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I highly recommend Nexgent. Their community,weekly online coaching, and learning platform has helped me a lot. I had no prior knowledge about I.T and the way they teach has allowed me to understand various topics....

William Duque recommends NexGenT on Facebook

I am so unbelievably happy with NexGenT. It is an incredible program and I absolutely love being apart of it. All of the mentors and instructors are amazing and so encouraging!!! It’s fantastic!!! #ngtgiveaway #nexgent #zerotoengineer...

Laurynn Buchanan recommends NexGenT on Facebook

The courses so far have been thorough and super informative. I'm extremely confident NexGenT is setting me up to succeed as a cybersecurity specialist #LevelUp #NexGenT...

Andrew Lawless recommends NexGenT on Facebook

The trainers and mentors in this program are hands down the best I have seen in the business! For those new to this field, Jacob Hess is spot on in his delivery technique, making the concepts clear and concise. If anyone has even given Network Engineering a thought as a career choice, this program will solidify your decision. These guys and gals are with you every step of the way. Their support and encouragement is truly life changing! Give it a try. I promise, you won’t be disappointed!...

Sarah Mattson recommends NexGenT on Facebook

The instructors, mentors and training at NexgenT are top notch and always available when you have questions. Career Services is amazing and they are a major asset to helping you start or continue your career!...

Nate London recommends NexGenT on Facebook

Excellent real world training.

#ngtgiveaway #nexgent #zerotoengineer...

Patricia Harman recommends NexGenT on Facebook

Great real world training and the instructors are great
#ngtgiveaway #nexgent #zerotoengineer...

Tim Ott recommends NexGenT on Facebook

Highly Recommended! I've worked for an MSP for nearly 10 years supporting small businesses. But getting the training to level up skills isn't always easy, especially when your fixing printer issues and helping with clients iPhoto library! NexGenT's afforable training is extremely relevant and has helped bridge some knowledge gaps I had. And access to Mastermind conference calls really are a great way to stay motivated and enhance your learning with RockStar Engineers! Definitely a great investment!...

Greg Nichols recommends NexGenT on Facebook

I needed help with getting myself on track to a better life. NexGenT is helping me help myself. With the help of the Mentors and Careers Service teams. I am getting more prepared then ever. NexGenT is not a pit stop in my career path but they are there for me every step of the way. Best choice I ever made!...

Joshua Champion recommends NexGenT on Facebook

Nexgent was the right choice for me and could be for you as well. Nexgent baseline and real world training will really help prepare you for that future job. Learning is easy and that because they educate and provide the training and tools I need to do my job from day 1. There is traditional training and then there is Next Generation Training with Nexgent. Time to Level Up....

Lester Daniels Jr. recommends NexGenT on Facebook

I love their program and all that they offer. They really want their students to succeed and will help ensure that happens. Their lessons are informative and fun and they make learning easy. They don't just feed you a bunch of info and send you on your way, either. I highly recommend if you're looking to get into I.T....

Jesse Thomson recommends NexGenT on Facebook

I definitely recommend NexGenT for I.T. Training. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology. I have learned so much more since starting.
They help you in anyway they can. the set up weekly meetings for studying. They also set up meetings with different people doing different I.T. jobs every week. The people at NexGenT want nothing more than for you to succeed....

Shane Kilty recommends NexGenT on Facebook

NexGenT's Network Engineer and Cyber Security programs are unparalleled. You won't get bogged down with learning uneccessary information, but instead are given all the tools and resources you'll need to break out into this field. I wish I found it sooner!...

Alicia Antonio recommends NexGenT on Facebook

Nexgent is truly the best investment you can make if you want to upgrade your career. Their thorough programs ensures that you earn the skills you need to have to be able to hold your own in the IT industry. I am a current student of the April Cohort and in just a month I can say I have learned so much, giving me the confidence I need to step into this new field, having come from a different industry. And I just started, can’t wait to exercise my skills and begin deploying projects in my FSNP giving me... Read More...

Michelle Lan recommends NexGenT on Facebook

So excited to be furthering my education with NexGenT. I am currently enrolled in a 6 month CyberSecurity program covering the basics of networking, cryptography, and so much more. I highly suggest anyone looking into a career transition or some job security to check out what they have to offer at There are a couple different payment plans (including an Income Share Agreement - with no money down upfront) Cybersecurity is everywhere we look... Especially as our digital lives... Read More...

Andrew Millsap recommends NexGenT on Facebook

These guys will get you ready!!!...

Darrell Dishman Jr. recommends NexGenT on Facebook

I'm a current student at NexGenT and I love their presentation and engagement with students. Not like any school I've ever used before!...

Shirl H. Marshall Jr recommends NexGenT on Facebook

Its training and development to see others succeed....

Kenroy Campbell recommends NexGenT on Facebook

I just passed my network+ using this training material. Some will look at this and say, dang 50 hours? Jacob is very detailed and covers every exam objective. Not only does he explain the topic but brings up labs to do. I did many of the labs along with him. Good stuff. Onto to the ccent then ccna....

Matt McElroy recommends NexGenT on Facebook

Tech degree program standalone way better and more comprehensive than colleges and community schools...

Paul Smith recommends NexGenT on Facebook

So far my experience has been nothing short of amazing. I always have help when I need it and I’m learning a lot...

Meko Harris recommends NexGenT on Facebook

Network + Certified... To move beyond the limits of the cell phone and the PC, it is important to reach many people at one time... At the same time it is crucial to manage more than one switcher at a time......

William Baldwin recommends NexGenT on Facebook

Super intro class for anyone wanting to learn back end IT.

Structure of it support vs programming...

James Mullaney recommends NexGenT on Facebook

I have used this training module and it help, and it is highly recommended....

Phillip Lopez recommends NexGenT on Facebook

Their Net+ class is awesome and very thorough. I also like how career focused they are. They want me to know AND get a job AND apply what I’ve learned. Kudos....

Dale Banks recommends NexGenT on Facebook

Recently I have had attended a boot camp which has been organized by the mentors of this school and which also winded up the whole learning process which took for me personally almost 2,5 month of intensive study. I didn't even realize that in such a short term it is possible to gain real-world experience, yes - hands-on experience in Networking. The program is jammed with an essential material, which explains basics of the Networking along with super important things in IT world. Also, super important and interesting labs, tools, and working advice to push your limits and become more knowledgeable and confident in IT domain. I am super excited that I got a strong foundation in Networking through NexGenT and I can move forward and just level up my career. It widens your career horizons - you will discover that one day! Mentors are open minded, resourceful, knowledgeable, super-experienced and they know what they are doing. For those who are looking the way to jump start their networking career - just follow the material thoroughly - it is well organized and a flow of teaching will gladly surprise you. Just work out extra a little bit, do homework and within a short term, you will discover new essential skills in yourself. Proven by new alumni - Andrei C.

Andrei Colibaba gave NexGenT Inc. a 5 star review

NexGenT is the real deal! I have learned so much from Terry and Jacob and the whole NexGenT crew. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to break into Tech. I feel more empowered and inspired to level up my career in the past 6 months then I have in the last 6 years. The NexGenT team is always there to help and answer any question or concerns both technical and career based. I have been privileged to have earn my Full Stack Network Associates and feel more confident in mapping out my I.T. future. Don’t wait just sign up!

David Marquez gave NexGenT Inc. a 5 star review

I am on the ZTE program and I AM LOVING EVERY SECOND OF IT!! The program emphasized a lot on building a rock solid foundation, while at the same keeping relevant and focus on the latest tech (and upcoming) technology. Every bit of the program is designed to impart real skill sets and up-to-date knowledge that are very relevant and crucial to have in the real world. The founders are one of the nicest and supportive people I have ever met! They are tremendously supportive and are genuinely passionate in motivating every student in the program to push on and achieve their goals. I'd say that you cannot go wrong with NexGenT and fully recommend this to anyone who's willing to put in the hard work of becoming a fully competent Network/IT Engineer in the shortest time possible.

Joyce Kay Majanil gave NexGenT Inc. a 5 star review

The crew knows what they are doing. They have a great program that is easy to follow and will get you ahead of you follow their counsel. This program is for anyone that truly wants to get ahead and become a network professional. Their approach of a goal based plan is exactly what most good programs have. Anyone that is applied will learn from their program.

Josafat Galindo gave NexGenT Inc. a 5 star review

Terry is knowledgeable about the IT industry in general and is a great motivator. From what I have seen so far the content of the ZTE course is very informative and useful. My only concern is that some of the videos are very long and this makes it harder to maintain the attention throughout. Great course otherwise

Proud Nehanda gave NexGenT Inc. a 4 star review

So excited to be furthering my education with NexGenT. I am currently enrolled in a 6 month CyberSecurity program covering the basics of networking,... more

Andrew M. gave NexGenT a 5 star review

In 2018 I decided I wanted to change careers. Now I just had to figure out where to start. After about a week of research and going to different Coding... more

Julian F. gave NexGenT a 5 star review

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