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I just passed my network+ using this training material. Some will look at this and say, dang 50 hours? Jacob is very detailed and covers every exam objective. Not only does he explain the topic but brings up labs to do. I did many of the labs along with him. Good stuff. Onto to the ccent then ccna.

Matt McElroy

Tech degree program standalone way better and more comprehensive than colleges and community schools

Paul Smith

So far my experience has been nothing short of amazing. I always have help when I need it and I’m learning a lot

Meko Harris

Network + Certified... To move beyond the limits of the cell phone and the PC, it is important to reach many people at one time... At the same time it is crucial to manage more than one switcher at a time...

William Baldwin

Super intro class for anyone wanting to learn back end IT.

Structure of it support vs programming

James Mullaney

I have used this training module and it help, and it is highly recommended.

Phillip Lopez

Their Net+ class is awesome and very thorough. I also like how career focused they are. They want me to know AND get a job AND apply what I’ve learned. Kudos.

Dale Banks

Great way to get certified with IT certifications. Easy to follow and really in-depth information.

Jeff Bratko

Its a great training program you can ever find out there. This course is very detailed and is suitable for the beginner. The flow of the content is smooth and easy to understand.

Ebr Eff

Very informative and gets down to the information you need to know

Tariq Ziyad Busaileh

very nice training plan. cost effective. community support is great as well as direct communication from instructors.

Corey Conklin

NexGenT has been so much more helpful than any of my time at a 4 Year University. I have learned more in a few months with NexGenT than my entire time at College. I highly recommend NexGenT for people looking to get started in IT or further their knowledge in IT.

Jeff Wright

NexGenT is a great entrance into the IT world. Great instructors and material.

Daniel Thomas Rouse

Great Course, helpful instructors, and relevant material.

Jenny Rebecca Dalton

Great program they have the Zero to Engineer. I have learned so much and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to get into IT.

Sandra Griffin

I wanna give you a solid 5 STARS!!! I am blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of the Zero to Engineer program and I am loving it!!! The program is easy to access anytime and easy to follow!! I love all that the program has to offer!!

Melissia Amos

Really specific course material and instruction on the subject matter and, concisely laid out in logical and easy to follow lesson plans. I highly recommend to anyone interested in Networking!

Antonio J. Victor

I am super excited to join the NexGenT team!

Courtney Sulenski

Great company to start your journey towards Cisco and Network+ certifications. I am on the road to #LevelUp.

Alan Breaux

A good company that genuinely cares for the future of their students. They invest time and their reputation on their ability to train rockstar engineers!

Kevin White

Wonderful instructor led courses. lifetime access allowed you to review material as needed before taking the very tests or when on the job.

Tom Howard

if I could give 10 stars I would but they are a SOLID 5 Stars!! Excellent teaching by Jacob Hess and Terry Kim! They love what they do and it makes all the difference! I am so grateful for discovering this company and how they are giving me the tools to #LevelUp my career!!

Brice Dieter

The Network+ Video Training Course

Dialvin Brown

Mr Hess make stuff easy and understandable. less confusion and if you do just simply ask and get your confusion done ;))

Farshad Darnahal

Great experience. And fun to work with Mr. Hess

David Koda

Outstanding training and excellent customer support. The lessons are clear, well presented, and complex enough to make you think but broken up enough to save you from being overwhelmed. I would recommend this training to anyone trying to grow in IT...even if you are like me and starting from zero.

Steve Bohnke

Jacob Hess is a great instructor. He breaks down the material a lot better than my professors at college for similar courses I have done. The information is easy to absorb and despite being fairly knowledgeable already, I'm still learning more thanks to them. I'm confident NexGenT will have prepared me adequately for the CompTIA Net+ cert test when I do take it. I'm very satisfied so far.

Nathan Walton

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