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The home therapy has been a blessing especially with Dr Yadav He has been monitoring Herman and correcting at all times. During this covid virus event home therapy had helped.


Connie has been remarkable. She tolerated me and she make me feel better. I look forward to working with her after my brace comes off.


Therapy was very good! I can move my right arm much better and can write now.


Jessica is very pleasant, I have improved leg strength and my confidence with my balance is improved. It is absolutely convenient that it is in my building !


I liked occupational therapy with Chelsea because I always felt safe in the comfort of my home. She took all safety precautions with proper PPE. I am very grateful that she was here with me and helping me get stronger and feel better. Chelsea has been a very kind and compassionate occupational ther... See More


I had a knee replacement and was unable to do all my daily activities. Thank goodness at this point, I am able to resume daily activities adding to the quality of my life. Caryn is a wonderful therapist and i would give her the highest recommendation.


I liked the convenience of being seen at home and minimizing exposure to Covid as well as the PT wore PPE and disinfected the equipment.
Since beginning treatment I move easier and my knees do not give out when I walk or stand


Getting in and out of bed is easier and I don’t feel as nervous. I am able to stand longer and I feel steadier. Juliana was excellent from start to finish. I never felt uncomfortable and juliana made therapy easier for me.


It’s my first time experience with Reddycare and they send a very good recommendation for PT and OT. They were very patient, explain procedures, exercises. I highly recommend them who are in real need of therapy at home.


Caryn was excellent in treating my ankle....!!!


My neck, shoulder, arm and knee have less pain and move easier. The PT took proper precautions to prevent Covid exposure. Disinfected equipment and used PPE each visit


The treatment was wonderful. My PT listened and made sure that I was proficient in my exercises so I could do them on my own. I can walk for longer distances without pain or fatigue and without fear of falling


Jessica was very professional patient and extremely knowledgeable.


It’s my first time having physical therapy at home. I must say Reddycare provided a best care and Dr.Amit is very patient, knowledgeable, and always motivates you to get better. Reddycare also provided great care during pandemic time with all PPE. I highly recommend Reddycare physical therapy serv... See More


Since this course of PT I can walk better with more confidence and because of increased strength. I feel more confidence on the steps when going up and down


I was receiving PT to improve my balance when walking. As a result of treatment I walk with more confidence and have had better balance due to increased leg strength.
I like the convenience of being seen at home and decrease risk of being exposed to Covid.
I like hay the PT disinfected the eq... See More


Anop was great with my mom. He was very reliable and helped her to get stronger. Thank you for a job well done.


I had a knee replacement and chose to be seen at home to minimize exposure to Covid. The PT took the proper precautions each visit ( wore PPE and disinfected equipment before and after use). Since having the treatments “ I have my life back again”


I found the service tone hood and convenient as I was seen at home and did risk exposure to Covid. The PT adhered to proper procedure wearing PPE an disinfecting equipment.
I am walking better with improved balance and no fear of falling


Caryn Blum did a great job. I had a great experience. I feel much better. Walking improved. Stamina and strength and mobility improved.


I fractured my hip in a fall . I was unable to walk , had no endurance and strength. After working my muscles, exercising and doing my physical therapy, I have been able to obtain stability and endurance and feel much better. It has made a big difference in my life.


I am having physical therapy because I had Lyme’s disease and I have pain and trouble with my balance and walking . My PT Caryn Blum is absolutely the best!!! She is the highlight of my week . She makes me feel so comfortable and is really helping me a lot. I am in a lot of pain and Caryn’s h... See More


I thought Caryn Bum was one of the best physical therapists i ever had. She really got e to walk very well with my walker and i feel safer now and am able now to manage living on y own at home. If i need therapy again, I definitely want her to come back. I felt very safe having treatment during CO... See More


There’s only nice things to say about my OT Alex. Her mannerism, attitude, her instruction and exercise is so nice. I’d love to have her again and that shows that I approve about everything she does. Now I walk better, my arms are stronger, and I can do more.


I’ve noticed that my balance has improved, the pain has lessened, and my confidence has risen. I feel stronger and not as tired. Juliana has been very professional and taken every precaution to avoid illness from the pandemic. My OT Juliana has been very dedicated in my opinion and has shown me th... See More


What an unbelievable place of healing. everyone here is so attentive and pleasant. I will be recommending Reddi care to anyone of my friends and family who needs therapy.
ERiC is Ace!!!
Also very important it is spotless and totally safe.


My therapist is dr. Jessica Armillay she was very attentive to my needs. Therapy was excellent. Now I am walking normally a few times a week 3-4 miles.

I'm not generally the type of person to write a review unless it warrants one. Reddy-Care Physical Therapy totally deserves a 5 star review across the board. The therapists have a wealth of knowledge and experience. They care to get you better. The assistants are fantastic and work step-by-step with you during exercises. Overall great administrative staff. It is clean, organized and safe.

Dianne Tillman gave Reddy Care Physical & Occupational Therapy a 5 star review

Thanks so much to Reddy Therapy and special thanks to Luz Correa my Therapist. I had frozen shoulder and my left arm could not function well (lifting as well as certain movements restricted) and I started going to Reddy Care in Great neck NY. Therapist was very gentle and guided correct exercise, massage after understanding my issue (where issues exist) and this really helped. not only my issue subsidized significantly, my overall posture has become better. My confidence level has increased and also got clues to perform stretching, work out and some flexibility work outs. I really appreciate the Reddy Care and Luz. Again Thanks So much.

Neelesh Lakhani gave Reddy Care Physical & Occupational Therapy a 5 star review

Reddy Care was a great experience. I went to Reddy Care just off of a foot/ankle fracture and not being able to walk properly and barely able to move my ankle. My therapist Sabrina and the rest of the other excellent therapists were able to get me back to 100% in one month. It was unbelievable for me, in terms of not being able to walk at all and now being able to jump, run, squat, etc. Highly recommend

Peter Chinnici gave Reddy Care Physical & Occupational Therapy a 5 star review

I haven't had relief in years. My therapist took her time to listen and educate me on my course of treatment. I've had neurologists tell me that there was nothing wrong with me. When I met Stephanie, I felt validated. A month later, I started feeling better. My quality of life has improved significantly. Also - COVID 19 Protocol is constantly observed. The staff is constantly sterilizing and wiping surfaces. I felt 100% safe going there.

Ally Shapiro gave Reddy Care Physical & Occupational Therapy a 5 star review

I was referred to Reddy Care Physical Therapy by my doctor. I was unsure about starting PT because I had a high deductible. Stephanie got on the phone with me immediately to go over my condition and to give me some advice on things I can do to reduce my pain at home. I was so overwhelmed by her knowledge. She was able to diagnose me correctly off our phone conversation. I decided to give her a try. I have to say her approach is spiritual in a way. She takes a full body approach. Thanks to her I am back to the gym and doing what I love again. I also would like to compliment Reddy Care's management on keeping the office very clean during these times.

John Block gave Reddy Care Physical & Occupational Therapy a 5 star review

I have had a very pleasant and positive experience with my therapist, Karen. She is very thorough, patient and compassionate. I feel that walking with my... more

Katherine R. gave Reddy Care Physical & Occupational Therapy a 5 star review

Reddy Care Therapy is awesome. They are very caring. I have had the privilege of working with Stan for 1 year and no I am working with Tai. They are so... more

Annette P. gave Reddy Care Physical & Occupational Therapy a 5 star review

I went there in a wheelchair and I had Prabaljot he helped me. He's just a great therapist. I am now walking with no trouble. Everyone in the places is so... more

Ginny D. gave Reddy Care Physical & Occupational Therapy a 5 star review

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