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gave Let's Play Music 5 stars


Let's Play Music is AMAZING!!! I love the curriculum-- it is super fun to teach, and it does an incredible job helping students to thoroughly internalize music in a way that's very easy for them to learn. I have taught many children whose parents are musically well educated, and they often tell me that they learn a lot in my classes as well. I love that the kids learn how to write music and have opportunities to create their own composition! I love that every single lesson plan incorporates techniques for teaching auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learners. I love the parent-child bonding that occurs in class. I love the games we play! I love watching my students (even the super shy ones!) blossom with confidence and enthusiasm at the piano. I love hearing my students' parents say they wish they had known about Let's Play Music for their older children that took regular piano lessons, because their younger children in Let's Play Music seem to inherently know and understand music so much better. I love it when my students tell me they figured out how to play music we haven't covered yet in class, or that the beginning of Star Wars is simply sol-sol-sol-do! There is so much research that shows what a profound, lifelong effect music training has on the brain, and I often tell parents that if they are going to have their kids do any one thing, it should be music because it will benefit them the most throughout their life. And of course Let's Play Music is the PERFECT way to teach music to kids!! Teaching Let's Play Music has brought much joy and satisfaction to my life -- it's fun to teach, I get paid to have fun teaching, and I know I am making a positive, permanent difference in my students' lives.

-- Karri M

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