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Denise enjoyed the experience with Roots of Health Wellness, PLLC

Denise N

I’m really excited to go through the new program I was offered at Roots of health clinic. I love how both Melissa and Natalie both work hard to explain step by step and reply to my questions pretty much daily. I love the fact that I’m following schedule and not just randomly waiting on abc on. I... See More


Roots of Health Wellness helped me discover the best food for my body, balance my hormones, sleep better, and feel my very best at age 50! They provide just the right level of support and coaching, as well as great tools for really understanding the science behind the lifestyle chooses that will mak... See More


I can’t say enough about Roots of Health! They take time to get to know you and really listen to your concerns and questions. As I’ve aged I noticed changes that were of concern to me and wanted to go to someone that would help me get to the root of my problems and not just mask them. Dr McCa... See More


I love Roots of Health. The care I received is so personalized . Dr. McCarty took so much time with me, so much more than traditional doctors have ever provided. The information I received to improve my health was thorough and detailed and had also never before been given to me in traditional healt... See More


I love Roots of Health Wellness, PLLC because it educated me on what absolute wellness means. It brought my body back to it's most healthiest in years. I have lost 27 pounds, lost my sugar cravings, my skin is clearer and I have more energy than ever. My body craves vegetables and fruits now.
I am ... See More


Roots of Health Wellness, PLLC got a great recommendation by Natalie

Natalie G

Nia Strongly Recommends Roots of Health Wellness, PLLC

Nia C

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