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Great team they provided access to over $50,000 within 30 days. ... See More


I enlisted the services of Fund & Grow several months ago with much skepticism, but I was referred from a company that specializes in business acquisitions as well as business funding. My skepticism quickly dissipated as I saw the credit cards flow in...and I got the exact amount of funding that was... See More


John Madison was a pleasure to work with. He was always very responsive and informative with the whole first round of funding. I can’t wait to work with him on the second round.... See More


Sabrina at Fund and Grow was able to get me $80,500 in 0% credit for my business. The process was quick and easy. Sabrina was excellent to work with!... See More


I cannot say enough about the Fund and Grow program! It has worked wonders in helping kickstart my real estate investing business. Within 12 months, my total credit gained is $159,000 in two batches! Special thanks to Jason Alonso and all his hard work in making this happen. He made the process... See More


Fund and grow team have been and still working with to build my credit as well as my wife. Their customer service and team members are So Awesome. My client relations person Darion Hunter has been been amazing to work with as well as Sabrina.
This is such a cool concept and have been telling my fam... See More


I worked with Jason Alonso with Fund&Grow. He got me $50200.00 for my business in less than a month. Thank you Jason.... See More


Fund & Grow is everything I was promised. Being an owner of several businesses it was the exact solution I was looking for!
I was able to access credit lines within days of the Fund&Grow team engaging for me. Jason was a wonderful funding expert and help walk me through the entire process seamle... See More


Started process nd Jason All so helped mme with all questions I had initially. It was informative and I decided to move forward. Funding process was very quick and concise which I liked. I received approvals and credit within 2 weeks or so of starting. I did not lift a finger in process accept initi... See More


My name is Anthony and I had great experience with Fund & Grow with the gentlemen by the name of Jason to help me obtain over 36,000 dollars with my business credit on my first round. I highly recommend anyone to have Jason to help you from this company. He has always answered all my calls when ne... See More


It has been a great and easy experience working with the team at Fund & Grow. Donna was a huge help during each and every step. Thank you for everything you do.... See More


Fund and grow, Fund and grow, Fund and grow, fund and grow not only gave me the confidence i really needed to take the chance to get 0% interest free credit cards to help grow my business they also gave me all the support on a daily basis to help me feel truly like i finally have a team behind me al... See More


I was starting a new business and needed access to $50k without having to pull from investments or savings. Jason helped me get access to over 100k! I got the 50k I needed and with zero interest with a time frame that will allow me to pay it all back without interest, or it cramping my cash flow. ... See More


I had a great experience working with Michael and the team at Fund & Grow. They helped me get business lines of credit in the amount of $68,200. Thanks much for your help because it's really appreciated!... See More


Service has been great, friendly and knowledge staff. Well done Jason. ... See More


Our experience was nothing short of incredible! Donna was both pleasant and knowledgeable she was instrumental in getting us the money we needed to fund our business! Thank you Donna it was wonderful working with you!... See More


My experience with Fund and Grow has been nothing but great! I heard about Fund and Grow through Clayton Morris' podcast Investing In Real Estate. Everything that was p[romised has been delivered. I was able to get $80,500 in biz credit at 0% in my first round of funding! It took only about a month.... See More


Ryan Fuller was my consultant with Fund &Grow. He was very helpful and efficient. I would definitely recommend him and like to continue working with him in the future. See More


Would like to give a very big THANK YOU to the Fund and Grow team, specifically Ms. Darrian Hunter, for working so hard and diligently with me. The journey has been quite a long one. It been nearly a year now since being first introduced to Fund and Grow. For the past few years I was focused on the... See More


I am very pleased with Fund & Grow's program and ability to provide me with credit lines for our business! To date, they have obtained $84,000 in credit, and I just received another business credit card with a $17,000 credit. This totals $101,000 so far, and its not over yet! We have used this 0% cr... See More


I was totally amazed at the amount of money I received in the first round of funding. Michael worked hard to get the most out of every card he was able to secure for me and my business (56,300.00). I would definitely recommend Fund & Grow to any one looking to fund their business.... See More


Hi, I have been working with Bianca at Fund & Grow for a couple of months now and she has done amazing things helping me to raise business capital. I had full disclosure prior to signing anything or giving out any information. I knew all the costs, all the possibilities including the possible hit ... See More


John Madison & Donna Fuller were wonderful to work with. After getting off to a rocky start due to miscommunication before working with them, they were very solid about keeping after the banks... and me! The reason for not giving 5 stars: the difficulty in converting credit into cash. Also, using mu... See More

I signed up with Fund & Grow at the beginning of May 2018 with credit scores of 785-803. By the beginning of July, I had been approved for 4 new credit cards with a total credit limit of $29,000.00 (one of those was for my newly established business). They ALL have 0% interest for purchases and balance transfers for 12-15 months. Although I had naturally hoped for more $$, I am satisfied with my first round of funding and expect to receive much more when we proceed with my next round. I am also happy with their level of communication. My representative, Bianca Rivera, is very thorough with her instructions and very quick to respond to my questions. She has kept me fully informed on actions she has taken on my behalf and the results. If you have a LOT of time, a LOT of patience, and a LOT of experience and knowledge of the nuances of the credit bureaus and credit card companies, there is no doubt you can do what F&G does. But why in the world would you? They have been able to do what would unquestionably take me much longer with undoubtedly more headaches - and their fee is tax deductible as training/education costs. F&G is the real deal (not sleazy operators) and well worth the investment, IMHO.

SLD gave Fund&Grow a 5 star review

Fund&Grow has been awesome with helping me get funding for personal credit. My husband signed up together a little skeptical but my credit card rep Bianca Rivera was able to get me 18k in personal credit and I am looking forward to the next steps of obtaining business credit. I ask allot of questions, and she answers in a timely manner. The whole team who is working on my account have been so helpful and wonderful along the way. My husband is also working with Fund&grow and we are waiting for his personal and business credit card totals. If you are looking to expand your business or get started with funding, this is an option I recommend. They guide you along the way. This is a team I am happy to have on my side.

Cynthia Nieto gave Fund&Grow a 5 star review

I would just like to say that working with Fund&Grow has been incredible. My financial Consultant has been top notch. She has been courteous, professional, and transparent through the whole process. This company is so easy to work with, I could not be happier. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to expand their ability to grow financially. F&G has a great funding program, that is easy to understand, and they are hands-on when questions arise. I am looking forward to a long working relationship with them for future endeavors.

Migwakole Iya gave Fund&Grow a 5 star review

I am SO incredibly grateful for the Fund & Grow team, and especially Sabrina, who was able to get me $28,000 in additional credit! I am only 25 and have my own business, so oftentimes I am not taken seriously in the business world by individuals with "real" capital. This secured funding is very beneficial for me and will open the door to additional opportunities I did not have before. I no longer have to rely on my old ways and means to invest in my business. I cannot thank Sabrina and the rest of the Fund & Grow team enough for working so diligently and ensuring that I receive that highest amount of credit possible. I would 10000% recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a unique way to obtain funding. They are knowledgable, hard-working, and responsive individuals who are here to help anyone and everyone needing capital without going to a large bank! Thank you again!!

Hannah B. gave Fund&Grow a 5 star review

I had an absolutely awesome experience with Fund & Grow. My account specialist, was extremely helpful in walking me through the process. He was able to get me $55,800 in funding at 0% interest. He kept me updated on the status for each business credit line app. A superb person to work with. My credit line was available for use in less than 2 weeks. I was shocked! Now I will be able to begin shopping for deals thanks him and the Fund & Grow Team. To anyone who's on the fence about this, get off the fence and Take Action with Fund & Grow!!!

Melvin Worthy gave Fund&Grow a 5 star review

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