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Very satisfied with all appointment
Therapist was very professional
Worked on all aspects of balance
Would recommend this therapist


Since starting therapy I am more comfortable walking with a walker because of increased strength , improved ROM and less pain I have regained my independence


It was great , my therapist Caryn was amazing she helped me so much even though it was in-home. She is very patient and kind takes her time with you such a pleasure to have around to help u get past some obstacles. I’m going to miss her !!...

Lisa Odierna Pasqueralle recommends Reddy Care Physical & Occupational Therapy on Facebook

Well trained staff. Up to date knowledge....

Janet Perrone recommends Reddy Care Physical & Occupational Therapy on Facebook

I feel that overall my movement of my shoulder and my elbow improved also my small motor skills improved And my balance improved


It’s my first time experience with home therapy and Reddycare physical therapy service which turned out to be excellent. Now I am back to my daily routine able to go out for a walk with my aide and go up and down stairs without any help. It’s always great to be independent which I became with he... See More


O/T was very helpful with patient overall improvement with arm movements and gait+balance.


Jaclyn was a wonderful addition. She's a doll. She's always appropriately covered in ppe which relaxed us and made us feel comfortable having her in the house. She did wonders with me, standing at the sink, hand excersises and we got walking in which I never thought would happen again. I felt very c... See More


I was highly recommended by my neighbors and friends. I was very satisfied, I am only out of surgery 8 weeks and I’m already better. Fantastic therapist and surgeon.


I was highly recommended by my neighbors and friends. I was very satisfied, I am only out of surgery 8 weeks and I’m already better. Fantastic therapist and surgeon.


I was seen at home for leg pain and difficulty walking. My leg pain I s significantly less.
I appreciated the fact that the PT cleaned his equipment before and after each session to minimize exposure to COVID not to mention he always had mask and gloves on
I am walking better and continue with t... See More


I saw a big improvement in my shoulder and am more able to do things I couldn’t do before. I thought Anthony did a fabulous job, I attribute a lot of my improvement and success with working with Anthony in PT. I wasn’t able to reach my top shelf before PT but now I can. I also couldn’t reach ... See More


Caryn has been great . Caryn has been very helpful, friendly and made me feel so much better.


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ five stars! The physical therapists in Great Neck are amazing! I've been treated for a few different body parts, and I always walk out the front door feeling great! 😁...

Michelle Patricia Colleen Farrell recommends Reddy Care Physical & Occupational Therapy on Facebook

Very good therapist, wearing mask and gloves and follow all precautions.
Thank you for your service.


I found the service convenient The PT was Covid conscious and cleaned before and after all his equipment, I felt safe. I am more mobile and my legs have gotten stronger


This place was great and Niyati was very patient and understanding and if I have to come back again I will come back to her.


I was having trouble walking straight and felt as out I was falling backwards I no longer have this feeling except for once but I still don’t feel as I am walking straight some of the time.
I liked the prescriptions taken to reduce. Covid exposure such as placing the equipment on a clean barrier... See More


My pain become better. My muscles have become more flexible and I feel lighter. I can walk more and better now. My daily movements are now better and easier.


Eric at Ready Care Farmingdale did a great job in reducing my pain and increasing my mobility. The whole staff made this a pleasurable experience.


Eric is an excellent professional . He has been treating me for other concerns. I always like to be seen by him.


I noticed I can put my clothes on without help, I feel better about myself. I’m able to reach into the kitchen cabinets and the top shelf of the refrigerator. Juliana was great in everything she taught me in OT. You gave me more independence than I had.


I’ve been able to get in & out of bed better, have better balance, better ability to stand longer, & more independence getting dressed.


I Loved Reddy Care Physical & Occupational Therapy because my therapist, Franklin, was superb. He was patient, professional, always explained to me & my aide what we were doing. He really helped me a great deal. I've been to physical therapy before but, have never had a therapist as good as Frank... See More


One of my best experience with Dr.Amit. He is knowledgeable, professional, good sense of humor and I like the way he speak Spanish. I lost hope of getting better with Dr. Amit help I am able to get out of bed without any help and able to walk to bathroom. I am still having lower back and heel pain b... See More


I liked the effort taken to minimize Covid exposure. The PT wore gloves and masks and cleaned his equipment before and after. Since having PT I am stronger and walking better with more confidence


My experience with Jessica is very positive she is very easy to work with and we had a good patient therapist relationship and I achieved what I needed to, to get back to what I need to do. Therapy was challenging but never to a point I wasn’t happy with.


I would like to say that my experience at Reddy Care Physical Therapy was a good one My PT Eric was the best and I highly recommend him .

Reddy Care Therapy is awesome. They are very caring. I have had the privilege of working with Stan for 1 year and no I am working with Tai. They are so... more

Annette P. gave Reddy Care Physical & Occupational Therapy a 5 star review

I went there in a wheelchair and I had Prabaljot he helped me. He's just a great therapist. I am now walking with no trouble. Everyone in the places is so... more

Ginny D. gave Reddy Care Physical & Occupational Therapy a 5 star review

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