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I have been buying Pharm orgins products for the past 3 or 4 yrs! Not only am I using it but my 81 yr old mother loves it and has passed it on to her younger sisters who range from 70-79! You have absolutely sold me on the salves! No more indigestion of your products! All your products go directly o... See More


I LOVE Conolidine 1! I have been using it for about 2 yrs. I got it to help with break thru pain when my Norco didn’t quite do the job. First it was after some serious surgery. Anyone who is on opioid pain killers know they are now under super tight control to the point of being ridiculous. You c... See More


Year after year, my blood pressure has been an issue. I just could not seem to get good readings. Recently, I decided to try the Extra Strength Deep C Liquid Magnesium. I use many Pharm Origins products and I like them all very much. To my surprise, my last doctor visit, my blood pressure was 13... See More


Conolidine 1 is the best your do. My husband Israel Delarosa is your customer and I don’t Believe it went he talk to me about this product. Now he let all the family and friends on conolidine 1. Good job, but be careful with the Haters.


I love all Pharm Origin products because they find the best ingredients to produce them, and they keep striving to improve on that to get us the best of the best.
Thanks Pharm Origins.


I have suffered with often intense aches and discomfort from advanced arthritis, spondylolisthesis and stenosis throughout my spine for the past 20 years. With my body being non-receptive to any type of "traditional" pain medicines, I felt I would be doomed to combat these issues. Heck, I'm only 60 ... See More


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Ava Grodner V gave Pharm Origins a 5 star Rating

I've been buying from Pharm Origins for several years now... my first order was through a sales funnel with lots of upsells for products I'm glad I bought. I finally ran out of the multiple bottles of sublingual pain medication from a large order a couple years ago. I was happy to be able to order the product again. Pharm Origins has great customer service and offers amazing deals on larger quantities. I've had good pain relief success with the Conolidine 1 Clinical Strength upgrade. I appreciate the company and the employees who work there.

Sandi Bird Aldridge gave Pharm Origins a 5 star Review on Facebook

I love my Fision Ionz bracelet from Pharm Origins. I has greatly helped my knee pain from osteoarthritis. Many people my age are getting knee replacements. I want to keep my original equipment! 8 can now handle the stairs, stoop and bicycle without pain.


I am a man over 70 who is still working, and working out. I have been able to bump up my workouts, feel fresh thought out the work day in Texas. The topicals are easy to apply and do not affect my digestive system. I love the products, my strength is improved and I feel great. You hanks Pharm Origins keep up the good work.

Robert Hite gave Pharm Origins a 5 star Review on Google

I actually did my own test and have been very happy with the fusion band. My hands go to sleep after 1/2 hour driving. so i put aband on my left hand. It felt great for 6 hours driving. so on the way back I swaped the band to my right hand and it was great all the way home. So now i have them on bot... See More


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Robert H gave Pharm Origins a 5 star Rating

I was cooking in the kitchen and cut the side of my hand on a broke bottle of olive oil that was razor sharp it looked like I would need two stitches because it was open like a football so I tried to close it with a bandaid that night, when I went to bed I used 4-of the tropicals Androcyn, Phyto tes... See More


The sublinguals such as conolodine 1,nutra g1, and phytotest are very productive, and have nice taste ,and are all natural. I love the fact that although we are in a health crisist,treatment and preventative..... P.O. is allnatural... And safe.Synthesization is not good,like preservatives,chemicals.... See More


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