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6601 NW 14th ST #11
Plantation, FL 33313

I was very hesitant before I met Sheri. After all I have never met her before plus I haven't had any experinces with healing works of this nature. When I came to see her I was aching everywhere, my body and my soul. I felt stuck. I approached her for a free chakra reading and I was thinking "how in ... See More


Sheri is the real deal. Personable, engaging, intuitive, thorough, and skillful. I came to her with a desperate need to be unblocked physically, emotionally, and spiritually. During our session she calmly took her time first discovering who I was and what were my needs. She then began to apply the a... See More


Sheri was absolutely amazing. She is the real thing! I have had absolutely amazing private sessions with top practitioners in Sedona and my session with Sheri Kaplan surpassed all my previous experiences. In just one session, I can feel the difference and lightness that results from clearing out p... See More


Sheri is amazing at what she does. She knows the energy work field inside and out. I was impressed by her vast knowledge and her skill level. She gave me a session of Reiki and Tesla which helped me to feel a lot more relaxed in my body and have a greater calmness of mind. If you're looking to get e... See More


I have had a couple of wonderful healing experiences with Sheri. I had a persistent, irregular cough for about 10 years, but doctors could not find anything wrong or make any suggestions to cure it. However, after a single session with Sheri a few months ago, I am finding that I am coughing abou... See More


It has been a significant change, I would recommend it 100 %. Sherry you're the best. ... See More


Soul healing and transcendent experience; relaxing; healing and absolutely necessary to your physical spiritual and emotional well being! Well worth the investment! ... See More


I am so Thankful to Sheri for helping me. She is one of the best healers and revitalizer!! I suffer from fibromyalgia which causes much pain and anxiety issues. After a session with Sheri I can get an unbelievable night sleep which occurs very rarely, feel less pain, and I come out feeling relaxed... See More


The experience I had with Sheri was amazing, I will definitely be going back to see her... See More


Sheree is an amazing healer. I left my session with her feeling light and peaceful 🙏🏻✨. I love the sound healing that she incorporates with her other modalities of healing.... See More


The experience with Sheri was great ! Got out of the session feeling amazing energetic and it was unique ... See More


Sheri is very intuitive and a gifted healer! After my 90 min session with her I feel more grounded and more relaxed. Anxiety has gone down significantly. Looking forward to a tune up session!... See More


When I first arrived my neck was very stiff, my shoulders were tight, my throat was swollen internally , I was feeling very heavy on my upper back , like if I was carrying a back pack full of concrete, my chakras were mostly out of balance or blocked.
I was asked to lye down and be open to feel an... See More


The wonderful experience in Plantation for the last two Tuesday evenings was nothing short of blissful. I remained in a totally good mood all the next day. Sorry, I cannot be there this week as I have an important meeting, but I certainly will be back the next week and intend to make this a weekly r... See More


Very much enjoyed the sound healing and didgeridoo. There was a great variety of wellness practitioners, spiritual goodies and an all over joyful atmosphere. Will go again. ... See More


Wonderful experience. Sheri was able to tap into areas that needed adjustment and alignment. Felt grounded and sit in my being totally after my session, akin to one is home. Thank you Sheri.... See More


pleasant and spiritual... See More


Sheri is very dedicated to helping others and is an astute businesswoman. She makes it happen!... See More


🌟Sheri Kaplan is sweet gifted healer. You will find extraordinary healing love & light when you are with Sheri! She is the real deal! Wish I had discovered her sooner!... See More


Amazing 💗Sheri truly has gift for Healings 💗... See More


Sheri is totally gifted in her practice and very engaging with keen attention to what I’m verbally and energetically addressing in bee session. I recommend seeing her. ... See More


You will love everything about your experience with Sheri Kaplan. She is a gifted healer who is passionate about restoring others to optimal health in mind, body and soul. Her ability to tap into and rejuvenate your energetic field is amazing. I highly recommend a visit with Dheri to explore the man... See More


Sheri is very thorough in the intake process. She made me feel extremely at ease and I felt an instant connection. It was a life altering experience. I can’t wait to go back!... See More


I have had several treatments with the amazing revitalizer Sherri Kaplan and I can tell you once you've experienced the treatment from her you'll never look at yourself the same way again.... See More


Sheri is a world class natural healer. I came to Sheri with several health issues, including water on my eardrum. I felt relief within moments of her laying her hands on me. I then went to her when I had several surgeries for pre-melanoma. One way to describe a session with her is that it is like ge... See More


Thank you Sheri for being an enthusiastic advocate for our sound healing profession. With an open heart, you welcome healing practitioners to share their talents at your Sound Bath and Holistic Fair gatherings. I value you as a gifted colleague. Keep up the good work!... See More

The Revitalizing Monday I attended last week for the first time was uplifting. I felt so relieved of tensions and really connected to people. Thank you for putting these events together, Sheri! Blessings for you and your family. ♥

Jessica Arocho gave Sheri Kaplan Health and Wellness a 5 star review

I've been enjoying the benefits of Sheri's treatments and her sound bath meetups for a couple of years. Highly recommended.

Howard Luckman gave Sheri Kaplan Health and Wellness a 5 star review
Jason Moorehead gave Sheri Kaplan Health and Wellness a 5 star review
sheri kaplan gave Sheri Kaplan Health and Wellness a 5 star review
sheri kaplan gave Sheri Kaplan Health and Wellness a 5 star review

I have had a great experience with Sheri's sessions. Happy to have found her!! Not only is she available for private sessions, but runs a wonderful Monday... more

Robin Gold L. gave Sheri Kaplan Health and Wellness a 5 star review

AMAZING, LIFE CHANGING. my entire life has been catapulted into a new world. The best investment I made in myself and my children. To have the sense... more

Ingrid A. gave Sheri Kaplan Health and Wellness a 5 star review

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