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We love Montessori! Our daughters teachers are wonderful and she loves them. The facility is always clean and our daughter looks forward to going every day!... See More


I couldnt be happier with the Curious Child Preschool. Its unlike any other child care you will find in West Omaha. It meets all our expectations of where we want our children to be. We know they will learn, play and explore and wont just be sitting in a boxed room all day "playing". We love the Di... See More


Our daughter, Lila, has been attending the Montessori Educational Center for a little over a year now. She loves going to school every morning and comes home each evening happy and talking about her daily experiences. The teachers and staff are all very professional and the communication is outstand... See More


I am blessed to work for such a wonderful company. They continue to strive everyday to enchance the quality of learning and care we provide the children and families of MEC. We have terrific families to work with. Staff members are given opportunities to learn and grow. I value the respect, apprecia... See More


We have been a Montessori family since 2012 and have three children in the House of Montessori currently. We can't say enough about the teachers and how much they care about the children. Our son has gone through all three classrooms (infant, toddler, and primary) and our daughters through infant an... See More


We have loved House of Montessori (HOM)! The teachers have been great. They love the kids and they also provide excellent education. There are also a lot of good educational activities that are brought to the age 3-6 room, such as music lessons, Spanish, yoga, and soccer. Our only complaint has been... See More

Montessori Educational Centers Replied: Dear Tim, Thank you so much for... Read More

I have had a child attend Curious Child Montessori Preschool since 2014. The people are what make the school great! All of the teachers know my children by name and seem to really enjoy their job. My children are consistently engaged in worthwhile activities and given opportunities to be challeng... See More

Montessori Educational Centers Replied: Thank you so much Cassandra for your... Read More

I enjoy working for this company. I was recently hired about two months ago. I wish I had a little more knowledge about Montessori schools and practices. I enjoy working within such a close knit community. We have great resources provided to us. Although our tablets for himama and adp seem to strugg... See More

Montessori Educational Centers Replied: Thanks so much Aja! You will love our... Read More

I was looking for a preschool for my son to attend for many months until we came across Curious Child Montessori Preschool in February 2018. I am so thankful we found CCM preschool. I right away knew it was the right preschool for my son. What caught my eye is their very large backyard which my son ... See More

Montessori Educational Centers Replied: Hi Sharon! Thank you so much for your... Read More

The faculty and staff are excellent. Great facility. Great learning environment.... See More


Choosing a school for my son was one of the most important decisions I have ever made, I could not be happier with the experience he has had and the teachers at CCMP.... See More


I like montessori very much, because they take care of my child very good manner. They always hear what i said.
Initially i was very worried to leave my 6 th month baby in day care. But now i was totally satisfied in Montessori. Thanks... See More


We (parents and 2 children) have been with the House of Montessori for a while now. Our oldest is currently in Primary and started in the infant room. She loves it; we love it; we really enjoy the exposure she has to the many, many activities. We also like that she is in a diverse classroom and h... See More


Safe environment that truly allows your child’s spirit to be nurtured.... See More


I love how much my kids have learned and learned at their own levels. They love going to school and doing new work.... See More


I am proud of working with MEC Family. I love being here because ms julie, the administrator, my co principals, and teachers are all supportive and believed me since my first day of joining the team. Ms julie took care of me and had been a great advisor. MEC also helped me to grow which turned me to... See More


Our son is almost 3 and has been in a Montessori Education Center since he was 6 weeks old. We love it so much. People are always saying how smart he is and how well behaved he is. We know it has a lot to do with their Montessori program.... See More


I currently work at MEC as the accountant and I love it! It is an awesome place to work! The owner, Julie Roy is one of the kindest people I have ever met! She is always going out of her way to find new and exciting things for the schools! They have all gotten facelifts in the year she has been the ... See More


We have been sending our daughter to Montessari for the past few days and it's been a great experience overall. the lead staff and other members caring for the children are great to talk to. I would like to mention though that in the first few days itself we saw many items (bottles, caps, etc.) goin... See More


Our daughter has been with Montessori since she was 8 weeks old starting out at the Infant house, then wen to Toddler Village and is now at MESO. I love how Montessori teaches independence and practical life lessons all while having fun with it! It is not your typical structured "you have to do it t... See More


Mostessori is wonderful in so many ways. I just want to list the attractive points for our family. It's open from 7 am to 6 pm, so convenient with our busy work schedules. It has very professional well trained Montessori certified teachers and assistants that provide very structured curriculum. ... See More


Our 2 year old has been at Montessori for about 4 months and we've already seen such wonderful changes in her. She's becoming more independent, more confident, and much more social. She surprises us every day telling us new things she's learned. She'll start singing her ABCs on her own and even coun... See More


Nathan (4) and Matty (3) both attend MEC. We just relocated here from Maryland in July. We did a lot of research before selecting MEC. I am pleased to say with complete confidence that the MEC program is everything Amy told us it would be. More important, the teachers and assistants that both bo... See More


Everyone at our Montessori school is very friendly. It’s clear that they love being there and they love working with the kids. Our son is always excited to go to school and loves telling us about his day.... See More


All three of my children have been at Montessori Educational Centers since they were 12 weeks old and I cannot imagine them attending any other school! The teachers and support staff are the best around and I know that my children are truly loved and well cared for. They are also receiving an exce... See More


We had our first son go to the school and he learned so much. Now that he is in kindergarten he is way ahead of his classmates in reading, writing, and math. We currently have our youngest going there now. We love what the school teaches our sons.... See More

My grandchildren are getting so smart so fast. It’s truly a blessing having them attend.

Rick Jorgensen gave Montessori Educational Centers a 5 star review

I highly recommend Montessori Educational Centers. The owner, administration team and teachers are caring. If you're looking for hands-on the best quality education, you must come and see Montessori Educational Center. They're not a daycare, they're a high quality educational program. The owner, she is a Montessori trained professional.

Linh Nguyen gave Montessori Educational Centers a 5 star review

MEC has been the most outstanding place for both of our children. The teachers are extremely professional and foster growth in both children, while recognizing their unique needs. The Montessori philosophy builds on their strengths and promotes confidence in areas that are developing. Sending them to MEC for school was the best decision we could have made for their future.

Jac Hd gave Montessori Educational Centers a 5 star review

Both our children attended and attend Montessori Educational Centers. Very positive experience. We are very happy with the schools on all levels! Thank you!

Ryan Miller gave Montessori Educational Centers a 5 star review
Ochoa Kay gave Montessori Educational Centers a 5 star review
Amanda LeGrand Worth gave Montessori Educational Centers a 5 star review
Elizabeth Sawhney gave Montessori Educational Centers a 5 star review

My daughter went to MEC for kindergarten and first grade, and has returned every summer since then for their summer program. They do an amazing job of teaching the kids in new and different ways that really helps make learning enjoyable and helps each child reach his/her full potential! Highly recommend these folks.

Shannon Parks gave Montessori Educational Centers a 5 star review

Our son is currently in the toddler village and also went to the infant house. We feel he has learned so much and has been developing well.

Heather Mul gave Montessori Educational Centers a 5 star review
Erin Bottger gave Montessori Educational Centers a 5 star review
Dani Anderson gave Montessori Educational Centers a 5 star review

I've only worked at Montessori for two months but I love this job so much. I like my coworkers who are very nice and wonderful; I like these cute children and sometimes what they said to me made my day. When I first came to the classroom, I was surprised to find that kids are so independent and they learn many different things. I'm so glad I have this opportunity to work here and this experience will be a special time to me in my life.

Xiaonan Bai gave Montessori Educational Centers a 5 star review

I have been with MEC for 32 years and have loved every minute of it! I started working with the elementary students at their summer camp. I have experience working with primary children and am currently a toddler directress at Child's World. I have worked with many great people over the years that I am still friends with today . My passion for Montessori and my love for learning has grown throughout my experience and continues to grow each day. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with such wonderful children and their families!

Tony Jackie Swoboda gave Montessori Educational Centers a 5 star review
Sriram Kurai Ondrum Illai gave Montessori Educational Centers a 5 star review
Krista Buechler Lofton gave Montessori Educational Centers a 5 star review

My wife and I had heard about Montessori at one point and found it to be a novel idea; however, upon the announcement that our first child was coming, we realized we had to start preparing ourselves for the journey ahead. We are both evidence-based decision makers and were reading through research and noticed Montessori methodologies being discussed a lot. We came across a Great Course series titled "Scientific Secrets for Raising Kids Who Thrive." This series really brought into focus the benefits of Montessori and the ways the impacts are identified. After looking at a few different locations, we found MEC. After looking at a couple of their locations, we knew that this would be the place that would help achieve or goals with our son. What a great choice we made. There are so many things to appreciate about MEC, in particular the Infant House (my son just recently moved up to the Toddler Village). The staff have shown an individualized care and desire to see the success of every child and that is shown in the excitement and care that is returned to them from each child. The real reward, and the overall goal of attendance here, is observable in every child in attendance. The nature desire to do and be more is present in every child. A curiosity not squashed through over regulation of a child's day, but the ability to explore and understand their world around them in their time and in their ways. I am very thankful for the work accomplished so far with my son, and I look forward to many more years of the MEC staff assisting my wife and I in the development and ultimate success of our son.

Alan Epley gave Montessori Educational Centers a 5 star review

We came to Montessori shortly after our son Liam, turned 12 months old. He was previously at LaPetite Academy and the care was just okay. I found myself torn every morning that I dropped him off there and our concerns were often made into 'learning opportunities' for the staff. Needless to say, my husband and I began looking frantically for a school... not a daycare. When we toured, we knew this was the place for our child. Liam is now almost five and we haven't worried a single minute that he's been here. He is independent, adventurous, witty and wildly smart. We....of course, take SOME of the credit (wink, wink). We are proud to say that our new baby will also begin her Montessori journey next week! Rod and I believe it is important to invest in our children when their brains are growing the most and wish Montessori education was the standard for ALL children!

Jennifer Hale gave Montessori Educational Centers a 5 star review

It's more than just a school, and it is way better than a daycare!

Ah Reum Nam gave Montessori Educational Centers a 5 star review

I have been with Montessori Educational Center for 47 years and I still love getting up and going to work to see my children. My girls went to Children's House and then to Kopecky Montessori for elementary Now.they are both teaching montessori. I love Montessori. The children and their families. The materials and our classroom and the staff. I am very happy and proud to be a part of the MEC family

Donna Martin gave Montessori Educational Centers a 5 star review

I was born into Montessori as my mom has been a toddler directress for a very long time. I am now a primary directress and could not be any happier. I have truly found my calling and hope to continue with this company until I no longer am able to. I recommend it to anyone for a job or a school for their child.

Molly Swoboda gave Montessori Educational Centers a 5 star review
Katie Slack York gave Montessori Educational Centers a 5 star review
Maycee Charmaine gave Montessori Educational Centers a 5 star review

We love HOM! Both of our girls had a very positive experience from infancy to 5 years!

Daena Thalken gave Montessori Educational Centers a 5 star review
Elissa Berndt Hamill gave Montessori Educational Centers a 5 star review

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