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I came across Pacific Health Options on the internet through my search for ways to help myself and others around me to recover and stay healthy, no matter what the condition was called. I knew that there must be a way or ways. I have been seriously researching health recovery for a few years now.
The Avazzia devices that PHO sell are fantastic and are getting great results. After I made an online inquiry about the devices and whether I could get one sent to New Zealand, John Hache rang me, that pretty much convinced me, I bought a Kit, and some books, studied lots of online videos etc. Then decided to fly over to their 4 day training seminar in Comox, Canada, a real gamble for me. I have had patches of doubt about the claims about results etc, BUT I am now convinced that this is the real deal.
I am heading back to New Zealand to help as many people as I can to recover their health, and with the help of John, Lorrie and Rob at PHO, promote this technology and protocols where ever I can.
I highly recommend Pacific Health Options and the Avazzia Microcurrent Technology. I hope as many people as possible can have access to this Technology. I still have lots to learn about this futuristic view of healthcare.
Check it out, you have nothing to loose, and a lot to gain. Not a magic pill, or the only way, BUT a way, if used, to help your body get back to the condition it was designed to be operating in.
Regards, Wayne Smith, Thames, New Zealand.

-- Wayne S

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