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After having a right shoulder replacement, I thought it would be such a process to get back to my normal life~ Josh proved me wrong! It was like having a personal trainer, cheerleader and professional Medical Doctor rolled into one. He even incorporated Pilates, which I enjoy, into my exercises. T... See More


I am a 69-year-old female retiree who has stayed fairly active, particularly with gardening, for many years. After the sudden onset of right shoulder pain several months ago, my primary care provider referred me to Joshua Stoufflet. At the time I was experiencing pain for several hours daily and h... See More


I am so thankful that my Doctor Joe’s at home therapy.i give At home a 5 star ratings. At home therapy worked with me a chose Exercises that best fit me. I would Highly recommend at home therapy of Crystal Coast !


I loved at Home Therapy of Crystal Coast because they used a wide variety of exercises and one hour of undivided attention in the convenience of our home.


The experience was excellent. Joshua was very professional and answer all my questions. I feel much better than I did before I started it and hope to continue with it. Overall it was an excellent experience and certainly worth the effort.


Mom is doing so much better now than she was prior to LSVT Big therapy. We are both extremely pleased! We highly recommend this provider to others. Thank you so much for improving our quality of life!


Alana gave At Home Therapy of Crystal Coast an AWESOME Recommendation

Alana T gave At Home Therapy of Crystal Coast a 5 star Rating

I think at home Therapy is the most incredible physical therapy l have received the best therapy which made me feel confident and secured with all the movement


Joshua is fantastic and the PT he prescribes is so personal to your needs. Always dreaded PT in past but actually looked forward to it with Joshua. Being in home was a major plus. Highly recommend.


Susan thinks you should try At Home Therapy of Crystal Coast

Susan H gave At Home Therapy of Crystal Coast a 5 star Rating

At Home Therapy is amazing! The exercises are designed just for you and your particular needs. I was working towards a goal and I was able to achieve that goal and more! I just returned from a wonderful trip! And I can say that I would not have been able to enjoy and participate in this trip without... See More


Josh has an endless number of exercises, and derivatives of those exercises, to custom fit an exercise program. For instance - with me and my cranky back - an exercise for my surgergically repaired shoulder may put some stress on my back. Josh can tweak that exercise to alleviate back stress or move... See More


Josh took his time and methodically diagnosed each piece of my fit, beginning with cleat placement/wedging all the way up to my seat and handlebars. He used a bike fit software to hone in on the areas that are tough to quantify visually.


Josh was great - very professional and easy to work with. I highly recommend him!


It is helpful to have an app to record my workouts/results every day. The how-to videos are also nice. The timer for timed intervals is nice but the interface needs to be improved so that it doesn’t block your data entry boxes. It would be nice to see trend results from my workouts. I also feel th... See More

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