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Hello I just would like to share a good news and be grateful about it. So allow me to practise something what I learn from ML and celebrate together with me. :)

After CYM, AIM and UT, I have been sharing to my family members about what I have taken away from these programmes and how they have helped me to have my personal breakthroughs that I was not able to do it for past many many years. One of them is I am able to love myself now and connect with people in a deeper level. To have that level of compassion for people and intimate relationships is really a dream come true for me. Although I was excited and encouraged many people to go, I understand and trust God for his timings. In my heart, I also understand that the best testimony is not about what I said, but I living it out. My behavioral change would be the best proof.

For some reasons, my sis have asked me to sign my two nephews up for March CYM, hoping that her sons can have some knots untied in their hearts. It is later that I found out from one of my nephews that it was the change in my attitude towards my mom that interests him to go. And I am so thankful for CYM has turned up great for both of them.

My eldest sis, who came for the CYM graduation night for her sons and heard what one of his sons shared, was very moved by it. Although she didn't sign up, she influenced almost my entire family to go. So it's official that my mom and my brother will be going for CYM in Nov!! 🎉🎉🎉

And the least person I thought would consider the course is my second sis. Some of you may hear from me before, she is a preacher/speaker for churches and travel around the world to speak and evangelize. And she is considering attending CYM next year!

I am happy for what's happening in my family and grateful for it because I know, as long as our heart is right, whatever teaches in CYM is going to be wonderful and useful for our lives!!

I believed as our emotional wounds get healed, we will be able to live out our heart desire that will help value add to many people's lives! And I must say because of these, my faith in God has increased and I began to understand His words alot more. God can truly work in all ways. He is a wonderful and great God!

Regardless of what faith you have, I encouraged you to come and experience this wonderful programmes. What matters most, is it taught me about love; to love myself and others from the bottom of my heart and no longer just my mind. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

-- Candy Y

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