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I have been working with Fund and Grow for nearly a year now. I have acquired $65,500 in business credit so far through their program. They work with you every step of the way and let you know what you need to do on your end. Communication and follow up are outstanding. I highly recommend working wi... See More


My Name Is Edward Zamarripa
Entrepreneur / Business Credit
Fund&Grow is most definitely a life changer depending upon whatever your direction maybe in your life. Thanks to Fund&Grow my business is getting the attention it deserves rather than me using my own personal credit. Which so happens to be... See More


I must say that Fund and Grow proved me wrong. There are many companies out there claiming that they can get you $50k in business credit and they charge 8%-20% for any funding that the client receives. Fund and Grow will allow you to pay an upfront fee in which I was happy with. I was able to get ov... See More


Never in my wildest dreams would I believe that Cristina could get so much funding in such a short time! Hooray, I love it! I can not wait to see what the next 6 months holds. This will help me get my business up and running. Thank you so much Fund and Grow and Cristina. I look forward to a long las... See More


I had worked for years to establish my own business credit with little success. Fund&Grow has had helped me establish $42,000 in credit in a very short time, 6 months. On top of that, the staff is always helpful and was always willing to professionally and effectively answer all my questions... an... See More


My wife and I have been customers of Fund & Grow for several months now and we have been very pleased with their service. They helped us secure over $100,000.00 in credit in our first round. The information they provide is very helpful and informative. Donna has been great about keeping in touch wit... See More


So far in the first round of personal credit, I have received 5 cards and have a total of $22,000. I am quite excited to see what the next round brings and that it will absolutely increase from where the total is so far. Well worth the money I paid to get involved. I am really looking forward to get... See More


I have been in business for over 25 years and heard about Fund & Grow through a webinar promoted by David Fagan of The Icon Builder. I was looking for funds for expansion and signed up to see how much Fund & Grow could obtain for me, as it would free me from the negotiations. I was amazed that withi... See More


Christina Herrera has been an absolute joy to work with! On the first round she was able to obtain $39000.00 in funding for me. She did this even with 8 inquiries on
my credit (Thanks to a car dealership). I look forward to working with Christina and the rest of the crew on the next batch! I'm so i... See More


Fund&Grow has been instrumental in capital acquisition for my business. Within a few weeks I was able to get enough capital to purchase needed equipment and meet working capital requirements. I recommend F&G for your funding needs. ... See More


I recently discovered fund and grow from a partner I am involved with in real estate investing. They are an outstanding company who refreshingly did everything they promised with ease and in record time. They help me acquire a $51,000 credit line with 0% APR in just a few short weeks and they are ... See More


Working with Fund & Grow was very easy. John & Zack were very quick to respond to all my questions and within 2 weeks of my initial consultation I was contacted by three lenders approving me for lines of credit for my new company. In less than one month from my first on-line Fund & Grow webinar I ha... See More


Account Managers John Madison and Cristina Herrera and the rest of the Fund & Grow team were able to secure over $145,000 in business credit for my wife and I in just the first 30 days of our membership! If you are in need of a large amount of low-cost credit to fund your business growth, then I hig... See More


A good friend told me about Fund&Grow and I am so happy I did. As a graduate student in a doctorate program, I thought it would be nearly impossible to get approved for credit, something I will need to start a business when I'm ready to open a practice. Not only will I be able to open a practice, bu... See More


Great Work! I have received MUCH credit from Fund and Grow and now can grow my business. Thank you!... See More


Professional Service. Very responsive and overall did a great job in getting funding for both me and my wife ! I would highly recommend Fund and Grow to people who haven't used it !... See More


The experience I had with Fund and Grow was amazing. I was wanting to expand the business line and was looking for ways to bundle some annoying debt into a more consolidated means. To do that, I need to have the necessary funding to allow this but keep it in a business account. I was hesitate at fir... See More


I signed up with Fund and Grow a little over 2 months ago. So far, I have received $80,000 in business credit, all with 0% introductory offers.
I am very pleased with my consultant, John Madison. He is professional, knowledgeable and quickly answers all of my questions. And he provides the info... See More


Very happy with their services. They did a great job. Thank you... See More


Great service. Did everything they promised and kept me abreast throughout the procedure. Also answered any questions I had immediately. Highly recommend them.... See More


My first batch was finished and I received $21,500. It wasn't easy since I had inquiries and negative remarks on my credit report. Michael, Ryan, Crystal and their team worked very hard to negotiate and get me my first round of credit of $21,500. I look forward working with you all on my next batch.... See More


Fund & Grow is Amazing ! In just 3 weeks of signing up I received $85,000 in credit and we are going for more in a few months. Anthony Ford is very knowledgeable and has help me very much through the process. Highly recommend this for anyone who is still debating on it. Thank you!... See More


Fund & Grow was able to get me $26,700 in credit lines at 0% interest which I've already been able to use to start growing my business. Anthony Ford was a great help, professional, and an all around cool guy.... See More


Fantastic service, thank you Fund&Grow for helping us with our credit. Now we can make better decisions to make our business more successful.... See More


Thank you to John Madison and Fund and Grow who worked on obtaining $39000 in lines of credit for me and my new non profit We Serve Moms Inc. I would not be able to proceed without their help.
Sincerely Pete Gurdal... See More


Donna Fuller has been a great help in securing $53,500 of credit at 0% interest on the first round on my behalf. I'm looking forward to see what the second round will bring. ... See More


I am impressed with the knowledge and professionalism demonstrated working with Fund&Grow... John Madison did an excellent job with communication and setting expectations. Great company with Great people!!... See More


Just a few words to share my experience with Fund & Grow and, specifically, Anthony Ford. I learned about Fund & Grow through my real estate investor, mentor and coach, Mitch Stephen. I then proceeded to sign up for a consultation. After approximately three weeks, Anthony was able to negotiate credi... See More


John Madison was my consulting specialist. He worked diligently through getting me $123,000 with 0% interest on my credit to date. Extremely pleased and would recommend this route to obtain capital to anyone looking for free money! ... See More


A friend mentioned Fund and Grow would help me overcome my hurdle of growth based on the need of capital. At first, I was skeptical a company would actually provide so much value based on my unique objective. Within 2 weeks , I approximately received about $30,000 in business credit. I highly re... See More


Fund&Grow obtained $66,000 in business credit in 60 days. They are working now to increase my credit limit. I am very satisfied with service provide Fund&Grow and Michael Richards my consulting specialist. This credit assistance has been very helpful in expanded my business portfolio. I have rec... See More


I signed up with Fund and Grow after participating in a conference call sponsored by a group I belong to. All representatives and personnel that we've dealt with have been professional and knowledgeable. In less than one month we have gotten funding to allow us to begin building our company. We ... See More


Donna and Lisha were the an awesome team and extremely instrumental in getting me over $35k in business credit in just my first round. The entire process was about 2 months which was amazing to me. Great communication, consistent follow up and always a pleasure to speak to. Thanks CreditCardBuilders... See More


Fund & Grow is an excellent program to invest in for business credit. The staff is very professional, and they are prompt at getting you business credit. Within 35 days I received a total of 46,300 dollars in credit. Thanks Fund & Grow.... See More


I was introduced to Fund & Grow by a friend that knew I was planning to start a new business and expand a existing business. He also knew that I was looking for low interest business funding but I didn't have a clue as to where to turn. What he told me about F&G, I couldn't /wouldn't believe it so... See More


Very happy with the level of service of Fund & Grow. They've been very responsive to any questions or concerns I had. When I signed up for the year membership I was a bit skeptical but to my surprise, just on the first batch they got me $55,500 of funding and there's more to come! This funding wi... See More


It was great working with Ashley. She was patient with me and very helpful with answering my questions. She helped raise $39k for my business in about 2 months. This will serve well as I expand my Rea Estate business and help families afford housing. ... See More


Great people and great company, would like to thank Crystal and Donna for helping us secure the business loans, which I never thought I could do this.
I have repaid some of it now and with 0% APR you have the flexibility tp pay small payments for a while and pay off when it is due.
I would recomm... See More


I'd like to thank Fund & Grow, especially Ashley and Samantha, for their great service and help in obtaining $29k with 0% interest credit in such a short time. I also referred my MIL and they are doing great things for her as well. I am very grateful and looking forward to what's ahead. Thanks ag... See More


Real Deal. Great Service. Great People. Lisha , john b , Crystal , josh , randy , Zac , james , amanda , john r , Ashleigh , Samantha. You Never Seen a Service Like This Team Can Do For You. Do You Need Cash / Business Credit Call Donna Fuller Over At Fun & Grow And Watch Your Line Of Credit Increas... See More


Robert helped us get over 50k unsecured credit with 0% introductory rates. Thanks so much for your help!... See More


Great service. The business credit my partner and i received has been tremendously helpful.... See More


My name is Don Curnes and i have a small business that does marketing and Real Estate Investing. We came across Fund and Grow and after our first round of submittals have $21,500 in funding for the business with four others in the works. Michael has been extremely helpful and easy to work with at Fu... See More


One of the biggest hurdles that my organization faced was obtaining fluid and quick funding. Fund and Grow has assisted in getting beyond that hurdle.
... See More


Robert and the rest of the Fund and Grow team worked to secure $62,000 in business credit within a 4 month time frame.... See More


Fund&Grow got me $115,000 in 0% business credit in just weeks! They were responsive and thorough. I can not say enough great things about my experience. ... See More


I would like to thank those staff from Fund and Grow, namely Lisha Weaver, Donna Fuller, and Crystal Barwick for raising available funds for my business. They started off with a friendly phone consultation, then explained that all my files submitted will be available on my login portal under My C... See More


I can not express enough what Fund and Grow has done to help my company establish business credit of $11,000. It may not seem like a lot but they worked with my credit and kept communicating weekly with me on the 1st round of funding. I'm extreamly happy and look forward to round two funding.
... See More


Crystal has done a wonderful job obtaining me $269k in 0% interest credit! She is great at communicating and following up! Thanks again! ... See More


Through the whole process, the people at Credit Card Builders have been patient, polite, and very informative. I am happy that I had the courage to get over my fears, and open my account with them. I recommend my family, friends, and business associates to move forward with them.... See More


Josh Boloyan has helped me acquire $49,500 in 0% interest credit in the first round of securing credit. He really knows what he is doing. CCB is probably the only trustworthy and reliable company in this field to obtain financial assistance for small businesses.... See More


Awesome group of professionals that have negotiated over $210,000 business lines of credit just our first round. One on one consultations keeping us informed and in the loop. Can't wait to see what's ahead!!... See More


CCB worked fast and efficiently to build over $140k in credit which proved to be rocket fuel for my business. The team is vested in their client's success and couldn't be more impressed with the follow-through.... See More

Easy to use service that got me a lot of funding for my Mobil detailing business. I am about six months into the program and I am very pleased. Thank you Fund and Grow!

Christopher Schaefer gave Fund&Grow a 5 star review

It was great to work with Fund and Grow. They helped me turn around my credit and get funding for my projects. I want to give a shout out to Crystal and the negotiation staff for being on top of the ball and doing great work.

Dragente gave Fund&Grow a 5 star review

I have used Credit Card Builders for several years. They have always done what they said they would do. They walked me through the quick set up process and then after that, they handled things. I would recommend their services, especially to anyone needing extra capital.

Dusty Rollins gave Fund&Grow a 5 star review

I joined Credit Card Builders (CCB) at the end of Feb 2015. In the first round of credit negotiations, CCB was able to obtain $95,000 in business credit for me in about 45 days. All of the credit is at 0% interest for the first 6 to 12 months. The staff are very knowledgeable and easy to work with. They are all very nice people, extremely professional, willing to help at any time and are very accessible. Thank you Zac, John, Randy and Chris!

Phil Catalano gave Fund&Grow a 5 star review

Credit Card Builders is the Truth and in my opinion there is no other company that offers comparable services that comes remotely close to their success or their competitive pricing; CCB offers you two programs, one for those who believe in the system and/or have the funds and one for those who may be skeptic and/or don’t have the funds readily available. Either way they eliminate the excuses by providing you a no money down option if you choose and they offer a limited time money back guarantee as well. I make it a point to test, try, and prove any and All products or services that I refer and/or provide to my clients and I have personally utilized several financial products and services from countless providers and so-called “gurus” that make very bold claims and have yet to see any one of them perform as sufficient and efficient as CCB. (IE- Some Minimum Examples: $39k in 30 days, 56k in 3 weeks, $47k in 30 days, $34k in 2 weeks, $27.5k in 45 days, and the list goes on and on) As a matter of fact, if you are considering this type of service then it would be in your best interest to explore your options with CCB directly yourself before hiring another company that may just be the middle man pushing your file to them for the service and charging you double the money to do it. (Yup, I said it!) Keep in mind, you will only get out of it what you put into it meaning; answer the phone, respond to emails, provide documentation timely, update your files when requested, do your due diligence with basic follow up, and simply follow the instructions you are being provided by the support team and the system CCB has in place will do the rest. A sincere thanks to Ari Page, Mike Banks, Lisha Weaver, Crystal Barwick, Donna Fuller, Randy Jackson, Zac Ricci, Amanda Paris, Kevin Majett, and everyone else on the staff that contributes to the success of each file I have submitted.

NewHomeNewStart gave Fund&Grow a 5 star review

Fund and Grow is a great Company. They helped me to obtain over $25,000 in the first round. Anthony Ford is great and very helpful!! I highly recommend him and the company. Soon I will be looking forward to the second round. Thank you!! Gerry Sosa.

Gerardo Sosa gave Fund&Grow a 5 star review

Its Amazing what they do, service and products n all.

Mohd Mian gave Fund&Grow a 5 star review
Retrena Thomas gave Fund&Grow a 5 star review
Lorraine Dawson gave Fund&Grow a 5 star review

Fund and grow has helped me get a great line of credit for my business and the staff were very supportive through the whole thing. Thank you!!

Carissa Medina gave Fund&Grow a 5 star review

l have never see this before any is well put and good.

Eric Otoo gave Fund&Grow a 5 star review

Gotme the resulys I was lookig for me and wife. Just hope that they can continue this !!!

Faisal Harianawalla gave Fund&Grow a 5 star review

I definitely recommend working with Fund & Grow. John Madison was very helpful and responsive throughout the whole process. The funding was quick and easy. Don't hesistate, you will not be disappointed!

Mario Harris gave Fund&Grow a 5 star review

Fund&Grow has been instrumental in capital acquisition for my business. Within a few weeks I was able to get enough capital to purchase needed equipment and meet working capital requirements. I recommend F&G for your funding needs.

Ernesto Bent gave Fund&Grow a 5 star review
Barry White gave Fund&Grow a 5 star review

I just got a very productive call from the Fund&Grow team and I was invited to become an affiliate before I laid down a dime of my own money. This was the most productive business conversation I had all day, and there was absolutely no sense of being rushed or presented with any high pressure sales tactics. I look forward to a long and profitable relationship with this company! (04/04/2017)

Francis Carmody gave Fund&Grow a 5 star review
Robert Skippy Gard gave Fund&Grow a 5 star review
Damian Akeyano Kildare gave Fund&Grow a 4 star review

I can definitely vouch for Fund & Grow. I've been a client since 2014 & I've rcvd a total of $40k+ in credit. They are the real deal!

Tracy A Larkins gave Fund&Grow a 5 star review

Fund & Grow is Amazing ! In just 2 months of signing up I received a great line of credit and we are going for more in a few months. Anthony Ford is very knowledgeable and has help me very much through the process. Highly recommend this for anyone who is still debating on it. Thank you! -- Devon Abbott Satisfied customer

Devon Abbott gave Fund&Grow a 5 star review
Sudie Shabzz gave Fund&Grow a 4 star review
Michael Couture gave Fund&Grow a 5 star review
Pattie Godfrey Sadler gave Fund&Grow a 5 star review

An excellent gain with Fund & Grow's flagship program, Credit Card Builders, has options for businesses with short and long term needs to suite your investment plan for revenue cash flow.

Wendy Jacintha Edwards Victor gave Fund&Grow a 5 star review

It was a great success to work With Fund&Grow very satisfied everyone was very friendly they answer all my questionsand concerns I had. Very happy i received 41,500 in business credit. I definitely recommend thank you. Donna, Samantha, and lisha. FOR all your hard work. Sincerely Maria Cox.

Maria Cox gave Fund&Grow a 5 star review
Margaret Kindel gave Fund&Grow a 5 star review
Napoleon Rosales gave Fund&Grow a 5 star review

That program is unbelievable. You have contact these guys. I m joining them in January. Thanks for the professionalism that you showed me.

Marc Cormier gave Fund&Grow a 5 star review
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