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1042 W. Devonshire St.
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Isaac knows his stuff. Period.
Working with him has taught me not only how to create an online marking funnel to sell my works, but how to be creative with it! He makes the process fun and interesting. If you want to make your online presence stand out...
Check Out IN Consulting. Period....

Matthew Soffietti gave LocalFi a 5 star Review on Google

I hired Isaac a few years ago to help me create a website and sales video for a new product I was testing. He always impressed me with his quick results and ability to get the job done. Isaac is a caring individual and we stayed friends long after that project was completed. Years later I referred him to my friend who had just opened up a new Mexican restaurant. She was struggling to be found and to get new customers in the door, but after Isaac set up her Google Maps account she started getting... Read More...

Lisa DeVeau gave LocalFi a 5 star Review on Google

I was a little hesitant to get started as I heard from other folks that had signed up with other providers and weren't thrilled with the results. I also I knew that if I didn't do something my business wouldn't grow as fast as it needed to. After finishing the project I was really impressed with the results and wouldn't hesitate to work with Isaac again!...

Cory Michael Sanchez gave LocalFi a 5 star Review on Google

Isaac is amazing! He has helped my business get more visibility on Google Maps and as a result more people have booked more sessions with me. My husband was skepticial on hiring him, but I hired him anyhow. I’m so glad I did! Thanks Isaac for helping my business GROW!...

stephanie dulley gave LocalFi a 5 star Review on Google

My company hires Isaac on whenever we have a big complex project with a tight deadline. Isaac is always able to come in and greatly helps with project management. He has built many successful online courses for us and does so in rapid time. He also is a wiz at email marketing and building online funnels. I am always excited when my boss tells me there bringing Isaac onto a project because I know he always communicates clearly, works really well with our team and does things correctly the first time....

Michelle Galang gave LocalFi a 5 star Review on Google

I am an independent business owner and I was getting nowhere online trying to be seen by potential clients. Trying to do it myself with little knowledge of how to do it was showing me that I just needed help from a professional. I noticed my neighbor's business began picking up for her so I inquired what she was doing. She said she hired a Consultant, Isaac to help her business rank higher to be seen online and boy did Isaac ever get the job done for her. I decided to give Isaac a call and at first I... Read More...

Angels Surround gave LocalFi a 5 star Review on Google

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