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I needed to get 0% business credit. Bianca Riviera and Fund and Grow did pretty much everything on their own, to get me $45,000 of 0% business credit in just 1 round so far!
They are by far the best customer service in the funding game. I've tried working with many other companies. Nobody compares a... See More


Wow, I just got $45,000 of 0% business credit thru Fund and Grow in just 1 round so far. I had amazing customer service thru Bianca Riviera! She handled basically everything, and answered my questions quickly. This company is awesome. Thanks...

A.J. Lauer recommends Fund&Grow on Facebook

I sought Fund and Grow's services to help get business credit for my mom.
With the help of All-star Account Specialist, Bianca Riviera, my mom was able to get $45,000 of 0% business credit!
She was very helpful thru the whole process!
Excellent communication thru texts, emails, and calls.
She answered my several dozen questions thru the whole process.
If anyone is ever considering using Fund and Grow's services, go for it! You will have the help of Bianca or one of their other dozens of helpful reps.
I've spoke to...

Anthony Lauer gave Fund&Grow a 5 star Review on Google

Fund&Grow got me an outstanding amount of business credit!
This was the amount in the secound batch. $93K in 2 days!
Check it out the overall amount was $199K

HomeStreet Bank: Approved for $10K.
Citi: Approved for $10,500.
Bank of America: Approved for $10,500.
Columbia Bank: Approved for $15K.
American Express: Approved for $18K.
Chase: Approved for $29K.

Credit Obtained this Batch: $93K, with $199K overall!

Thank you Zac!...

Monica gave Fund&Grow a 5 star Review on Google

We would definitely recommend Fund and Grow. Christopher Boorman was our account rep. Great communications, always willing to answere our questions. We were able to obtain a significant amount of credit for our business!...

yvonne mikula gave Fund&Grow a 5 star Review on Google

We would highly recommend Fund and Grow. Christopher Boorman was our account representative. He obtained us a significant amount of credit in a short amount of time. He was responsive and always willing to answer our questions....

Yvonne Mikula recommends Fund&Grow on Facebook

I have lost alot Investing with 2 different platform, with no positive returns. I Came across Alot of investors reviews, and testimonies talking about Mrs SUZANNE WOODSHARE and her platform here on these page. I was feeling reluctant contacting her, but with my first text to her and how she replied me. Gave me full confidence of earning well with her platform. Started my trade and began to monitor how the signal reads my self from the first day I turned in my laptop band logged in my account, I was... Read More...

Zainabu Juma recommends Fund&Grow on Facebook

These is my little way of showing appreciation to the most recommended expert trader on Facebook, in crypto/forex BITCOIN trade. Investing $700 and got a profit of $9,500 is something I never expected, as I watch my Profit high In my wallet while the trading and mining process was going on in my wallet. A very big thank you to Ma'am Suzanne woodshare for your diligent work in my trading account. I strongly recommend her.
Contact her via WhatsApp: +14436463298...

Jazirah Mohamedi recommends Fund&Grow on Facebook

Jose Esparra did a good job during the application and negotiation process. He was very professional and responsive to my questions and requests. He kept me apprised of the decisions made on the credit card applications and followed up immediately with the banks to begin negotiations. Although the process took longer than expected (due to COVID), I really appreciate his work and efforts during these unprecedented times when banks have tightened their credit criteria. Thank you Jose and I look forward to the 2nd...

Samuel Sarmiento gave Fund&Grow a 4 star Review on Google

Jose Esparra did a good job during the application and negotiation process. He was very professional and responsive to my questions and requests. He kept me apprised of the decisions made on the credit card applications and followed up immediately with the banks to begin negotiations. Although th... See More


Financial freedom broken down into the simple, straightforward principle that really moves the needle. Great stuff and mindset investing in crypto/forex trade with the most profitable and recommended investment platform and account manager, MRS SUZANNE WOODSHARE. Started my trade with a minimum Investment of $500 after 6 days of successful trading and mining in my account I earned a profit of $5,550 and made my withdrawal successfully directly to my bank account, then I gave back 10% from my Profit... Read More...

Anna William recommends Fund&Grow on Facebook

I really enjoy working with Fund & Grow, and have had a very positive experience. My Account Specialist, John Madison, was particularly well-informed, easy to work with, and helped me to understand the process and benefits of taking specific actions along the way. Very highly recommend.


Denise Pacheco, Christy Banks and the whole Team was a great to work with !! do yourself a favor and ask for Denise to do your negotiations . The company service in general is very professional and great to work with!!!...

Yoana Petit gave Fund&Grow a 5 star Review on Google

Was very happy with my Fund & Grow experience. Denise Pacheco was wonderful to deal with. She has the knowledge and experience that you want and need in the type of venture. She's very responsive and helpful. I highly recommend working with her. The entire process was easy and painless. This is a great company with great people....

Deb Salmon recommends Fund&Grow on Facebook

Denise was great to work with. She was always professional, responsive and willing to explain every aspect of the procedure. Highly recommend her!...

Deb S-B gave Fund&Grow a 5 star Review on Google

It was a pleasure to work with Bianca at Fund and Grow. She was nice, professional and easy to get in contact. Although I have excellent credit, F&G suggested that I get more personal credit in the 1st round. Since majority of my credit history are from joint accounts with my husband, they advised I need to build more personal history. In the 2nd round they will work on business credit, which should occur in a few months. So far, I'm happy with how quick Bianca was able to help me get approved for 4 personal...

Joanna King gave Fund&Grow a 5 star Review on Google

Trading and investing $500 in crypto/forex (Bitcoin) trade to earn $7000 is something I never expected after seeing many recommendation here on facebook and instagram . A big thank you to you Mrs Suzanne woodshare on your good skill of mining and trading in my account. Your professionalism, genuine kindness, bluntness and diligence made me wished I had known about you earlier from the Tfirst moment I decided to trade. Never the less am. Grateful!
Contact her via Whatsap: +14436463298...

Yotz Msanjila recommends Fund&Grow on Facebook

Am so happy to tell you that after reading all reviews and recommendation here on Facebook and finance pages about ma'am suzanne woodshare. She helped earn good profit in a week that, I am grateful for. My most joy is that I have finally found the best, Trusted and legit expert trader to trust with my money to invest with even if it in my own wallet. I found her almost at the point of giving up on trading because of scammers, but you proved you where different, and i am most grateful, I invested $500... Read More...

Chriss Kalinga recommends Fund&Grow on Facebook

I read alot of recommendation on Facebook and Instagram about Ma'am suzanne woodshare. I'm leaving it ethusiastic about crypto/forex binary, I associated with the correct and legit crypto/forex account manage. She encourage, guided and thought me all I needed to know in trading. Got my Profit of and made a withdrawal of $7400 with simply $800 after seven days of successful trading for me. Mrs Suzanne woodshare you are extremely wonderful, met a recommendation here and I firmly suggest her... Read More...

Sesilia Hilali Mrope recommends Fund&Grow on Facebook

Been following this page for a while now and it has definitely inspired me to take a leap of faith and give it my all!...

Misty Cameron recommends Fund&Grow on Facebook

Fund and Grow was a great company to work with for a couple of reasons. Their staff was quick to respond to my questions. They got me exactly what I wanted. They provided a lot of information about the credit system that I previously did not know about. John Madison at Fund and Grow handled my accou... See More


John Madison at Fund and Grow gave my company a financial boost. He helped me secure business credit that allowed my to expand my business operations. He was professional and quick to respond when I needed his service....

lyford morris gave Fund&Grow a 5 star Review on Google

Really good and fast option to access to some money. Highly recommended. The only thing, you should improve communication between account managers and clients.


An AWESOME Company that produced 80k+ in business funding, where I am able to implement in my business daily.
Two Thumbs All 👍The 👍 Way UP!...

Dean Haider gave Fund&Grow a 5 star Review on Google

Want to say a Big Thanks to Mss Veronica Purdy from Fund and Grow because I have a great experience working with her, Mss Veronica was so professional and very talented on understand first my needs and then my goals and work so hard to help me to accomplish it on the first step to get a short term loan to pay and lower my credit card balances, in order to get ready my Business credit card applications;
I highly recommend to Mss Veronica Purdy as a Professional Loan Specialist!...

Juan Uribe gave Fund&Grow a 5 star Review on Google

I want to commend Veronica Purdy for her warm personality and professionalism working with my account. She is highly knowledgeable about the entire credit/loan process and will always take the time to answer all your questions!

It is a pleasure working with her because she really cares about your case and is interested in the success of you getting the highest credit lines possible. Wayne Wakefield...

Wayne Wakefield recommends Fund&Grow on Facebook

Fund and Grow is a great company that help big or small businesses owner obtain business lines of credit (credit cards) which transactions will not show on your personal credit report. I'm very happy with the results i have been getting ☺....

Ruddy Garcia gave Fund&Grow a 5 star Review on Google

They’ve been very helpful Thru the whole process. Even before signing up. Perfect customer service.

Marty Banks answered all my questions very clearly and fully thru phone calls & emails. He’s a great asset to a great program.

It’s awesome they do a lot of the actual work for the clients. Most companies just submit applications for you & that’s it.

I’m thankful I found Fund and Grow...

A.J. Lauer recommends Fund&Grow on Facebook

I worked with Sabrina at Fund & Grow for financing and she was phenomenal! She went above and beyond. She was able to secure much more than I needed. She was responsive, had great follow-up and always spoke with a smile in her voice. Stupendous experience and service!...

Shataun Rogers recommends Fund&Grow on Facebook

They are knowledgeable and even though we were dealing with Covid delays, the initial results were as advertised. Thanks John Madison!...

Cesar Rojas recommends Fund&Grow on Facebook

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