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got a great recommendation by Annette

Annette D gave Novae Money a 5 star Rating

I love Novae because of the options that it provides to people who want to prosper. Novae helps people restore their credit and increase their credit scores. I’m not a fan of credit but a good score will open doors for you when you need it. Kim Conner has been very helpful in our community by help... See More


I love Novae because their word is truth. Anything that they say they are going to do, they do it. Novae also has some amazing people working as entrepreneurs on their behalf, such as Lia Scott! She came into my life at a very sensitive time and helped me get back on track! Thank you Novae for being... See More


It helped me to get to the financial point of stability required to begin my house hunting process. My dream of becoming a home owner was one step closer to reality with Novae Money.


Felicia suggests you use Novae Money

Felicia C gave Novae Money a 5 star Rating

Micah LOVED Novae Money

Micah S gave Novae Money a 5 star Rating

I love Novae because they helped my take my Finances more seriously such as my credit score and profile. My credit score has went up 50 points and I’m so excited about my new journey to becoming a first time home buyer! Thanks Erica Galloway and NOVAE


amandala gave an AWESOME Recommendation

amandala G gave Novae Money a 5 star Rating

No matter what time of day, I can always get in contact with someone to help me with my questions and Sybriyyah Davis is the best, she is truly helpful. She is always available to help me with anything that I may have questions about.


Very talented and smart young lady. She’s very easy to work with and very helpful. I pray you have success and growth in your business.

Shasta C gave Novae Money a 4 star Rating

Great customer service i would recommend it to all my friends and family


Sabriyyah David I really do appreciate you for introducing me to novae an making my process easy and fast this is a big help to my new business
Thanks again


Matt Highly Recommends Novae Money to their friends & family!

Matt S gave Novae Money a 5 star Rating
Jessica P gave Novae Money a 4 star Rating

This has been a journey. I like many of you had early reservations, but Shalonda Lee has worked with me and had provided excellent feedback. I am testing the process. She told me about Self and Kickoff, and they have proven to be essential to this turnaround.

I am trusting the process, and I am gla... See More


I’m so thankful for Kim Conner and novae money for showing me how to obtain financial freedom this is the greatest company ever and more people need to here about this THANK YOU NOVAEMONEY !!!!!!


I love novae because this company introduced me to Mrs. Lia Scott. Lia has been helping me with my credit journey for some months now. She is very knowledgeable . She actually helped me to get in a position to rent an apartment after being turned down so many times. Lia is an angel in disguise for m... See More


Taneisha is super friendly and she does excellent work. I look forward to working with her to help me build my business credit. Her communication is prompt and that is very important in her line of work. I am very thankful for her!


Darcel thinks you should try Novae Money

Darcel C gave Novae Money a 5 star Rating

Kevin is so helpful. Not only does he give you the best assistanace out this world but he also educates you on things that you may not have known through your entire process. He is very professional.


Lia Scott is amazing! She’s knowledgeable of the products & services Novae offers. She’s helpful & she’s passionate about helping people change their financial situation. It’s been great working with her!

Khalilah M gave Novae Money a 4 star Rating

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