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The Ultimate Transformation programme was an intense, interactive, immersive experience. The trainer Miranda is dedicated and fully committed to her participants’ transformations and there were many. Miranda uses a myriad modalities and coupled with her healing energy and wisdom, helps cut throu... See More


Before Ultimate Transformation, I have been aware of my problems in my life, whether physically, emotionally and mentally. I believe things sometimes get so deep that I realise I don't understand myself enough. The wounds that haunted me for the past years had made me feel that i'm the crappiest of ... See More


Ultimate Transformation allows me to dig into my emotional wound and the way they process my emotions were really out of the world.
After the course, I've gained clarity on how I should move on in life :) THANK YOU MIRACLELIFE πŸ₯°


I loved MiracleLife because after going through this course, I have so much clarity on how relationships and our own emotions actually affecting our life in term of love, career, money etc. I have so much clarity and awareness after this. Thank your so much.


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15 Enggor St, Singapore 079716
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4.9/5Face... See More


The reason I come to Ultimate Transformation is the heart calling that wanting to have a transformation in life. I was shut down the ability to connect and feel people due to issue with my dad. My purpose is to regain the capabilities to feel and connect with people again.

Nothing comes for free, ... See More


I loved MiracleLife Pte Ltd, because it’s really transforming people’s life. Everyone stucked in one point in their life that time you need a small push. That push you can have it when you attend a course here, it will really help you to transform life.


I Love MiracleLife because the experience has been phenomenon. You cannot imagine how this can benefit people from all walks of Life. if you think you know why Life sucks, seriously you dont really know until you have gone through MiracleLife


Miracle life, showed me a new world where I want to be....πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ•ΊπŸ»
After my CYM, UT and few times Angeling.
I have set my clear intention.
Help, connect and love people unconditionally.😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

When I doing this too our participants. ... See More


Miraclelife is an unbelieveable experience that I attended. It blew my mind when i attended and it allows me to find the power within me that is unlimited to live a life i want and pursue my passion that I love.

KokHong Ho Recommends MiracleLife Pte Ltd

Well-packaged, designed to meet the needs of participant's transformation due to progressive learning curve, highly committed to excellence. Before miracle life's training (Create-Your-Miracle and Ultimate Transformation), I was a very energetic individual however failed to recognise: 1. How to grow in my personal life organically 2. How to integrate my potentials together to bring me forward 3. My self-sabotaging behavorial patterns. It's like, you have a good vehicle that keeps leaking oil and don't know why. As a full-time student, I never regretted bringing myself to know I've made the best choice of my life to live through this training so as to understand navigating life's challenges, potentially shorten MANY precious years of unneccessary pain. Thank you to MiracleLife's staff, mentor, friendships, that I cultivate and enjoy fruitful relationships with people around me

6 days ago
Matthew Look Recommends MiracleLife Pte Ltd

Before MiracleLife trainings, I used to no confident, angry and low-esteem. This affected my relationships with everyone around me. I was known as the "People Repeller". I know I can't be going on like this, I need to do something about it. This was when someone whom I met in another training shared with me about how MiracleLife training programmes transformed lives. I decided to then join the programmes and I have NEVER regretted since. Now, even after years of having attended MiracleLife trainings, I am still implementing the methods and processes learnt. This has enabled me to feel more confident, have higher self esteem, and now being able to connect with people much more. People are now attracted to talk to me. This is a Miracle! Its a MUST attend if you have not done so. Here is a link http://bit.ly/jumpstartcym to help jumpstart your life to live a miracle life! All the best!

2 weeks ago
Allyzsa Kong Recommends MiracleLife Pte Ltd

A great channel to have your personal breakthrough and miracles in various areas of your life

2 weeks ago
Chen Shihan Recommends MiracleLife Pte Ltd

i went seeking for money solutions (more sales, better sales) and better relationship with my loved one. Things were fine with my family but after the course, I Love myself, and my family even MORE (or started really loving them). The intensity I felt is UNbelieveable. impact on work wise, my boss already say Im a changed person after 4days of the course! asking me to spread the happiness around. couldnt have felt better! 😁

2 months ago
Gregory Han gave MiracleLife Pte Ltd a 5 star review

if u r still looking for that miss of missing puzzle of ur life look no further MiracleLife is here for u...

8 months ago
Garry Lee gave MiracleLife Pte Ltd a 5 star review

Going through life, one accumulates mental, emotional toxins. Miraclelife provides the proven and tested methodology to not only detoxes but invigorates the mind and soul. Everyone needs a good elimination of mental and emotional garbage. Thanks MiracleLife!!

2 years ago
Alexander Kong Yat Meng gave MiracleLife Pte Ltd a 5 star review

Simply awesome. Few days with Miraclelife breakthrough in relationship, money and life. Grow as person, friend, parent, leader and community. Enjoying freedom and ease in all that I do. Thank you Miracle Life

2 years ago
Chang Kai-Hsun gave MiracleLife Pte Ltd a 5 star review
2 years ago
Walao Eh gave MiracleLife Pte Ltd a 5 star review

Kudos to the dedicated, awesome, and wonderful trainers and loving team of angels for making the 4 days training more than a memorable one! I had my breakthrough and can't wait to join the advance course for more!

2 years ago
Wong Lee Ting gave MiracleLife Pte Ltd a 5 star review

First of all, I want to thank my old friend who invited me to attend his Living in Passion (LIP) completion night for the jumpstart. Then I got to know about Miracle Life. In March 2016, I have attended my first course with Miracle Life. During my LIP, the trainer helped me found out the causes that stopped me to step closer into a relationship. After go through all the processes in the training, I have resolved my fear to get into a relationship. Now I have found my love one <3 I have just graduated from Ultimate Transformation 3 months ago. I have resolved more wounds and have more breakthroughs. I cleared my mind on what I could do, the feeling of being not good enough didn't bother me that much anymore. Besides, I am much happier now and have more passion in my life. I am a more loving person, and this help my love relationship grown to higher stage. Thank you Miracle Life!

2 years ago
Liping Vi gave MiracleLife Pte Ltd a 5 star review

Miracle Life truly lives up to the it's name. It's a heaven on earth! Everyone is like a family. The trainers are superb, dedicated and have a big heart! Miranda is truly a goddess trainer, she's my idol and inspires me to wana be like her! Loving and devoted 200%. The courses have helped me cleared alota of my self limiting doubts, fears, worries, procrastination and comfort zones so now I'm living a more passionate and fruitful life. With that I'm able to create more miracles in terms of my production in sales as I topped my Agency(Insurance) after LIP(CYM), and after UT, I dare to set bigger and more meaningful goals (to grow my agency), I have more drive to contribute and be grateful about what I have. Thanks to Miracle Life, my life has been totally transformed. I'm a different person, more loving, more passionate and happier, thus, I'm able to contribute more in all areas of my life. It's truly a course everyone MUST attend! You'll never regret I promise (if you keep an open mind), as I only regret that i didn't join their courses much earlier! Don't procrastinate any longer, this is the perfect school for everyone. Thank you Miracle Life!

2 years ago
Jin Wei gave MiracleLife Pte Ltd a 5 star review

Excellent place to experience and learn the processes to create small miracles.

2 years ago
Chi Meng gave MiracleLife Pte Ltd a 5 star review

Great Training with lots of breakthroughs and miracles created as a result of the Miracle Method! Bravo!

2 years ago
Joan Faith Chen gave MiracleLife Pte Ltd a 5 star review

It's awesome to know Miracle life! Since the time I was introduced to this organization , 3 years back I never felt so thankful for the chances I could be in here to grow, to gain and to add value to others. Being trained to be a World Class Trainer here , I could help myself to enhance the ability to reach to more people in my business with openness and love . Thank you Miracle life for the tremendous support and to have such great fantastic tools and activities in your curriculum which help many people developed holistically. It's authentic and uniquely cool! THANK YOU.

2 years ago
Geraldine Tan gave MiracleLife Pte Ltd a 5 star review

I was a graduate of UT in 2013. For the recent UT, 2 wks ago, I came bk as an Angel. Not do I had the chance to revise n relearn, I could contribute to ppl thru an act of love. Seeing the participants had their breakthroughs is my breakthrough too! A place I called HOME indeed!

2 years ago
Katherine Nayne gave MiracleLife Pte Ltd a 5 star review
3 years ago
Louis Ko gave MiracleLife Pte Ltd a 4 star review

After attending Miracle Life's LIP program, I learn that I need to be happy and accept myself for who I am, in order to live happier and more fulfilling lifeοΏ½

3 years ago
Linda Tan gave MiracleLife Pte Ltd a 5 star review
3 years ago
Ginn Goh gave MiracleLife Pte Ltd a 5 star review

Just finished AIM this morning .... Only one description of Miranda ... She doesn't go the extra mile for us, she simply has went that EXTRA THOUSANDS of MILESSSSS for us .. My deep salute to your WHOLEHEARTEDNESS, Miranda

3 years ago
Joyce Chia gave MiracleLife Pte Ltd a 5 star review

The feeling I have after UT class this morning, is like when I on board the plane. Relax and waiting for the plane to take me to my destination. Dearest Miranda, thank you ^^.

3 years ago
Zhou Qi gave MiracleLife Pte Ltd a 5 star review
4 years ago
Panuwat Chusri gave MiracleLife Pte Ltd a 5 star review
4 years ago
Simon Kong gave MiracleLife Pte Ltd a 5 star review

Each time I train in Creating Your Miracles workshop, I experienced miracles and breakthroughs for myself and the participants! It's really an empowering and inspiring experience! That's why I always come back to this super electrifying environment to give and receive the unconditional love, trust and healing! Nowadays I experienced abundance of miracles Before and After the CYM training! When I train, I apply my Trainer's MiracleLife Heart-based Leadership Core Values which are LOVE, TRUST and ABUNDANCE and as a result, the participants experienced transformation and breakthroughs in every area of their lives financially, emotionally and in their relationships!β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸŽ‡πŸŽ‡πŸŽ‡βš‘οΈβš‘οΈβš‘οΈπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°

4 years ago
Minh Tuyet Ngoc Nguyen gave MiracleLife Pte Ltd a 5 star review

I love Miraclelife! I feel so happy, full of love and energy after I joined Living in passion.

4 years ago

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