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I have been teaching piano for over 30 years. I love teaching Let's Play Music graduates! They come to me with a solid, beginning foundation in piano. They have been exposed to note-reading, rhythm, chords, inversions, performing and so much more! They can even compose which is something I love to... See More


Let's Play Music is AMAZING!!! I love the curriculum-- it is super fun to teach, and it does an incredible job helping students to thoroughly internalize music in a way that's very easy for them to learn. I have taught many children whose parents are musically well educated, and they often tell me ... See More


I am a private piano teacher and a Connections teacher for Let’s Play Music graduates. I am very impressed with the solid musical base Let’s Play Music instills in it’s graduates. The students have solid note-reading skills, understand primary chords in all positions, have excellent knowledg... See More


I think Let's Play Music is absolutely amazing! When I first started taking my son to LPM, my jaw would drop, as I was so impressed at what difficult music theory was being taught to these young kids! This is stuff I didn't learn until I was in a college music course! I love the fun and excitement ... See More


I had heard great things about the program and decided to enroll my youngest. Oh, how I wish my older kids had had this program! I have to say, I have NO musical ability. I don't play an instrument and my singing is terrible, I cannot carry a tune. So I was a little concerned over being able to help... See More


Sheelena Stevens has been an amazing teacher for both of my students. They are excited to go to class each week and always learn something new. I appreciate how prepared she is for each class and her enthusiasm when she teaches. My kids have grown so much in their music knowledge. Thank you Ms. Shee... See More


My daughter LOVES music, but our family is definitely lacking in musical ability and I wasn't sure how or what to teach her. We were introduced to Sheleena Roger's Let's Play Music class, and it has been wonderful for my daughter! She has not only grown socially (she was quite shy), but she has be... See More


We love LPM! My son feels really confident in his playing abilities and has learned to enjoy playing music every day!


Let's Play Music is a fantastic program for creating well rounded musicians! It speaks to every learning style and egages children in having fun while they learn. Brooke is wonderful at what she does and is techno savvy too!


Mrs. Emy Lefevre is an incredible teacher and mentor! I love the company and the education it provides is exceptional!!!


The Let’s Play Music classroom was the perfect learning environment for my daughter! Classes are fun and upbeat with lots of movement and play. Difficult musical concepts were taught in a way kids can understand. We love this program and highly recommend it!


I love Let's Play Music! It turned my monotone singing son into a now 12 year old who has sung solos and loves to sing in choirs! As a music teacher, I am amazed at the wonderful musical foundation that Let's Play Music gives its students. It is so fun and yet so comprehensive!


My kids have always loved music, but Let’s Play Music took them to the next level and has made hem into mini musicians! I love this program because it develops a love of music in kids and helps them learn to be creative and explore music from a very young age.


I love the Let's Play Music program! I love the carefully thought out, step-by-step process of teaching music fundamentals to children through age-appropriate methods. This is truly a life-changing experience for children and their parents!


I have loved Let's Play Music both as a parent, and as a teacher. My son and I have so much fun together when we play music, and his musical creativity continues to thrive a few years after his graduation from LPM. The parents in my studio tell me that their LPM children simply love their music so... See More


I loved this Presto program because it got my son excited about piano. We had tried a year of private piano lessons the year before and although he learned piano he didn't love it and it was a fight to get him to practice. Although I have some music background I am learning right beside my son and t... See More


This is the first time my daughter has taken piano at the age of 8 and she has just seemed to love her experience with Let's Play Music. We love how there is variety in the lessons and she is picking up the concepts so quickly! Excited to see how the next year will go for her.


Let’s play music with Mrs. Maggie Gambill has been such a fun and great learning experience for our two daughters. They have joy to go to class every week and also to practice at home. We really love it and recommend to every family that wants to have their children enjoying learning.


Annie had a great experience with Let's Play Music

Annie G gave Let's Play Music a 5 star Rating

We have loved Let's Play Music! I love that this program is a total musicianship program! I love the piano teachings but also I love how my kids are learning relative pitch. This program is so fun. The kids have been learning things that Are advance but they see it as a fun music class. I tell all m... See More

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