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Physical therapy in my home has been very helpful. I have less pain now and am walking better and feel stronger. I felt safe with my therapist wearing masks and gloves. I was very happy with my therapist Caryn and would recommend her and Reddycare.


I am very satisfied and Ana was a pleasure to work with. I have had improvements with walking, strengthening and balance since my total hip replacement surgery.


I really enjoyed working with Ana, she was fantastic! I made improvements in my bed mobility, leg strength and walking since recovering from Covid 19. I cannot believe how much I have improved in such a short period of time. Ana was very patient and helped me learn how to exercise safely.


My in home p/t with Ana was a great experience! I learned many different exercises and ways of doing things that helped me immensely. I felt that Ana was very competent, while being super caring and easy to learn from. Very easy going manner which is a big help especially when you’re not feeling u... See More


I am very happy with the 1 on 1 care . I think that I see improvement in stepping up on a curb.


I highly recommend having Eleni and Reddycare PT as your home therapist . I have been feeling much better since she has been coming to my home and have been very active with less neck and back pain and less fear of falling since starting therapy!


I have never been more eager to recommend a physical therapist, and I have had many over the years. Kevin Z. is the absolute best. He is so knowledgeable, helpful, and skilled. I have seen him for chronic back and neck pain. Kevin knows exactly what to do, he listens to me, and teaches me how I can ... See More


I improved with my walking, getting up from the chair and everything! I had a very nice experience with my PT Ana and enjoyed working with her.


Lois LOVED Reddy Care Physical & Occupational Therapy

Lois A gave Reddy Care Physical & Occupational Therapy a 5 star Rating

It was very good and helpful. I enjoyed the convenience of home care and I made improvements with my pain levels and strength.


Marie thinks you should try Reddy Care Physical & Occupational Therapy

Marie L gave Reddy Care Physical & Occupational Therapy a 5 star Rating

I’m very pleased and was very happy to do Occupational Therapy with Lea. She was very motivating and nice! I have improved movement in neck and arms. I have more strength to perform my daily activities and more independence In dressing. I have better balance and feel more safe and confident doing ... See More


I will recommend Sardar to anyone who needs therapy He is an excellent therapist very caring and knows his job


My father is 93 years old and having problems with his legs. Tarek, my father's therapist, has done a wonderful job. Tarek's knowledge, compassion & work ethic has helped my dad's condition to greatly improve. I would not have any hesitation recomending Tarek or
Reddy-Care Physical & Occupational T... See More


I am writing this on behalf of my mum who suffered a stroke about 10 month ago. She has been working with Tarek for PT, and after so many months since her stroke, he has gotten the most progress I have seen her make. His personality & patience is amazing, she looks forward to working with him. Sh... See More


I had great A-1 experience with Dr.Amit the home care physical therapist from Reddycare. I had been exposed to COVID and since than I got so weak but once I started therapy with Reddycare start getting stronger and feels more confident while walking inside and outside the house. I highly recommend R... See More


I was receiving PT for pain and difficulty walking and standing. As a result of treatment I have increased ability in walking and standing more as well as better tolerance to exercise.
Having treatments at home is more convenient and definitely reduced being exposed to Covid


I had difficulty with tolerating walking and can stand longer to perform tasks in the kitchen which allows me more independence. I really liked the PT. He was compassionate and caring and worked well with me


I received PT for a burst lumbar vertebral fracture from a MVA The treatment was done in my home and I had no fear of contracting Covid. The PT was knowledgeable and friendly.
I am now able to ambulate better and shower alone


Mildred Strongly Recommends Reddy Care Physical & Occupational Therapy

Mildred M gave Reddy Care Physical & Occupational Therapy a 5 star Rating

I saw Jessica for OT. I have less complaints of pain in my right shoulder. She has been helpful with exercises and activities to work on to help decrease my pain. I felt safe with the PPE Reddy Care provides to their employeds.


I was seen for pain in the left hip affecting tolerance to walking and standing. I now have more confidence when walking outside an am less apprehensive to falling.
I liked the privacy offered by being seen at home as well as minimizing exposure to Covid


I received physical therapy because of pain, difficulty walking and standing. Since treatment my endurance improved , pain has decreased, and I am less fearful of falling when walking.
I liked the convenience of being seen at home and he decreased risk of Covid exposure from interacting with peop... See More


I received PT because of difficulty walking especially on stairs. It was convenient being seen at home at prescheduled appointment times. I felt comfortable with the Covid precautions taken each visit, before and after.
I am now more active , more confident on stairs and less fearful about falling


Anup is by far the most talented
, Knowledgeable & dedicated PT I have ever had. He has nursed me back to being from completely disabled. It has been a difficult & wonderful experience.


Anup was great and very helpful for my husband.


Ana was really attentive and listened to my pain symptoms. She pushed me just enough to strengthen my muscle and increased my mobility tremendously. She always came in prepared, and wearing her PPE mask. She made me feel safe. She was a pleasure having in my home.


The dr they sent was very caring and conscientious

My Therapy made it so I can walk a little bit better. My Physical Therapist was a caring knowledgeable person that took the time to help explain everything to me. I would give Dr. Raktim Ghost PT,DPT a 10 if I could rate his work. The fact that he came to my home made it so much more accessible for me to do therapy. I would not be able to go to an office so this service is wonderful. Thank You for your Help. I would like to have this Therapist come back again in the next couple of months for follow up visits.

Lorraine Stranges gave Reddy Care Physical & Occupational Therapy a 5 star review

I haven't had relief in years. My therapist took her time to listen and educate me on my course of treatment. I've had neurologists tell me that there was nothing wrong with me. When I met Stephanie, I felt validated. A month later, I started feeling better. My quality of life has improved significantly. Also - COVID 19 Protocol is constantly observed. The staff is constantly sterilizing and wiping surfaces. I felt 100% safe going there.

Ally Shapiro gave Reddy Care Physical & Occupational Therapy a 5 star review

I was referred to Reddy Care Physical Therapy by my doctor. I was unsure about starting PT because I had a high deductible. Stephanie got on the phone with me immediately to go over my condition and to give me some advice on things I can do to reduce my pain at home. I was so overwhelmed by her knowledge. She was able to diagnose me correctly off our phone conversation. I decided to give her a try. I have to say her approach is spiritual in a way. She takes a full body approach. Thanks to her I am back to the gym and doing what I love again. I also would like to compliment Reddy Care's management on keeping the office very clean during these times.

John Block gave Reddy Care Physical & Occupational Therapy a 5 star review

Thanks so much to Reddy Therapy and special thanks to Luz Correa my Therapist. I had frozen shoulder and my left arm could not function well (lifting as well as certain movements restricted) and I started going to Reddy Care in Great neck NY. Therapist was very gentle and guided correct exercise, massage after understanding my issue (where issues exist) and this really helped. not only my issue subsidized significantly, my overall posture has become better. My confidence level has increased and also got clues to perform stretching, work out and some flexibility work outs. I really appreciate the Reddy Care and Luz. Again Thanks So much.

Neelesh Lakhani gave Reddy Care Physical & Occupational Therapy a 5 star review

I physically have gained a lot more confidence and strength in myself. I started off in a wheelchair and thought that was where I would stay. Tarek has helped me gain a lot more strength. He has pushed me to do my best. He keeps it honest with me and has motivated me to purse exercise even when we are done. Blessings to him for bringing to me. I’m ready to keep pushing myself.

Jerome Cliff gave Reddy Care Physical & Occupational Therapy a 5 star review

I had in home pt for knee replacement surgery. Franklin is my therapist, very professional, and covid conscience. Excellent care and very personable!!! He... more

Petty R. gave Reddy Care Physical & Occupational Therapy a 5 star review

I have had a very pleasant and positive experience with my therapist, Karen. She is very thorough, patient and compassionate. I feel that walking with my... more

Katherine R. gave Reddy Care Physical & Occupational Therapy a 5 star review

Reddy Care Therapy is awesome. They are very caring. I have had the privilege of working with Stan for 1 year and no I am working with Tai. They are so... more

Annette P. gave Reddy Care Physical & Occupational Therapy a 5 star review

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