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Drs Bob and Dennis truly care about the chiropractors and families they serve. The speakers they were able to attract from all around the world speaks volumes to their knowledge and attention to our evolving profession. I enjoyed my first super conference and continue to benefit from my Master Circ... See More

Andrew Mahlmeister Recommends The Masters Circle Global

Brain based wellness has changed my thinking about chiropractic, I love learning it so far.

3 months ago
Katinka Van Der Merwe Recommends The Masters Circle Global

This group has taken my practice into the stratosphere. I’m so blown away about how my practice transformed in three years. I now make every month well over what I used to make every year.

9 months ago
Patrick Porter gave The Masters Circle Global a 5 star review

Over the past 30 years, I have worked with several groups. There is a reason we picked The Master's Circle coaching program is obvious. While others are trying to make the past work in the present the Coaches at the Master's Circle are creating the new Chiro Economy. #BrainTap is pleased to be coached by them as well.

1 year ago
Matt Green DC gave The Masters Circle Global a 5 star review

It took me 14 years to finally choose a chiropractic coach. I was always hesitant because I had this gut feeling that most chiropractic consultants were more driven by numbers and finances than patient care and taking care of people. I know it's a business...and...I am more driven by patient care than the finances. Bob and Dennis have their priorities in that order and it's reflected in how they speak, their procedures and all their advice. My PVA has increased from 14 to 18 in just a few months and I have confidence that it's going to continue to grow exponentially. They are coming from a brain based wellness model. This is the future of chiropractic care as well as health care in general. Get on the train.

2 years ago
Jack Butler gave The Masters Circle Global a 5 star review

I have been to many of his member meetings. In my opinion Bob Hoffman and his team are very ethical and teach good practices. In the general practice of medicine, his members are among the least likely to do any harm and most likely to produce good results for a wide range of health problems. I have many medical doctor (MD) friends. Most of them wish they had the freedom to use the natural healing options that DC's and other practitioners can use. But MD's are under the rules established by the drug and chemical companies and their regulatory agencies which receive enormous fees from them. Jack Butler, Boulder CO

2 years ago
Beth A Reddy gave The Masters Circle Global a 5 star review

This is an identity based practice group; I have grown as a person, as a businesswoman, as a Chiropractor. Seminars are full of Chiropractic, evidence based research, and presented so that we can apply it in practice.

2 years ago
Julia Keiser gave The Masters Circle Global a 5 star review

Master's Circle not only has allowed me create the practice of my dreams but the life of my dreams. The identity based concept helped me clarify the ideal and realize it.

2 years ago
Sindre Daugstad gave The Masters Circle Global a 5 star review

Exelent trippled My practice in the 3 First months

2 years ago
Eric Nepute gave The Masters Circle Global a 5 star review

The Masters Circle has truly been a home away from home for me. They have help me grow exponentially and develop into the leader I am today. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for this organization.

2 years ago
Brian Arn gave The Masters Circle Global a 5 star review

Excellent Coaching group. Information is always relevant and helpful!

2 years ago
Kellie Hoover gave The Masters Circle Global a 5 star review

I have been a member of the master's circle for several years, and I couldn't be happier. This isn't a practice management company - it is an identity-based coaching system that works, no matter how large or small your practice. My chiropractic clinic has doubled since beginning with them, but more importantly, I am a better doctor, employer, and human. I highly recommend them!

2 years ago
Chris Boss gave The Masters Circle Global a 5 star review

I should have joined 20 years ago. TMC has made me a better doctor and a better person. More importantly they practice what they preach and treat me like I'm family. Dr. Bob and Dr. Dennis and staff are amazing, amazing people.

2 years ago
Jeff Cumro gave The Masters Circle Global a 5 star review

The thing that I tell everyone is that I wish I would have joined sooner. I shouldn't have tried to figure it all out on my own. The Master's Circle has introduced me to the skills, and perhaps more importantly the peers, that have put me in a position to excel. I have changed astronomically as a practitioner, as a businessman, and as a person since joining and I highly recommend anyone looking to up their game look at becoming a member. See the difference that is The Master's Circle.

2 years ago

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