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Lydia Tan gave MiracleLife Pte Ltd a 5 star Rating on Google

I loved Miracle Life because its a course about no one else but you. The nature of this course is about bringing your weaker avoidance side of you out of the dark corner of your core individual to face the reality with healing modalities techniques to heal you. For some, the dark shadow identity has its frightening energy side that makes you furious everyday for no good reason. The process of group healing, group support and guidance brings back you as a human again that fills with Love, warmth,... Read More...

Joe Chia recommends MiracleLife Pte Ltd on Facebook

I love the MiracleLife bi-weekly session! Though I’ve been attending and angeling a lot before CoVID-19 in person, there’s still a lot of learning and re-learning for me.

Being back in the environment with the same lingo really help me to do things and express myself fully, which in the real w... See More


The biweekly CYM session is a virtual training like we are the practitioners where a brave person will be on a hot seat to share. Listening how Gary assess and asking questions trigger my mind and sometimes I become blur in the process but it is ok as I am learning and searching. Knowing how to ask ... See More


I look forward to Miracle Life biweekly coaching session as it reminded me to apply the Miracle Life Core Values in my daily life.
There is always life lessons to take away or add value to my life during the sharing session by the Miracle leaders.


Since I joined Miracle Life I found that my life changed. From my very old Mindset and too obsessive about things or people. Untill i join the class it make Miracles at my life. I become more happier, more positive thinking, and flexible mindset now. I feel good and everyday get better Especially wh... See More


The bi-weekly session is a great session to constantly remind us of the teaching in Miraclelife. It is the perfect place to share with each other how we have been practicing MIRACLE in our daily life.


Been having positive experiences, and the idea of consistently having a supportive community is really important to maintain the momentum, so I think this is a wonderful learning environment that is very different from the outside world that is rife with negativity.
Keep on doing the good work Mirac... See More

Allyzsa Kong gave MiracleLife Pte Ltd a 5 star Rating on Google

It is a great platform to learn how to accept myself for who I am in order to have abundance and love myself and loves others.

It is also a platform or environment to allow you to clear wounds and toxic feeling in your subconscious mind.

Thanks Miranda, Gary, Simon , Ashyer and Allyzsa in provin... See More


I love MiracleLife because they are truly all about loving and adding value. It's not easy to create an environment by myself. With MiracleLife, they created this and continue to provide love to us by means of virtual sessions now too.


I loved this session as it was intimate , deep and experiential . Guided process was excellent and useful to see my success blocks and to renew vigor to go for what is scary but fun at the same time.


Awesome training!
I practice what was being taught and I had a breakthrough in the relationship with a co worker. I was trying to improve our relationship for the last few years but to no avail. We now work together cohesively. That was one of the many miracles I created after the training.
The training is definitely value for money and i would definitely recommend anyone to go for it....

belle choy gave MiracleLife Pte Ltd a 5 star Review on Google
MiracleLife Pte Ltd Replied: Wow! That's so awesome and miraculous! What beats working with a co-worker with love and abundance right? Thanks for taking action for yourself ❤🤗

MiracleLife Pte Ltd got a great recommendation by Cherbelle

Cherbelle C gave MiracleLife Pte Ltd a 5 star Rating

MiracleLife is highly recommended. What struck me most was ACT OF LOVE. Because of these 3 words, my 2 friends sponsored me on this course and it has changed my life around.

I learnt how to deal with my own shadows and take responsibility for my actions and attitude. How I do anything is how I do everything.

My manager at work said I am more positive now and she can see my personality shine through. I have done heaps of Act of Love and feeling good.

I'm so proud that I recently set up a fundraising... Read More...

Evelyn Teo recommends MiracleLife Pte Ltd on Facebook

Ashyer is very excited to recommend MiracleLife Pte Ltd

Ashyer C gave MiracleLife Pte Ltd a 5 star Rating

Evelyn enjoyed the experience with MiracleLife Pte Ltd

Evelyn T gave MiracleLife Pte Ltd a 5 star Rating

Truly big heart and always adding values to us!

June K gave MiracleLife Pte Ltd a 4 star Rating
Wong Lee Ting gave MiracleLife Pte Ltd a 5 star Rating on Google

Before i attend "Create Your Miracle" i was a low self esteem person and unhappy person. After the course, the processes that i learn had help me to have a better understanding of myself.i found my self worth and happiness within me. I am grateful for that....

Chew Teck Sin gave MiracleLife Pte Ltd a 5 star Review on Google

I loved Miracle Life because it makes me question my own belief set. What is real and what's my make-up stories?

-- Sabrina G...

Sabrina Goh recommends MiracleLife Pte Ltd on Facebook

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