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Sean Andrews gave Rebuildex a 5 star Rating on Google

Rebuildex got a great recommendation by Edward

Edward R gave Rebuildex a 5 star Rating
Pete Bassett gave Rebuildex a 5 star Rating on Google

Matt enjoyed the experience with Rebuildex

Matt B gave Rebuildex a 5 star Rating

I needed my kitchen renovated after I had a small grease fire. My neighbor recommended these guys.

They did a great job and completed the upgrades as scheduled. There were no cost over-runs....

Alexander Purdue gave Rebuildex a 5 star Review on Google

Very pleased with the work completed. We had a bad winter storm that ripped the rain gutters off the side of our house. The Rebuildex team came over right away and provided a reasonable estimate for repair. They also handled all of the insurance paperwork. The job was done quickly and well. I plan to ha e them come in and complete more repairs in my home this Spring....

Jason Ponce gave Rebuildex a 5 star Review on Google

RebuildEx had done an excellent job. They made sure everything is done within our budget and also completed in a short time. I'd certainly recommend this service....

Georgiana Baker gave Rebuildex a 5 star Review on Google

Very knowledgeable team of professionals that came to my home quickly after a tree collapsed on my outdoor garage.

The estimate was completed quickly and they handled all of the tree removal and repair issues. The garage is like new now and Rebuildex handled all of the insurance claims and follow up for me.

I highly recommend their services....

John Preston gave Rebuildex a 5 star Review on Google

Great group of professionals that helped me sort out a water leak in my upstairs bathroom last week.

The team showed up right away and surveyed the damage. They repaired all of the issues that resulted from the leak, and things look like new. They also handled the insurance claim process for me which was great because I’m busy this time of year at work....

Andrew Cunningham gave Rebuildex a 5 star Review on Google

We decided to hire Rebuildex since they are a certified contractor with our insurance company and utilized the same software system as our insurance company which made for cohesive sharing of information with regard to repair estimates and related details. We had a very large pine tree fall and cra... See More


Great team of professionals that assisted me with re-furnishing my cellar after flooding from a big thunderstorm earlier this summer. Their pricing was fair and my cellar Ian like new. Recommend....

George Wallace gave Rebuildex a 5 star Review on Google

Great upfront and honest individuals at this company! Kevin has been a wonderful representative and I look forward to working with them again on any future projects that may arise!...

Christopher Lombardi recommends Rebuildex on Facebook

I loved RebuildEx! From start to finish everyone involved was extremely professional and friendly. They were always prompt and you never had to second guess or question what was going to be done on a particular day as you are well informed of the work scheduled and what is to be expected. Their ... See More


Great team of professionals. They handled a water leak for me last week in my bathroom. They arrived quickly and restored the damaged areas to like new. Fair pricing. Recommend....

Franco Geme gave Rebuildex a 5 star Review on Google

Rebuildex repaired ice dam and water damage in my kitchen and roof.
The person that initially came to my house was really helpful, professional and always cleaned up at the end of the day. They also dealt well with the insurance because all my repairs got covered and the settlement seemed totally fair. Craftsmanship and customer service were very good and I would have no hesitations working with them....

Philip M gave Rebuildex a 5 star Review on Google

Our basement recently flooded due to heavy rains in the area. I was referred to Rebuildex by a neighbor that had used their services before.

They came over immediately and provided an estimate. They did great work and restored our basement to like new. Great pricing and a professional team....

Christopher Quinn gave Rebuildex a 5 star Review on Google

Rebuildex did a great job for me when I needed emergency service in my kitchen when a pipe under my sink broke.

They were very responsive and sent over a team immediately to survey what was going on. Their pricing was fair and I’m thankful there was no additional damage and my kitchen flooring was restored perfectly....

Jessie Carter gave Rebuildex a 5 star Review on Google

We had roof damage due to a tree that fell on our house. RebuildEx made the replacement process simple, even when they encountered issues with our old roof. They worked with both us and the insurance company to make sure we understood the estimate and the repairs. Overall, a we had a very good experience to deal with a difficult situation....

Tamara Budz gave Rebuildex a 5 star Review on Google

Tamara thinks you should try Rebuildex

Tamara B gave Rebuildex a 5 star Rating

Rob was very personable, answered all my questions, and checked in on how the work was progressing. Final product looked great!


RebuildEx took over an insurance claim for the basement and did an excellent job managing the project from start to finish. They worked with us to address some cost concerns over changes we made to the original plan and we were able to come to a mutually agreeable solution. The project manager (Robert Harrington) kept us informed through the entire project and was easily reachable to address any questions or concerns....

Paul Price gave Rebuildex a 5 star Review on Google

Very pleased with the repair. Rob Harrington is professional, thorough and easy to work with. Chris and crew did a fine job and all were on time and well equipped to get the job done.


Quality work
Excellent people


Great work. In particular the matching of stain for cabinets


We had a 60’ pine tree fall on our family room roof. Two large limbs about 8” in diameter went through the cathedral ceiling and were 3 to 4 feet into the family room. I contacted our insurance company and within 2 hours, a small crew from RebuildEx were at our home and in less than an hour, the... See More


Promptly an adjuster arrived during our.frightening experience with an electrical fire. Also a firefighter who represents Rebuildex was present.with the Raynham Fire Department around 10p.m. The fire occurred while I was asleep. I was awakened by my companion and I proceeded to call 911, Rebuildex promptly took over securing my home and arranged all the repairs. The final repairs were complete within 6 months by contracted experts in their fields of expertise. I am very pleased with the outcome and all the...

Patricia Fauguel gave Rebuildex a 5 star Review on Google

Rob was awesone!!! Did a wonderful job!! Thank you


We were totally satisfied from the time we first called Rebuildex to getting the invoice upon job completion. First of all they are a very professional bunch of employees at Rebuildex. Always there to answer our questions. Once the work started there were no surprises. They delivered in a big way.
... See More


Lauren managed this project very well. We were very pleased with outcome


We had a mold problem and needed repairs in our attic. Rob H. Gave us lowest price of 3 other companies. Work was done quickly,neatly and we highly recommend Rebuildex !!...

Brenda Ireland gave Rebuildex a 5 star Review on Facebook

A few months ago, I had a water pipe burst in my bathroom.  It was so bad, it destroyed the back of my cabinets, my hallway and walls.  I had to get my... more

Alvin L. gave RebuildEx a 5 star review

When it rains, it pours. We had water damage in our home and were referred to RebuildEx. From our initial meeting with Buz Artiano, we knew we were in great... more

Susan M. gave RebuildEx a 5 star review

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