staff kept us informed and tried different things with him to help him feel comfortable. One day, things just clicked. He now LOVES his days at the Meadows. He reminds us as soon as we wake up that it’s time to “go see friends!” and there are no tears - he gives us a hug and says “Bye bye Daddy! Bye bye Mummy!” He comes home with new words, phrases and songs daily, and we can now go to library classes and other social activities with no tears (or hardly any tears!). The Meadows has also greatly expanded his palate - he used to be very picky, but now he enjoys a variety of veggies, meats, and cereals - all things that he first started to enjoy at the Meadows. We can’t thank the amazing staff for the love and support that they have extended to our son and our family. I would recommend this facility to anyone looking for childcare for their son or daughter.

-- Helen N

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