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3515 Humboldt Ave S #1
Minneapolis, MN 55408
United States

gave Heartland Inspections 4 stars


Overall I am happy with the inspection and the level of detail that was taken to inspect the home. I was not able to be present for the inspection and there were a few items on the report where there was obviously great detail taken in the inspection but that detail was not translated into the report. There were a couple instances where the language was a bit vague in describing a deficiency or a recommendation for the home. In these instances it would be nice to have more specific pictures. A couple examples would be on the report there was a description of a temporary extension cord being used where permanent wiring should be used. I would have liked a better description of the location and a picture. I also would have liked to have a description of which one of the ceiling fans in the house was hanging below 7 feet, as that was mentioned but not specifically included in the report. There was also a picture showing a history of water damage to the deck of the roof over the garage. It was near the chimney but there was no mention of whether or not the chimney flashing was installed and sealed properly. I would have liked to see a picture or a description of that as well. Since I was not able to be present for the inspection it was difficult for me to fully understand some of these problems or concerns that were found without more pictures or detailed descriptions. Again, overall the inspection report was well done and clearly the inspector was as thorough as possible when examining the home.

-- Nicholas V

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