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“Changing lives daily” couldn’t be more true. I’m thankful for LVI and my advanced training. It has certainly made my life more rewarding. L & G

Catherine Dailey Owen

Just wanted to give a special shout out to Dr Schmidt with Lake Forest Smiles and Dr Konig of Konig Center for Cosmetic and Comprehensive Dentistry! Both phenomenal dentists that have so much knowledge about tmd and my jaw. I’m a very complicated case and both doctors know exactly how to get my jaw under control! I needed a repair for my lower orthotic and Dr Schmidt and his staff spent so much time with me. These doctors take the time to know me and know my bite. They truly understand what’s going on with my jaw... Read More

Lindsay Seruya

LVI is a great place to learn advanced concepts in cosmetic dentistry including full mouth rehabilitation, as well as how to properly manage and help patients suffering from a myriad of symptoms related to TMJ/OSA. Physiologic based dentistry is powerful, and has positively affected many thousands of lives. Thank you to Bill and Heidi, as well as all the other faculty and team members, for educating dentists from all over the world and empowering us all to make a great difference in the lives of others.

Trey Miller

An amazing post graduate education that teaches full mouth rehabilitation, practice management, cosmetic dentistry, and management of TMD and OSA! Their physiologic approach to dentistry will open your eyes to a whole new way of approaching formerly difficult cases. Come to LVI and love dentistry again!!

AnneMarie Johnson Benage

I recently attended OMD & Myofunctional Therapy and it was the perfect solution to tie in all the TMJ courses and physiologic dentistry courses at LVI. Dr. Heidi Dickerson & Jill Taylor taught anatomy, skills, & exercises that will better treat the undiagnosed problem in our cases that pertain to the tongue, lips, & jaws and their relation to all other orofacial structures. Another piece to the puzzle!
Highly recommended!!!

Kathy Dillon

LVI is awesome! A great place for lifelong learning!😊

Alvin Minette Boquiren

LVI is the top notch dental post graduate institute in the world. Check it out and you, your team and your patients will benefit tremendously.

William W. Martin
Andrea Spencer

I’m here to keep learning how I can be the best dentist for my patients!

Nicol Cook

Dentists that love their profession love being educated in the LVI program. If you find your interest in dentistry waning, get revitalized. If you find your continuing education experience disjointed, come for the best comprehensive approach available. Do you wonder what every LVI dentist is so excited about? Come and find out. You will not be disappointed!

Gordon Rye

The best place for continued education and the facilities are fantastic and friendly staff great.

Jorge A. Santa Cruz

Truly inspiring, intelligent, and amazing instructors! I am so glad that I was able to visit and learn from these excellent people in their establishment!

Courtney Guderyan

I have been taking courses at LVI since 1996. I have never been disappointed and am always blown away by the information that I am given, the practical application to my practice, and the knowledge to truly help my patients heal and improve their lives. Because of this knowledge I am excited to wake up every day. I can't wait to see who I can help and how I can help them.

Marty Frankel

What Gino DiGiannantonio Said!!!!! Best IACA meeting to date.. thanks again Bill and Heidi and all the awesome presentations.

Steve Schwam

There wasn't a '6 star' button so I had to go with 5. Need I say more. (Patient review)

James Easter

LVI by far has been the best post graduate educational institute I have attended! Everytime I go back for a course I receive new information and better techniques to help serve my patient base and the education I learn from everyone at LVI has certainly made me a better dentist ! Can’t say thankyou enough to Dr Bill & Hiedi Dickerson and the rest of the faculty and instructors as well as the LVI family in making a positive impact For me!
Best - Dr Gino D!

Gino DiGiannantonio

Exceptional meeting with the latest information being shared by the best dentists in the world

Mark J. Birnbach
Hamada Makarita
Mariela Hernandez
Mary Ann Peña Henry
David Dooley

The think TANK! Leading the physiologic movement in Dentistry.

Alicia Garza
Christian Scull
Noor-Allah Manji

Attended the OMD course the last few days! Why didn't they tell us this stuff in Dental School?? Great course if you see kids in your practice or you have kids.

Mendy Schaffner Ritchie
Anabell Blevins

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