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Matt Karr was very thorough. Checking every single little thing that could easily be checked. The part that disappointed me, is the way Heartland Inspections consistently reminds me that the inspection is incomplete. At the beginning of every section of the report I am told how the report is actually fairly insufficient. In the line items I am often told to "consult a professional". In most cases this makes sense, but in some of them I am thinking 'well that sounds like something you could very easily test, why not just check it instead of telling me that it isn't part of the test'. I understand and respect that you want to be as up front and transparent in your limitations as possible, but the agreement I signed with you before beginning should have covered that and being reminded over and over only serves to lessen the perceived value the report as a whole. To be clear, Matt did a great job... I think its the Heartland Inspection policies and standard review templates that are getting in the way. Oh and by the way... this review may not include everything and if you'd like a really thorough review of your services or Matt you should consult a professional. :eyeroll:

-- Aaron H

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