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This is the best PT and OT I’ve ever had in the home. Very kind and understanding therapists. It was easier for me to get therapy because of the in home service.


It was convenient having PT sessions at home as I use O2 and getting out of the house is difficult. My therapist was easy to relate to and explained the process in an easy to understand format and work within my pain tolerance My left shoulder in nearly pain free and restored to 80% ROM


Excellent! My therapist was organized and always prepared with exercises and equipment for me. She was encouraging and persistent. She compared my previous abilities with my current progress. I feel much better.


Physical was very good for me as my PT’s were very concerned for myself getting better. I feel that since I’ve started my legs are stronger and my walking has been much better. My balance has also improved and I’ve been tripping less.


After just two weeks I can move my neck more than I have in two years. The work space is clean and easy to access the tools of the trade.


Home therapy has been excellent it is much better than going out some place. I could hardly walk before but now I am walking Better.


I found PT with Reddycare to be very helpful to build my strength back up, give me more energy and allow me to walk more after surgery.


I had severe leg pain in both legs and feet and got tired very quickly when I walked and was nervous when climbing stairs. Russ, my PT, got me exercising to get stronger which made me move more often. I am no longer stiff and am more confident and independent when walking and climbing stairs


I had therapy for my broken ankle and Karen did an excellent job. After the therapy, I felt better, had less pain, walked better and was able to do my job better. I felt my leg muscles working with the exercises and she always had a good attitude with a lot of laughs. Thanks for the experience.


It was very convenient being seen at home I enjoyed working with my PT, Russ. I felt comfortable with him and I got results. My pain decrease significantly since beginning treatment.


Amit Bharatia has been an exemplary physical therapist. He has worked effectively to help me regain my strength after a hospitalization and a 3 week rehabilitation. Amir has demonstrated a variety of techniques that worked well for me. He is always on time for the therapy sessions. He e... See More


I see a big difference since I started OT with Connie. I feel stronger in my leg and arms. I have improved endurance when I do my activities. Connie is very good director. I’ll kiss her when we stop


I am very happy that I was able to have the therapist come to my house. It has been a very good experience and has helped me with my knee pain. I hope to be able to use ReddyCare and Caryn again for therapy in the future.


I was receiving PT from MAITREYI shukla, for loss of balance, difficulty in walking. PT was excellent for me, I loved one on one time I had with her, she is very diligent and makes sure I am doing right exercises with right movements. I am now walking better, my balance is better and I am more confi... See More


Since I Started OT with Connie my hand is feeling better. I’m using it more.


My experience with Reddy care and Caryn was excellent. I feel better and stronger after my therapy sessions. I feel that i can move around and walk better now. I am not as stiff now when I get up.


Dr. Young Kim is a true professional. His focus is on what needs to the addressed on a particular day. He is caring and gentle. He listens to everything to tell him and concentrates specifically on what hurts me that day. He is patient. He helps me walk to achieve more strength in my legs. I would h... See More


I enjoyed the initial meeting with my PT. I found the treatments have been beneficial and am able to continue with my home exercises on my own. Having the treatments at home Made life easier as getting out to the clinic is not only difficult for me but for my husband to take me there as well


My occupational therapist was Ashley and she helped me relax and lifted my spirits when i was in the worst of my nerve pain which is often unbearable. My pain level is still the same In my hand but, I am able to function more with my right hand; where as I was unable to move my right hand before due... See More


I was recovering from knee replacement on my right side. MAITREYI shukla came home to work with me. Since we started I am now able to bend my knee, walk with cane. I am looking forward to next chapter thanks to Mai.


I found it beneficial to have the therapy at home as I cannot get out of the home easily and go to a clinic on a consistent basis.
I am walking better inside the home but still have apprehension on the stairs but to a lesser degree


I been receiving home care PT first time and worked very well for me. My back is almost gone after receiving therapy session. Physical therapist from reddy care was very knowledgeable, kind, and descriptive. I recommend reddy care to all my friends and family.


I was feeling weak, had difficulty in standing, walking and getting in and out of chair before I met MAITREYI shukla for physical therepy. She came home for me. She is very apt in dealing with my age and problems that come along with them. Now I am able to stand and walk better as I am more consciou... See More


I was in PT to improve my balance and strength. I worked with Rob, a PT with Reddycare and it was excellent. I have significant more strength in my legs and arms. I feel as if my balance was improved as well.


Dr. Young Kim is very patientand persistent. He is very knowledgeable.


Treatment consisted of working with staff to instruct them in performing PROM and stretching to prevent joint contracture and reduce muscle stiffness. Staff instructed in use of Hoyer Lift with proper biomechanics for patient and staff safety


PT has been great. It has helped me flex my knee as well as leg as strengthening my leg while in the comfort in my own home. I have improved ROM, knee flexion, and going up and down the stairs.


My therapist MAITREYI shukla was very patient, she gives me a chance to express my problems, I am able to walk much better, faster and feel more safe. I am also able to do stairs. I was seeing may as I fell down and she has helped me a lot. I am 100 years old and I definitely think she has helped me... See More

My mother is 97. She has a mild case of Parkinson's and when she fell and broke her hip she had pretty much given up. She didn't want to live if she... more

Susan B. gave Reddy Care Physical & Occupational Therapy a 5 star review

My 87 year old mom was having pain in her hip and knee. Her orthopedic Dr. recommended PT and gave the name of Reddy Care. Jared came twice a week for 6... more

Eileen B. gave Reddy Care Physical & Occupational Therapy a 5 star review

My therapist, Prabal was great. Very considerate,professional at all times and helped me recover. more

Ann T. gave Reddy Care Physical & Occupational Therapy a 4 star review

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