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I highly recommend to book a session with her to understand yourself and find a solution to your issues. She was very open welcoming and friendly. She helped me find a solution to my current problems and tuned in the energy to see what all chakras are balanced... she helped me understand my purpose... See More

I have gone to Sheri Kaplan's healing center on several occasions. She is a friendly, caring and professional healer. Upon arrival Sheri checks my aura. Once diagnosed, she begins the task of opening and bringing all of my chakras into alignment. Sheri uses a variety of healing techniques includi... See More

I loved my reading with Sheri, It has given me the guidance I was looking for, I felt really comfortable and the cards that were pulled for me tonight were so accurate. Thank you so much Sheri x

Sheri has provided the most astounding experience I could ever ask for. I was in a point of my life where my light just felt out. I had this heavy weight sitting on me that felt numb and endless. To be honest I am firm believer that everything happens for a reason and that the universe answers your ... See More

I do not have enough words to describe how amazing Sheri is. She’s not only a marvelous healer but also a great listener. During our sessions I feel so happy and blessed, it’s like all my problems and pains are being taken away from my body, transporting me to a blissful state where my body just... See More

I have had a couple of wonderful healing experiences with Sheri. I had a persistent, irregular cough for about 10 years, but doctors could not find anything wrong or make any suggestions to cure it. However, after a single session with Sheri a few months ago, I am finding that I am coughing abou... See More

I was very hesitant before I met Sheri. After all I have never met her before plus I haven't had any experinces with healing works of this nature. When I came to see her I was aching everywhere, my body and my soul. I felt stuck. I approached her for a free chakra reading and I was thinking "how in ... See More


Thank you, Sheri, for Deepak Chopra's 21 Day Abundance Challenge, always a boon and benefit. In the course of these three weeks, my art gallery is being updated at You will know this is ready when you can purchase your Audrye OmArt on the site by clicking a picture.

Also... See More


I thoroughly enjoyed the 21 days of Abundance challenge! It was a great way to refocus and recharge the way I mentally and emotionally perceive, interpret, and experience abundance in my life. I had a healing conversation with my mother during the challenge, decided my next step in pursuing my busin... See More


I am Sapna Gund from Mumbai, India. Thank you for giving me this nice opportunity to join here in this Group 13.I always tried to meditate daily before joining here but I did not meditate regularly. Because of this group I completed 21 days goal easily and without any procrastination. I will continu... See More


My session with Sheri Kaplan, was amazing. How she was able to tell me some precise things. She brought alot into clarity, helping me with things I was holding off. She made me feel comfortable and her spirit was so welcoming. I will use her again.
Thank you Sheri


Maryl thinks you should try Sheri Kaplan

Maryl G gave Sheri Kaplan a 5 star Rating

Susana LOVED Sheri Kaplan

Susana P gave Sheri Kaplan a 5 star Rating

Adi is very excited to recommend Sheri Kaplan

Adi S gave Sheri Kaplan a 5 star Rating

I found Sherry to be very warm and took her time with me asking questions and making me feel comfortable. clearing of the chakras was also relaxing and invigorating! Thanks!


Sheri is an inspirational woman. She is very kind and really wants to help others.


Jessica Highly Recommends Sheri Kaplan to their friends & family!

Jessica M gave Sheri Kaplan a 5 star Rating

I had the pleasure of receiving a reading from Sheri and i found the experience very accurate useful and incredibly, i would highly recommend


Sheri is a true angel. Her energy, compassion and dedication go beyond what I expected. I recommend a session with Sheri to everyone and anyone.


Sheri is very kind and sincere with her craft. I would completely recommend her


Rachel is very excited to recommend Sheri Kaplan

Rachel C gave Sheri Kaplan a 5 star Rating

I had a really good experience with Sherri, she is really knowledgeable and supportive. I would recommend anyone looking for alternative healing therapies.


Sheri Kaplan got a great recommendation by Violetta

Violetta U gave Sheri Kaplan a 5 star Rating

It was a brand new experience for me being under the care of Sheri.All in all it was pretty amazing experience. I have never been so relaxed and felt at peace and balanced in many moons. I will be going back as soon as I am able to enjoy the experience again.


Ericka suggests you use Sheri Kaplan

Ericka R gave Sheri Kaplan a 5 star Rating

Michael Strongly Recommends Sheri Kaplan

Michael W gave Sheri Kaplan a 5 star Rating

I have received healing from Sheri twice. Super relaxing and Sheri makes you feel so loved ❤️


Sheri was amazing. Not only did I feel uplifted by her energy, but I learned a lot from her healing techniques. She was great at sharing. Thank you Sheri, I did my Reiki 1 back in October when I met you and I just completed Reiki 2 attunement. Hugs and Happy New Moon Cycle.


Santee thinks you should try Sheri Kaplan

Santee W gave Sheri Kaplan a 5 star Rating

Lizzie LOVED Sheri Kaplan

Lizzie S gave Sheri Kaplan a 5 star Rating

I experienced a chakra reading with Sheri and she was right on point with which chakras were open and closed. Soon after I received a jolt of energy that I hadn’t felt in months that encouraged me to take action steps towards my business. I felt really good afterwards. Sheri’s gifts were evident after just 20 minutes. Much gratitude!

Amanda Houle gave Sheri Kaplan Health and Wellness a 5 star review

Sheri took her time with speaking to me and she somehow knew things I had not shared with her. During my session I was very relaxed but it wasn't really till the days AFTER that i felt a sense of being relieved. I have not been stressed and I have had a more upbeat and positive attitude. I will definitely go back to see what other sessions I can get. Don't be surprised of her burping during the session... its totally part of the experience LOL. You will see. My only reason for not giving this a 5 star is because she pushed my appointment back twice and when I arrived, she was still busy with the previous person. But... its worth seeing her :)

Andrea Patterson gave Sheri Kaplan Health and Wellness a 4 star review

Sheri Kaplan is truly genuine and honestly cares. She is the real deal.

KEN DUTTON gave Sheri Kaplan Health and Wellness a 5 star review

Just wanted to take a moment to send words of thanks to Sheri! I appreciate your words of guidance. Thank you for helping me and mentoring me along my spiritual journey. You truly have a gift for this

Erica Christian gave Sheri Kaplan Health and Wellness a 5 star review

Sheri is amazing at Reiki! I have gone to her twice when my chakras were out of balance and I needed to rid of negative energy. Sheri takes the time to understand your stress or trauma to know what to be able to focus on. She takes her time until she feels you are cleared and ready to start anew! I have recommended her to fellow friends and I will continue to go back to her when in need. PS. get the Revitalizer- it's a Great price for how long of a time she spends with you :) To note- I've done Reiki with numerous healers across 4 different US States, and she certainly is one of the best!

Dani H gave Sheri Kaplan Health and Wellness a 5 star review

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