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I had a wonderful experience with South Bay Wellness. Their approach is so well thought out - working directly with Dr. Danielle Z., weekly coaching with a wonderful coach (my coach Loraine was amazing and supportive) and the right amount of education to understand the why of the changes I was making. Dr. Danielle was very knowledgeable and caring and made it easy to change. I have made lifestyle modifications that include healthy foods, supplements (tailored to my needs) and exercise. I feel better, have lost weight and am very grateful I found this program!

Maureen Mirand
South Bay Wellness Replied: Thank you for the beautiful review Maureen. It has been wonderful working with you. We are honored and privileged to get to be a part of your transformation! Thank you for your trust.

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Maureen M

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Stacy P

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Mary F

Cheryl Highly Recommends South Bay Wellness to their friends & family!

Cheryl J

I came across South Bay Wellness on Facebook, and after watching the webinar, I scheduled a meeting with Danielle. I am so happy I took that first step! I immediately had the sense that Danielle and her team could help.

I arrived at her office that day feeling exhausted. Generally, I wasn’t ... See More


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Christina K

Loraine enjoyed the experience with South Bay Wellness

Loraine D

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Martha S

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Carolyn R

I believe South Bay Wellness taught me how to eat to better nourish my body and improve my health. It wasn't always easy, but feeling better makes it worth the challenges. I feel that the inflammation in my body went down, and I have less pain than when I started. Danielle helped me through many hea... See More


Mary LOVED South Bay Wellness

Mary B

Maureen suggests you use South Bay Wellness

Maureen M

Everyone at South Bay is wonderful and supportive! Dr Danielle is SO knowledgeable & understanding! Loraine is very helpful & supportive!!
They have helped me to start living a healthier happier life! It’s just the beginning, as it is truly a lifestyle change.

Patti Witzgall

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Patti W

South Bay Wellness in Bohemia NY was truly a blessing beyond.

My coach Loraine guided my through the whole process which I doubted before even starting.

Coming from a fit person to a overweight person was something that was very hard to deal with.

So a change had to be made.. I tried it all diets, eating bars, working out but it never felt right and I never knew that eating right would change my life and perspective on everything.

I also gained a family, a lifelong change. VITA LIFE shows ZERO judgement and... Read More

Moon Zoe

I can’t recommend South Bay Wellness and the Vitalife Program enough. Like everyone else, I had gained weight during the pandemic. All I did was cook and cook only unhealthy comfort food. I didn’t like the way I looked and I hated the way my clothes fit. I had lost weight before but always seems to gain it back because I wanted to lose weight fast so it was always a fad diet. I never changed anything to maintain the weight loss. I tried on my own like I had done in the past but the weight wasn’t coming off no... Read More

Denise Neicie O'Connor

Denise is very excited to recommend South Bay Wellness

Denise O

Zoe suggests you use South Bay Wellness

Zoe Y

One of the best decisions I ever made was to try Vitalife , but the ironic thing is that it wasn't what I was  really  setting out to do . I had no intentions of starting another diet. After countless decades of trying  and numerous surgeries on my back , I  gave up the idea about ever being able to  lose  the excess weight, and quite frankly lost all desire to.  What I really wanted was to find an answer as to why I was  always feeling  so lousy and why every time I went  to the Dr, I would hear the word... Read More

N. Ranallo
South Bay Wellness Replied: Thank you for your beautiful words! We have loved assisting you on your jounrey in our wellness program!! Cheers to a new future :)

I had first heard about South Bay Wellness on the radio. The DJ was talking about the Weight Loss program he was doing through them. After hearing all the positive things I went to sign up. The program is great but the people there are awesome! My coach Janeen is so supportive and very knowledgeable. She completely understands the ups and downs when it comes to losing weight but also the importance of taking care of yourself. 😊

Dawn Haynia

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Dawn H

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Lisa C

South Bay Wellness truly cares about their clients. The support venues they offer ensure everyone’s success and they address needs you wouldn’t even realize you had! Their brilliant team leaves no stone unturned and they are magnificent about educating you along the way. Beyond weekly coachings, monthly appointments, weekly Q&A sessions, reading materials, webinars, etc, they are also extremely communicative throughout your entire journey. If you’re serious about reaching your health goals, look no further!

Mary Beth Fingbert

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Mary Beth F

Over the past two years I tried several fad diets and failed on all of them. A few of my friends decided to try Vitalife and we’re having great success. I made my appointment and after three months and 38 pounds later I’m ecstatic. This program works!!! Lorraine is wonderful and is there for you every step of the way. I am beyond happy that I started on this journey. I’m finally getting my life back.

Nancy Cusumano
South Bay Wellness Replied: Thank you for the beautiful review Nancy! We are so glad you are getting your life back!

After dealing with IBS for months, I was desperate for relief. My doctor said to just take an Imodium everyday, which was not acceptable. I met with... more

John W. gave South Bay Wellness a 5 star review

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