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I loved Novae money because they were very professional with all my needs .


I enjoy being apart of an amazing company called Novae Money! I’ve been with the company coming up on a year! It was the best decision ever and definitely has changed my life! Also the ones around me!


I love the fact that Novae Money is financial education! They teach us everything we didn’t learn in school! I learned so much just being connected to great leaders.


I love Novae Money because they are black owned and debt free! They have been in business for 7 years and have helped many of people! It’s all about legacy building!!!


I love Novae because it’s a great ownership preparation company! Starts with personal credit, business credit, funding and real estate! You can’t get no better then this!


Iblovedthe opportunity and the information that was given.


Alexander suggests you use Novae Money

Alexander W gave Novae Money a 5 star Rating

Danielle enjoyed the experience with Novae Money

Danielle W gave Novae Money a 5 star Rating

I love Novae Money because it has literally open my eyes to


I loved Novae money because it's a way to improve what was hopeless. I don't have to do it. The team does it for me!


I love Novae money because she was very knowledgeable everything I ask of her


All I can say is Novae Money is THE TRUTH! I love the value they're bringing to the table. I've referred all my friends & family!


excellent service! Very professional and I totally loved the experience. I strongly recommend this company to get the job done. They get an A+ in my book!


I respect Novae Money for the great job the company does at providing beneficial financial solutions for everyday working class Americans. I became familiar with Novae when the company merged briefly with a financial education company I am a part of. It was a great match as both companies and all of... See More


I loved Novae Money. There is no hassle. I will definitely promote them to my friends and family.


Novae money is a great


Larry enjoyed the experience with Novae Money

Larry T gave Novae Money a 5 star Rating

I loved novae money because I feel like my needs were met. The service was courteous and helpful.I feel like I was treated with respect and the customer service was great!


Lloyd is very excited to recommend Novae Money

Lloyd W gave Novae Money a 5 star Rating

got a great recommendation by Juz

Juz T gave Novae Money a 5 star Rating

Novae Money is very informative. They are willing to help provide information on how to make money in various ways. Although I haven’t fully utilized all of the services offered, I certainly plan to use them and recommend them to my friends and family.


I loved Novae Money because the people are very nice and informative. I would refer Sabriyah to anyone. She’s the best


I love the fact that Novae has so many incredible opportunities for you to build generational wealth. I’m so excited about the new RE investing webinar coming soon! Financial education is very important for your family!


I love Novae❤️🔥 The business credit funding is amazing! The no money 💰 down program is poppin!!!! I love love love!!!!


I love Novae because they help you take back control of your finances. A mentor such as Kim Conner is always available to assist you.


I love Novae Money was of the premium service. You get your own account manager and access to debt and credit attorneys & much more!


Treaniecia LOVED Novae Money

Treaniecia D gave Novae Money a 5 star Rating

I love Novae because their word is truth. Anything that they say they are going to do, they do it. Novae also has some amazing people working as entrepreneurs on their behalf, such as Lia Scott! She came into my life at a very sensitive time and helped me get back on track! Thank you Novae for being more than just credit restoration!

Lila Blacke gave Novae Money a 5 star review

Great company! Worked with other financial companies in the past and this one has by far been the best. I never thought I would get to a point where I could have good credit and stop living paycheck to paycheck. The results you see will amaze you! Thank you Novae🙏🏾

Clint gave Novae Money a 5 star review

"I love Novae because of the positive change it brought to my son Earl Fambro’s life. Novae did this by bringing positive influences into Earl’s life by teaching him the importance of financial literacy and positive thinking. He was able to take these positive influences and use it to help him and his wife build their credit, which help them by their first home for their family. It has also given him purpose and that purpose is to help others to gain the same financial freedom he has obtained. If you need help with your building your credit for a new home, business, etc. Novae can help."

Yvette Johnson gave Novae Money a 5 star review

Very good service. Definitely worth a reference for those looking for help with credit building and repair. Also good with business assistance and various areas from start up to marketing and growth.

Hashim White gave Novae Money a 5 star review

The experience I've had working with Novae professionals has been a pleasure and insightful. Having the chance to work with Earl specifically I have to say there hasn't been a question to go unanswered. If you plan on or had thoughts of improving your income Novae is the way.

Darius Armour gave Novae Money a 5 star review

I'm not one to leave reviews. But in this case,Novae LLC definitely deserves a positive review for their commitment to extraordinary customer service.... more

Kendell B. gave Novae a 5 star review

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