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Having great credit is more important than ever.
But why work with us?

We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee.
We are a company with integrity.
We are very experienced with consumer, business and mortgage credit.


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Kash Lanier

I am happy to write this here because there are many scams out there if you really need help without been scammed as I was scammed this is the right loan company to contact: Email: wernerinvestmentloan.usa@hotmail .com Or you can text me +1 805-335-2307

Betty Rafiq

When I started my credit was in the high 500,’s. Fortress credit pro helped me to get it over 800! Thank you very much for all your help! I will always send people to fortress credit that need help!

Ioannis Nikias Halkias

i have researched nearly every credit repair business on the internet , And my conclusion is Fortress Credit Pro is number #1 , You ask why big companies like Lexington Law rank #1 when You google and on several internet websites its because Lexington Law owns those websites don't be fooled go with the best , Im happy to say that i have partnered with Fortress for all my customers and friends in need of credit repair

Mike J Justice

I just want to say thanks in advance. Fortress credit Pro it’s like an oasis in the middle of the desert. Even though I recently applied for the correction of my credit I’m beginning to see improvements through my Ficoapp and experian. I just want to say once again thanks to all the staff working in Fortress Credit Pro for being so understanding and knowledgeable with my needs in fixing my credit mistakes, God bless you all. I am sure and confident that Fortress is going to excel. God bless you Mr. Lambeth for... Read More

Claudio S. Santos Garcia

my name Phillip Rudolph 509-701-5408

Phillip Rudolph

My credit was a mess. I had made some mistakes and figured there was no way to fix them. I had accepted the fact that my credit would be destroyed for the next 7 years. A friend of mine recommended Fortress Credit Repair. I figured I had nothing to lose. They started handling things, on my credit report, that I didn’t even know were there. I am very happy with the work they have done so far. I know that I will be in my own home in no time.

Renee Gomez

About 3 years ago I requested the help of Rondi and his team to help me with my credit score. It was 500 at the time and I had all the credit card people calling me all the time.

I didn't know exactly how it would work even though they explained it to me , I was hesitant.
The team of experts started working on my report and like magic , bad records started to disappear. I m not kidding it is true!!!

Nothing in life is free and neither is fixing the credit. It was the best gift that I could give to myself. My... Read More

Eunice Shepherd

I have only been using this credit repair company since September 11 and they have already deleted 43% of my bad credit on my report! I highly recommended this company! So excited that I’m bettering my life!

Starla Harris Joslin

Just finished my repair! Here is my score process since the beginning of my repair!

Toya Jo

I had an account with them for a short time...lost communication (that’s on me). I am hoping to pick business up with them again. I now live in Quebec and hope it’s a possibility. I have nothing but respect for this company. In my opinion, Rondi is essentially the only person I’ve seen videos from or read anything to wear one would be absolutely convinced that he knows exactly what he’s talking about. This company is amazing and if your credit is a train wreck, be patient… This company will reassemble the train and the tracks. Amazing all-around, nothing but respect and gratitude.

RA Seven

Im Fredrick Burnside and im new to trying this company but when i talk to someone that work for Fortress they were nice and trueful about what they needed to work on after pulling my credit report and ive tried alot of credit repair companies and they just took my money so im happy to give Fortress a try because you don't pay until you see results!

Daniel Burnside

Fortress Credit Pro is Legit .. They have managed my credit now consecutively for 8 years, never charged me for anything until they achieved results. They do all the work upfront before any billing, I loved this aspect of their customer agreement. There was a small on-boarding fee, yet literally nothing in the light of how detailed they are in their initial approach. The ironic part relationship is the value exchange, I would easily have invested far more than they invoiced me for, they treat all customers equal.... Read More

Mike Calhoun
Chassney Fortress

Fortress is an incredible company!!! They were straightforward, well-priced, and unbelievably friendly. Vanessa is the ABSOLUTEL best! I would recommend them to anyone that is serious about repairing/improving their credit!

Tia Mesha Lovelady
William Bonnell
Gustavo F. Placeres
Laura Kirsch

Everything surrounding my experience with Fortress has been incredible. In addition to generating measurable results, they are extremely professional and informative. Vanessa Smith may be one of the most responsive people on the planet. Not having gone through a process like this before, I asked a lot of questions, sent a lot of emails. Vanessa responded timely to everything and helped me to understand the process. Thank you to Vanessa and everyone at Fortress for their incredible service.

Tony Capullo

When we started I was definitely in the poor credit status rating of 523, three weeks later I was invited to a car dealership to refinance my Honda Civic for lower interest-rate. They asked for my Social Security number and ran my credit and to my surprise came back with a score of 660 offering me a trade-in for a Silverado which I was very happy to except ! I then started receiving letters from the credit bureau‘s stating that a lot of the accounts to my credit has been deleted and now we qualify for the... Read More

Joseph Doucet
Rob Welch

Rondi Lambeth is always giving so much value and he has a extensive amount of knowledge on credit and finances. I highly recommend him and Fortress Credit Pro to help. Thanks Rondi for all the help and continued support.

Joe Jackson
Hayden Schaap

Outstanding company. The owner is very talented and I would highly recommend this company without any hesitation.

Corie Dawson

I finally came up for air after a recent divorce and have some negative items on my credit report. I was reluctant at 1st to pay a company for credit removal and consultation. Realizing after some internet research, that it was well worth the investment, I narrowed down my search to Lexington Law and Fortress Credit Pro. I chose Fortress Credit Pro after the initial consultation because they proved to be a whole lot more knowledgeable than the other company.

In short, after 30 days, my credit score is up 33... Read More

Andrew Delgado

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