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I just want to say what a wonderful company this is. I love calling and speaking with the customer service reps because they provide great information and they help me with anything I need every time I call. THANK YOU ALL FOR HELPING ME....

Bobby Dixon gave Pharm Origins a 5 star Review on Google

I have read a few of these reviews and these people just sound old and bitter ! I have been ordering from pharm origins for about 6 months now. when i first started ordering they did call and leave messages about other sals. I called and spoke to a nice lady and I have not received another marketing call till this day. their products have been working great for me i love the conolidine 1 and the nutra igf1. as for the customer service it is by far above and beyond my son recently passed away and they sent flowers,...

dd anderson gave Pharm Origins a 5 star Review on Google

it is too early to tell how effective it will be,but please lay off the high pressure sales i will continue to evaluate


WE are VERY pleased with all of their products & they POSITIVELY prove great results.


I just received my 1st order of Conolidine from Pharm Origins. OH MY GOSH!!!!!! ONE DOSE!!!! I was diagnosed with RA and unspecified Autoimmune 14 years ago. I am allergic to most all RA meds. I have to deal with RA pain 24/7/365 with Tylenol. ONE DOSE of Conolidine and my KNEE PAIN GONE!!! I ... See More


Conolidine is a hit. Stops my pain fast and keeps it gone for hours. Thank you.


I liked the write up and the whole report! I decided to buy!


of its reliability

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