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I was stung several times so I called Neil and his team in for service. They arrived the same day to resolve and remove the wasp nest. I'm happy.


Super. Reliable and Professional.


Great services, great knowledgeable technicians and great pricing.


Kevin was a huge help in getting a raccoon out of my attic. We had no idea the poor thing was stuck in there. Now we have it covered thanks to Kevin and his team.


I was so afraid for my cats that I almost didn’t go ahead with the treatment plan, but Michael explained what to do to keep them safe. I like that they have training from the Ministry to use the insecticides, and that they informed me of what to do.


Low price and the mice are gone. I’d say that's a home run!


super. professional and knowledgeable.


Mr Andrew and his men did fantastic job. Many many thanks.


The best thing was how they gave us plenty of advice on where else to check for signs of these bed bug beasts - our car - our basement - anywhere we had soft furnishings - so that when they arrived, with their knowledge and our eagerness to find them - the job got done super fast.


Bed Bugs happen and the tech didn’t make me feel like I was an idiot about it. He actually gave us lots of tips and info so we figured out how they probably got into the house and what we could do to stop a new infestation. Valuable info and good people work for this place. Nice work.


The mouse nest was found in the basement. We won that battle. No more unwanted tenants!


Found one bed bug and that's all I needed to see. John came and solved the problem after two treatments.


Perfectionist and patient. It took awhile to solve my bed bug problem but the wait was worth it. glad the bugs are gone.


Bed bugs are gone. Professional service with attention to detail.


The shingles were torn to pieces by a pregnant mother raccoon. Mike was able to find her and remove her from the attic. I put prevention methods in place to stop this from happening again.


The raccoons were in my chimney. Travis was able to reach them and humanely remove mother and babies. Great service.


Raccoons came and made a hole in my soffit. Jack was here and on time while providing professional services. I recommend.


I was very impressed with the service and would highly recommend them.


Great service for a three year old problem. Professional and affordable. I recommend.


I was stung by a wasp in backyard. I called this company to solve the problem. Charles was professional and fearless! Great service.


I purchased a used couch that had bed begs. I called the pest control toronto crew to solve the issue for me. after two treatments, the bed bugs were gone. thank you!


perfect. wasp nest removed from my backyard.


Found mice in my house and tried to deal with it myself. I gave up and called Pest Control Toronto Crew. They solved the mice issue and I haven't seen any mice for 10 months now. good service too.


I live in a 100 year old home that has a limestone basement. Pests are a normal occurrence for us. I called Tom from pest control Toronto crew to fix the problem of mice and a skunk under my deck. The mice will be an ongoing process because of my basement but it's under control and the skunk is gone. I'm happy....

Sean McGill gave Pest Control Crew a 5 star Review on Google

We’ve been using their services over the years for different pests. We live in an old house so the service is worth it. I’d say they have provided good service....

Marco Medici gave Pest Control Crew a 5 star Review on Google

The Crew at pest control Toronto was quick and solid when my house was attacked with bugs, and mice. Their client administration was extraordinary and the exterminator that was sent to my house was educated and had the capacity to dispose of my pest control issue rapidly and with negligible anxiety at an affordable cost.

I would utilize their services again on the off chance that i ever expected to and would refer the crew at pest control Toronto to any business or private home....

William Minor gave Pest Control Crew a 5 star Review on Google

This is a approved pest control company. Pest Control Toronto Crew are a local owned & operated Toronto Pest Control Company who's service & reputation are among the best in the pest control industry. Its simple, you have a pest problem, they know how to solve it fast and for a competitive price. builds relationships in pest control....

Pest Control City gave Pest Control Crew a 5 star Review on Google

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