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It’s been a great pleasure to work with Isaac and Kim from LicalFi! Many marketing companies sell you their work but not the actual results. With LocalFi we saw results instantly! This company keeps us on our toes and guides us to what to do every step of the way, and more st importantly produces instant results! The instructions are simple, comprehensive and, above all, effective! Thank you LocalFi! Looking forward to the successful future!

Galina Lisa Sola gave LocalFi: Local Business Marketing a 5 star review

I hired Isaac a few years ago to help me create a website and sales video for a new product I was testing. He always impressed me with his quick results and ability to get the job done. Isaac is a caring individual and we stayed friends long after that project was completed. Years later I referred him to my friend who had just opened up a new Mexican restaurant. She was struggling to be found and to get new customers in the door, but after Isaac set up her Google Maps account she started getting really busy. The restaurant is still one of the top ranked Mexican restaurants in the area. I highly recommend Isaac to anyone who wants to grow their business; he is a wiz with the technology, social media and the marketing aspects of running a business!

Lisa DeVeau gave LocalFi: Local Business Marketing a 5 star review

Isaac really blew me away with his ability to quickly create high quality online funnels that converted. His marketing expertise was very valuable and he helped me set up automation though my website and email campaign so that my products started selling on autopilot. When I needed help with my online courses he was able to help me create the platform where they where hosted and greatly increased the usability of them. Bottom line is if you are looking to grow and know you need a marketing expert to help you get there you need to contact Isaac.

Lawrence Lanoff gave LocalFi: Local Business Marketing a 5 star review

When I first started my own Plumbing company I was struggling to get new customers. I was paying Yelp $300 a month and seeing no results so I was hesitant to work with another marketer, but I needed new customers. Isaac was referred to me and while I was wary of being burned again he was very confident that he could help so I took a chance. The results have been more than I expected. He got me off all the ad spend I was doing that wasn't working and focused on building up my local profiles. Within the first month I started seeing new customers coming in. After only a year of working with Isaac I went from struggling to get new customers to being constantly busy. I've even been able to hire new employees because of all the new business I've received. I highly recommend Isaac to anyone who is looking to grow their business, what he does works.

Vitaliy K gave LocalFi: Local Business Marketing a 5 star review

I am an independent business owner and I was getting nowhere online trying to be seen by potential clients. Trying to do it myself with little knowledge of how to do it was showing me that I just needed help from a professional. I noticed my neighbor's business began picking up for her so I inquired what she was doing. She said she hired a Consultant, Isaac to help her business rank higher to be seen online and boy did Isaac ever get the job done for her. I decided to give Isaac a call and at first I was intimidated by his rates (even though Isaac is worth every dollar and then some) but then I realized he was very flexible with his different offers. I went with the offer that I was comfortable with and boy was I glad I did. Isaac is a Wiz at this Computer stuff and he knows what he is doing online to help people and businesses begin seeing major improvement in being found online and getting people in the door. When I become more successful thanks to Isaac's expertise I will rehire Isaac to refine my business even further. I would recommend Isaac to anyone who has a great business who just needs to be found online consistently to assure their success.

Angels Surround gave LocalFi: Local Business Marketing a 5 star review

There are hundreds of companies that promise to perform when it comes to marketing a business. Isaac is in the upper 1% of digital agencies that not only... more

Doug C. gave Isaac Navias Consulting a 5 star review

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