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The college application process can be a daunting task for any high school senior and their parents. I am eternally grateful to Pearl and Andy Lockwood for guiding and helping my children find the best fit school for each of them. Andy connected with our children the very first time they met.

I decided to hire Lockwood College Prep for my first college-bound child, and the entire process was stress-free. Andy steered my son in the right direction by helping him edit his essays and kept him on track every step of the way. Andy was always available to speak with us in his straightforward manner with levity. He is honest and has a wealth of experience and expert knowledge in the college application process. He also provided a strong school selection strategy and helped my son get accepted Early Decision to his dream school.

Two years later, my daughter worked with Marissa on one-on-one tutoring. Marissa worked with her endlessly, and she was able to achieve her goal score. She found Andy’s essay editors and Lockwood College Prep counselors tremendously valuable in offering feedback on her personal and supplemental essays. I am proud to say that our daughter was also accepted Early Decision to her dream school, and it was with the expert guidance of Lockwood’s College Prep.

In addition to Marissa’s test preparations, Pearl’s assistance navigating through the financial aid process, access to the college planner application, and essay workshops, Andy also helped our children find their career paths which are just as crucial as the long-term college admission process. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Andy, Pearl, Marissa, and their outstanding staff. I highly recommend Lockwood College Prep to any student applying to college!

-- Al L

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