The Masters Circle

Reviews: 24

Average: 4.9 out of 5 Stars


Drs Bob and Dennis truly care about the chiropractors and families they serve. The speakers they were able to attract from all around the world speaks volumes to their knowledge and attention to our evolving profession. I enjoyed my first super conference and continue to benefit from my Master Circ... See More


I’ve been a member of the masters circle for over 10 years. I can definitely say without a doubt that without their coaching I would not have the awesome practice I have today! Everyone needs a coach and these guys will hold you accountable to create the practice of your dreams! ... See More


I am a CA in a Masters Circle practice. Prior to joining this practice I was seen at a "regular" chiropractic clinic and felt pretty successfully treated, but I am blown away by the info I've learned and ability of what chiropractic can do. I'd heard it can do so much more than fix back pain, but no... See More


So glad we came to the Masters Circle 2017. We look forward to a lasting relationship with the many wonderful people we have met!... See More


Before I left to attend I told my mom & pop old school chiro this is a chance of a lifetime for me.

So awesomely encouraging to hear and see what and how will be changing our future generations to come.... See More


Excellent speakers and materials. ... See More


Being at the Masters Circle is so invigorating and uplifting. The energy is amazing! The teaching techniques is phenomenal!!!!!... See More


This experience was so uplifting and informative. This being my first time being a part of thid seminar. I enjoy and look forward to doing thid again next year!... See More

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