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I do not have enough words to describe how amazing Sheri is. She’s not only a marvelous healer but also a great listener. During our sessions I feel so happy and blessed, it’s like all my problems and pains are being taken away from my body, transporting me to a blissful state where my body just... See More


Sheri Kaplan is “Amazing!” Before my session I haven’t been able to sleep through the night for over a year! As I was lying on the table I noticed my body relaxed so much that I couldn’t feel my body anymore. It was if I only had a head, but was fully conscious of my surroundings! After ju... See More


Sheri was absolutely amazing. She is the real thing! I have had absolutely amazing private sessions with top practitioners in Sedona and my session with Sheri Kaplan surpassed all my previous experiences. In just one session, I can feel the difference and lightness that results from clearing out p... See More


I have had a couple of wonderful healing experiences with Sheri. I had a persistent, irregular cough for about 10 years, but doctors could not find anything wrong or make any suggestions to cure it. However, after a single session with Sheri a few months ago, I am finding that I am coughing abou... See More


I was very hesitant before I met Sheri. After all I have never met her before plus I haven't had any experinces with healing works of this nature. When I came to see her I was aching everywhere, my body and my soul. I felt stuck. I approached her for a free chakra reading and I was thinking "how in ... See More


I would like to thank Sheri the power of her healings and the modalities with which she has led me to discovering some of my strengths.
Sheri is a truly empathetic soul who brings the power out of those with whom she works. She is very in touch with Spirit, and accurately intuits the needs of her ... See More


She is great at what she does. She truly cares about people. She tries to help not only through her gifts but person to person to encourage, clarify, suggest, support and every other positive things one can say. I have exoerienced her healing sessions and they are life changing and left me cleare... See More


My experience with Sheri was very magical and pleasant. I felt like totally relaxed during the session. After the session I felt a little bit tired, but it was because I was healing. The day after I felt like I was back to life, and all my energy came back to me. I'm going to continue seeing Sheri ... See More


I can't thank you enough for the experience you have given me. It was truly something out of this world that’s beyond words to explain. you have given me back a peace i have forgotten and have switch back on my light that has been turned off for so long. Everything feels bright and amazing and I t... See More


i love Sherri kaplan .

Gaia L gave Sheri Kaplan a 5 star Rating
Miguel D gave Sheri Kaplan a 5 star Rating
eddie S gave Sheri Kaplan a 5 star Rating
Nicole S gave Sheri Kaplan a 5 star Rating
Natalia Z gave Sheri Kaplan a 5 star Rating
Suzanne N gave Sheri Kaplan a 4 star Rating

Sheri was amazing!
Right away, I got a positive vibe and good attitude from her- it's amazing how some people in this field don't even pretend to smile?! But Sheri was authentic and really cared about her practice and clients.
I felt great after her energy healing and would certainly visit her again... See More


I attended Sheri’s chakra balancing and sound meditation for the first time. It was simply phenomenal!!
I strongly recommend her if you want to raise your vibration to a much higher level . Prepare to feel as if lyou have been transported to a higher dimension and be amazed!!!!! Beatriz cymberk... See More


She used several elements to start the healing process and first she gave me an overview to help me understand the different steps I was going to experience.

She's intuitive and caring. You can trust in her because you feel she's been blessed with this ability to help people.

I can strongly re... See More


It has been a significant change, I would recommend it 100 %. Sherry you're the best.


Soul healing and transcendent experience; relaxing; healing and absolutely necessary to your physical spiritual and emotional well being! Well worth the investment!


I am so Thankful to Sheri for helping me. She is one of the best healers and revitalizer!! I suffer from fibromyalgia which causes much pain and anxiety issues. After a session with Sheri I can get an unbelievable night sleep which occurs very rarely, feel less pain, and I come out feeling relaxed... See More


The experience I had with Sheri was amazing, I will definitely be going back to see her


Sheree is an amazing healer. I left my session with her feeling light and peaceful 🙏🏻✨. I love the sound healing that she incorporates with her other modalities of healing.


The experience with Sheri was great ! Got out of the session feeling amazing energetic and it was unique


Sheri is very intuitive and a gifted healer! After my 90 min session with her I feel more grounded and more relaxed. Anxiety has gone down significantly. Looking forward to a tune up session!


When I first arrived my neck was very stiff, my shoulders were tight, my throat was swollen internally , I was feeling very heavy on my upper back , like if I was carrying a back pack full of concrete, my chakras were mostly out of balance or blocked.
I was asked to lye down and be open to feel an... See More

I have had a great experience with Sheri's sessions. Happy to have found her!! Not only is she available for private sessions, but runs a wonderful Monday... more

Robin Gold L. gave Sheri Kaplan Health and Wellness a 5 star review

AMAZING, LIFE CHANGING. my entire life has been catapulted into a new world. The best investment I made in myself and my children. To have the sense... more

Ingrid A. gave Sheri Kaplan Health and Wellness a 5 star review

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