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1146 Venetia Rd
Eighty Four, PA 15330
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I have had them manage my home and business structure for 3 years now . I pay a small monthly fee and for that every month they do a rundown of the interior and exterior property; and if anything needs done they fix or or set a plan in motion to fix it. I do not have the time or skills to do it. I waisted more money calling scammers rather than just using Justin and his team . Matt Simpson is a strong family man who wants me and my family to have more time together. Truth. Dr Ted Steliotes

Steliotes Dental Spa

I don't know if I can be any more blunt than this (I hope it is appreciated) - when I first heard about this service, I passed, I was like - I can do all of this myself....What I will tell you now is that I have been a client for about 6 months and I just wish I would have signed up earlier. I will tell you that now, I can do the parts of home maintenance that I want to do, but can spend more time with my family and not have to tackle those projects, where I literally just do not want to. IT HAS BEEN FANTASTIC. I... Read More

Michael Jennings

Can’t say enough great things about Freedom Home Advantage. They take over the responsibility of maintaining your home on a scheduled monthly visit. They are always on time and it is at your agreed schedule. All the employees are very friendly and knowledgeable. The bonus is the allotted extra time you have each month for items you may have on your to do list.

Darlene Barlow Simpson

Professional, friendly and very easy to work with. Matt is awesome, always on time, and always very helpful.

Denise Wright Anselmino

This team manages my office, my home and now a second investment ! What a relief Freedom Home Advantage does for me! I have referred many friends and associates to them; and everyone is thrilled. With Covid i see my time more valuable; or i should say my free-time with family has become most important to me.

Ted Steliotes

I highly recommend Freedom Home Advantage to do projects or routine maintenance around your house. They always respond quickly, and they are conscientious with their work.

Debbie Barlow Mills

I don't have to worry about home repairs anymore; that is, I know that I can call Freedom Home Advantage, and they will help me. Clarence, the main handyman, is a joy to have working around my home. He is courteous, skilled, and willing to explain home repairs to me.

Marsha Nolf

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