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The pinball machine I ordered was supposed to take 5 month, however, they just delivered it last night and it only took 2 months.

A Google User gave IN THE NEW AGE a 5 star review

The wife and kids absolutely love our new lane master bowling machine.

Nestor S. Lawley gave IN THE NEW AGE a 5 star review

The new age pedestal connect came with so many classic games I remember. Also, my teenage son has been playing Call of Duty online and wont let me on it to play my favorite 80’s classics. I may be needing another one soon.

Frank Hopson gave IN THE NEW AGE a 5 star review

This is my third time buying arcade machines from IN THE NEW AGE and they are very professional.

Derek gave IN THE NEW AGE a 5 star review
Elizabeth Turner Recommends IN THE NEW AGE

The jukebox took over 8 months to recieve. Yes, it seemed like a long time but after we finally took deliverey it was well worth the wait.

3 weeks ago
Laura Wilson Recommends IN THE NEW AGE

I cant recomend IN THE NEW AGE enough! Quite professional I will say.

4 weeks ago
Sarah King Recommends IN THE NEW AGE

The lane master machine wasnt going to be shipped for about 4 months after we ordered it, however, we got it only 6 weeks after placing an order.

4 weeks ago
Marlene Gentry Recommends IN THE NEW AGE

We ordered the Lane Master arcade bowling machine and the entire family loves it. The delivery place unpacked it and delivered it into our basement.

4 weeks ago
Sheri Butler Recommends IN THE NEW AGE

Hey james, the QRS pemf 101 mat was delivered the other day and it is fabulous! I have been using it once a day for 20 minutes just as you recommended. It has helped the pain in my neck, back and shoulders by 80% or more!

1 year ago
Sourov Klein Recommends IN THE NEW AGE

My slot machine and my STINGER VP-DX virtual pinball machine was delivered last week, and it is everything as advertised. This is a good company; I will tell everybody on Facebook about this place.

1 year ago
Derek Donaldson Recommends IN THE NEW AGE

I absolutely love me new Healthline PEMF mattress. It helps me with my arthritis, and I use it to help me meditate once every night. Mine has PEMF, photon, and healing stones.

1 year ago
Laura White Recommends IN THE NEW AGE

We received a sit-down arcade game that included over 4000 arcade games in it. It has Pacman, Mr. Do (The wife’ favorite), and 100’s of 80’s, 90’s fighting video games. Pleased with my purchase.

2 years ago
Eric Daniels Recommends IN THE NEW AGE

Hey, if you are like me and you absolutely hate using credit cards, this company let me pay for my Rock-Ola jukebox using my own personal check over the phone. Also, they gave me a 3% discount for NOT using a credit card. Smart idea!

2 years ago
Christopher Diaz Recommends IN THE NEW AGE

Thanks jimmy at ITNA! My new Racing Cade arcade racer was delivered, and the family will not let me play it. Got all the classics like, San Francisco Rush - Extreme Racing, Cruisin USA, Hang On, and Pole Position. You DA Man!

2 years ago
Herbert Anderson Recommends IN THE NEW AGE

My IGT I-Game slots arrived the other day and it is super clean. If you recall I am the guy who ordered 2 of them, one with DaVinci, the other with Rich Uncle. Nice.

2 years ago
Daniel Swett Recommends IN THE NEW AGE

Hey james, sales manager, what is taking my Stinger VP pinball machine so long? Let me know when it is shipping, no prob bro!

2 years ago
Stephen Thompson Recommends IN THE NEW AGE

Absolutely mint experience. Only annoying bit is having to wear a mask the entire time unless drinking or eating. Still worth it for the fun!

2 years ago
Eva S. Swain Recommends IN THE NEW AGE

I was shopping for a virtual pinball machine with 4K and a 49-inch LCD playfield. After looking around, ITNA had the best pinball at the best price. Thanks

2 years ago
Charles Brown Recommends IN THE NEW AGE

My slot machine was delivered and has absolutely no instructions with it. What is do hard about including instructions?

2 years ago
Kathy Curtis Recommends IN THE NEW AGE

This company advertises the lowest prices on Rockola jukeboxes I have ever seen. So, I could not help my self as I knew it was time to order one. And it is absolutely STUNNING to look at the bubbles and listen to its amazing quality of sound. Happy!

2 years ago
Lynda Cobbins Recommends IN THE NEW AGE

The guy there sales James is kind of rude and unfriendly. Do not ask for him to help you with anything. Ask for Jimmy, John or Jose.

2 years ago
Monique Chengue Recommends IN THE NEW AGE

Hey ITNA, I am still waiting for my 5700 in one arcade game. The kids are driving me crazy. Hurry up man. Just kidding everyone. This is my third time buying from this place and they are awesome!

2 years ago
Amelia Rose Recommends IN THE NEW AGE

Thanks for the wonderful pinball machine and outstanding customer service.

2 years ago
Lynda Llew Recommends IN THE NEW AGE

I purchased a game from and the IN THE NEW AGE. It is a Cocktail game with around 3000 games on it. My boys and I are playing it like crazy and enjoying it so much. I highly recommend working with the company IN THE NEW AGE. They are very professional and very quick to answer any questions I had.

2 years ago
Greenwood Joanne Recommends IN THE NEW AGE

The 5700 In 1 arcade pedestal will be the life of the party this Christmas.

2 years ago
RK John Recommends IN THE NEW AGE

I was sold on this company from all the positive reviews on Trustpilot and Google.

2 years ago
Donald Stiven Recommends IN THE NEW AGE

My Bally Game King slot machine was delivered a few weeks back and it has helped me fight the urge to stay away from those filthy covid casinos and boats.

2 years ago
William Robinson Recommends IN THE NEW AGE

The live video chat helped me make my purchasing decision because I Was able to see the salesman face to face, what a great idea.

2 years ago
Peter Claypoole Recommends IN THE NEW AGE

I am familiar with this company. I had purchased from them before. I was incredibly pleased with their products and service. No regrets!

2 years ago
Cheryl Peden Recommends IN THE NEW AGE

I ordered a BLACK DIAMOND VP virtual pinball with I think 1400 games or something like that. I will say the pinball games look so real that I forget it is a virtual simulation of the original solid-state pinballs. Thanks.

2 years ago
Robert Akridge Recommends IN THE NEW AGE

If anyone is looking for the best deal on an arcade game or a jukebox, but from this company. I have one of their arcades and am thrilled to death.

2 years ago
Tonya Jones Recommends IN THE NEW AGE

My total experience was awesome!!! The team at In the New Age answered every question I had. Ordering online presence many trust issues, however, after speaking to Jim and Joe, I felt good about my purchase. I recommend anyone wanting some gaming experience to feel comfort and confidence in the team at In the New Age. The Dream Team!!! Thanks for making this a great experience.

2 years ago
Noah Williams Recommends IN THE NEW AGE

To think I came so close to shelling out over $6500 for s similar pinball form another place. This company sold me a STINGER VP pinball with 49” giant playfield, and real 4K lcd.

2 years ago
Kelly Velasquez Recommends IN THE NEW AGE

How interesting, I just seen a similar review and ITNA accepting payments like checky-by-phone. They let me buy an arcade machine and I too saved some money. Talk about a good idea!

2 years ago
Raymond Delgadillo Recommends IN THE NEW AGE

I made a rather large purchase for $14,500. Buy but credit card has a $5000 limit. The good news is I was able to pay with an E-check, and it saved me 3%, about $435! Why hasn’t any other companies like ITNA thought about such a great idea?

2 years ago
Josephine Ortiz Recommends IN THE NEW AGE

I placed my order through the online shopping cart. I am a website technical engineer so I know what safe and secure. Ant IN THE AGE uses highly encrypted technology and kept my credit card info secure.

2 years ago
Lena Johnson Recommends IN THE NEW AGE

The wife and I made our buying decision from all the wonderful reviews I had seen online. It is all true. Great arcade machines, jukeboxes, and slots!

2 years ago
Tammy Constant Recommends IN THE NEW AGE

I own a few rental cabins in Tennessee. I purchased a 3500 in one sit-down game from each of them and I will say it get people to rent my cabins so much faster. Great return on the investment!

2 years ago
Melisida Cherry Recommends IN THE NEW AGE

We bought a couple arcade 1-ups online from a place. And opened the box and they are total garbage. So instead we took the garbage back and bought a real arcade game from ITNA. NICE machine!

2 years ago
Nicole Jonse Recommends IN THE NEW AGE

The place is also lined with arcade games that really take one back. Our cashier was infectiously friendly and didn't hesitate to recommend some fun two-player games for my friend and me. He seemed super knowledgable which was helpful since we hadn't heard of many of the games they had in stock. In all, a great place to spend a day indoors and hang with friends (which for many winter day is perfect).

2 years ago
George Jeacob Recommends IN THE NEW AGE

The table was large enough for our group of 6, you get enough privacy despite it being packed, and the amount of games and arcades available is enormous. I only wish the food seemed better, or existed at all. For a Saturday they were out of a lot of options by noon. The regular coffee however was decent, fresh, and not expensive, which is a big bonus for a caffeine fan like me.

2 years ago
Rose Ann Recommends IN THE NEW AGE

Great place to grab a beer and nerd out to endless board games and old arcade games. They arent overpriced and vibe was good

2 years ago
Mary Joy Recommends IN THE NEW AGE

This is the place to go when you're feeling more of a chill night in Cap Hill rather than going to a bar or a club.

2 years ago
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