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Went to therapy for bilateral shoulder pain.Eric did an amazing job with me,After 2 months I’m pain free,

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I had PT for pain and arthritis in my R knee. I had a great therapist who helped me in my home do more activities and am now able to live with less pain!


I was being seen following a R hip fracture and inability to walk without significant support. PT was a great help as my legs are now stronger, I can walk without my cane and have more stamina.


I can now perform my usual tasks such as comb my hair, close my bra, write, and enjoy greater range of movement with my right shoulder.
My PT was excellent and professional, always helpful and very informative.


Jessica Armillay is a wonderful physical therapist. She truly cares about her patients and is in the profession that she was meant to be in


Jessica has been an Enormous help to me she is knowledgeable and understanding and knows how to get to the base of my pain. She is enormously careful About all of the protective measures


My wife was seen post COVID19. Physical therapy has worked out very well. My wife is now able to get up out of bed, has shown strength and flexibility improvements.


The level of professionalism and dedication my father and family received from PT Stan was remarkable. Stan remained consistent, prompt and offered a great balance between patience and offering a stern touch with my dad on days when he felt unable to complete the exercises. I’d definitely recommend Reddy care and we are immensely thankful that they were able to support my father in reaching his goal of walking again. You guys provided a service during a time where no other home service was willing to... Read More...

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Karniff had a great experience with Reddy Care Physical & Occupational Therapy

Karniff B gave Reddy Care Physical & Occupational Therapy a 5 star Rating

I was receiving PT for post covid weakness. I was diagnosed in march and could not perform any of my usual day to day chores. With MAITREYI shukla PT has been wonderful I am able to go out again. I am also able to perform all my exercises like I used to before I got sick


Physical therapy with Dr. Eric Bayer has been nothing but a positive experience! His patience and expertise with Vertigo has alleviated all of my symptoms and changed my life!


Great experience with my 2 therapists
Emily Todd. And Eric BAYER - my rotator cuff surgery went so well and their care and expertise helped me fully recover! I highly recommend this Farmingdale location!


Connie is an excellent OT. I’ve improved a lot with her help. I want her to come again for more help.


I came to reddy therapy after the worst night of sleep. During the night I must of pinched a nerve and it was by far the worst pain I have felt in a while. I was having a very hard time getting a referral but Erick at the front desk was beyond helpful. She called my dr and exhausted all her resource... See More


I was very satisfied that Jessica protected herself and me. I feel that she really worked me, she knew what my weaknesses were - my balance and strength - and worked them.


I was receiving physical therapy at home to improve my leg strength and lessen my pain when I walk.
Having the treatments at home made it possible for me to be treated because, due to the severe pain in my knees, I don’t leave my house unless I have to and with this COViD I definitely don’... See More


I found it very convenient to be seen at home especially because of the pandemic I was not comfortable going outside my home.
As a result of treatment my leg strength increased I am not fearful of falling as I was in the beginning and I am now walking more in my home


I was being treated for neck pain and stiffness.and due to the COVID 19 pandemic, I felt more comfortable being seen at home especially with the precautions that the PT took to limit exposure and risk of contracting the disease.
As a result of the treatment, my neck is not as stiff and I’m able t... See More


Jessica came into our lives in April. At first we were skeptical about having someone coming to our home during the pandemic. However, after seeing the way she cleans everything, before and after the physical therapy session, we lost whatever hesitations we had. She has helped Harold tremendously, t... See More


I really liked my PT sessions for my balance and walking in midst of Corona virus, it has helped me a lot. I see improvement in every Area and I feel more stable and better. MAITREYI shukla is my therapist and she has helped me a lot.


Stan is an excellent physical theapist. He displays warmth, kindness and gentleness. He has helped me both physically and emotionally. He is always making sure I am ok both physically and emotionally. He is an asset to his profession.


Jessica is very through and pleasant extremely professional and we certainty could recommend her. For someone that comes to the house it’s absolutely amazing how efficient, careful about sterilization and I feel it has definitely been helpful to us both


I was having PT for my calf pain I have been expierencing for a while. Home PT was great for me during the COVID19 pandemic as I know have no pain or discomfort anywhere in my calf.


Me and my husband receiving service from reddycare and it’s fantastic. Dr.amit is always on time, present personality and extremely knowledgeable. Home therapy is good option during pandemic time. Reddycare is prepared for pandemic and also provide mask to us. I highly recommend to all who wants t... See More


It has been effective and convenient. As a person with a compromised immune system, it was a huge relief not to have to go to a physical therapy site and worry about COVID exposure. I am more mobile and more confident in what I am doing


I was receiving PT for my left hip pain and bursitis. Therapy with my PT Rob was very good and I got much better. I have absolutely no pain and feel much stronger in my legs when I get up to walk.


It’s great to come to Reddy Care. I feel better when I leave. The treatment really works!


My experience was excellent. My doctor was professional and informative. He displayed a broad range of knowledge in his field and has improved my condition and confidence. I would highly recommend him, and have to say I am sad to see him leave. :(


Felicia Highly Recommends Reddy Care Physical & Occupational Therapy to their friends & family!

Felicia B gave Reddy Care Physical & Occupational Therapy a 5 star Rating

Therapist was so amazing. She got my leg back to normal in a strong , caring way. I dont hear and cant read lips with the mask on and she made sure she wrote everything down for me. Would recommenc her 100%.

I went there in a wheelchair and I had Prabaljot he helped me. He's just a great therapist. I am now walking with no trouble. Everyone in the places is so... more

Ginny D. gave Reddy Care Physical & Occupational Therapy a 5 star review

My mother is 97. She has a mild case of Parkinson's and when she fell and broke her hip she had pretty much given up. She didn't want to live if she... more

Susan B. gave Reddy Care Physical & Occupational Therapy a 5 star review

My therapist, Prabal was great. Very considerate,professional at all times and helped me recover. more

Ann T. gave Reddy Care Physical & Occupational Therapy a 4 star review

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