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Let's Play Music gave my daughter an amazing foundation in music and has enriched our whole family. The program is pure genius and a wonderful way to teach children to understand and love music from a young age. It is a gift they will appreciate their whole lives whether they end up pursuing music f... See More


There are many reasons why I love let's play music classes! First of all, I love the research that has been done which provides a good foundation for the music class. Next, I love all the different methods of teaching that are provided. I love how the students are able to play the bells and the au... See More


I love teaching Sound Beginnings! I love to watch the musical light turn on in the minds of the sweet, wonderful children who come to my home. I love watching them bond with their parents. I love the music theory they learn that is woven through everything we do in class. We practice sharing and tak... See More


This is my first year teaching Let's Play Music and I am already loving it! When I first heard about the program I looked into it. I watched some sample videos and instantly was drawn to this curriculum. I am a child development major who has done music my whole life and I love that this program mat... See More


Deciding to add Let's Play Music to my studio was, hands down, the single best choice I've made for my business. I quadrupled my studio capacity while reducing the number of hours worked and my studio families are happier. The program is so robust and well thought out, it's easy for children to be s... See More


I am SOOO impressed with this curriculum! I have taken voice and piano for years and I have taught voice and piano over the years and I have NEVER SEEN ANYTHING SO SMART! The curriculum is physical, fun, and so intentional. It captures those early years we are wanting to wire our kiddos with the l... See More


I LOVE Lets Play Music!!! I became a teacher after my daughter went through the program and I fell in love with the curriculum, the fun and adorable learning techniques and activities and most importantly the love that developed inside her for music! I wanted to make a difference in the lives of ot... See More


I LOVE that I was given each step of what I needed to do to be a fantastic teacher through the Let's Play Music teacher training. It was easy to certify to be a teacher, easy to recruit because of the amazing tools the company gave, and so much more lucrative financially than private piano that I wa... See More


I love being a LPM and Sound Beginnings teacher because I enjoy having a curriculum that gives children a solid music foundation. I love watching their eyes light up when they understand a complex musical concept learned through fun and play!... See More


Let's Play Music is the best foundational music education for young children! It magically disguises music theory, engages children with games, puppet shows and full body movement to create a well rounded musician. Children graduate from Let's Play Music with a solid knowledge of chord theory & str... See More

My son started Let's Play Music last year, and he absolutely LOVES the program! He was so proud when he played his tonebells at home and over Skype for family far away, and as a music educator myself, I was so impressed by what he was learning in such a fun way!

Heather Ann Johnson gave Let's Play Music a 5 star review

My friend told me about the program her son started and when I learned more, I fell in love with Let's Play Music! I love all of the games and activities that keep the kids moving, engaged, and learning! My 3 kids have completed the program and are excelling at private piano now (as well as band, orchestra, and choir in school.)

Emily Baldwin gave Let's Play Music a 5 star review

Let's Play Music has been life changing for our family! Who can say that their seven year old twins both compose their own music? I can. My twins had the confidence and skills to write their own original compositions and they had fun learning these concepts with fun off-the-bench games to teach music theory! My three-year-old son learned to recognize numbers and letters through Sound Beginnings, not pre-school! His music class taught him this. Our family has been forever changed because of this fun and innovative curriculum!

Misty Stocker Ralphs gave Let's Play Music a 5 star review

Both of my kids have been in the program. My daughter loved the theory part of it to go on and play the ukulele after she finished Let's Play Music. My son is currently in his 3rd year of the program, and he loves playing the piano. He wakes up early to practice and he wants to play all day long. What a beautiful way to teach kids to love music.

Michelle Belliston gave Let's Play Music a 5 star review

Let's Play Music is a wonderful curriculum and a research based method of teaching music and piano to children. I have had 3 children go through this program and really loved their confidence in playing the piano, composition, understanding of music theory, and vocal skills they have obtained. All of my children LOVED this program and Sound Beginning was a wonderful foundation for my 3 year old, her reading is amazing, I think because of all the early literacy awareness embedded right in the songs and games, so much fun!

Robin Flores gave Let's Play Music a 5 star review

I love this program! My oldest daughter just graduated and I'm in awe of how much she has learned. She learned concepts that I didn't learn until I was in college studying music and she is only 6.5! . I love that the kids experience concepts with multiple senses before labeling them because it cements it permanently in the brain for recall later. The program is a big commitment but t is worth every minute!

Kimberly Packard gave Let's Play Music a 5 star review
Kendra Flake gave Let's Play Music a 5 star review

I've watched my sons blossom through the first year of Let's Play Music. They love the songs and playful environment. As a mother and a professional musician, I love the theory and technique they are learning. What an amazing program!

Amanda Vallejos gave Let's Play Music a 5 star review

Let's Play Music has been brilliant for my family. My oldest two are graduates and they picked up other instruments and played like they'd had years of lessons after just a few weeks because of the skills they learned in LPM. My youngest is enrolled in Sound Beginnings and having a blast with the finger plays and instrument exploration. We have loved all our teachers m

Becky Swain gave Let's Play Music a 5 star review

What a fun way to learn music! My 3 oldest children have graduated from the Let's Play Music program, and I have 2 more currently enrolled. The teachers are well trained, the curriculum is sound and I love that I get to play a part in my children's education. My youngest daughter LOVES Sound Beginnings, and has learned to sing (on pitch)! We have so much fun together in music class, it's the highlight of our week.

Nicci Cameron Lovell gave Let's Play Music a 5 star review
Aiko Wazawa gave Let's Play Music a 5 star review
Laura Knight-Rose gave Let's Play Music a 5 star review
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