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I was so upset with my husband for signing up but WOW am I glad he did. We are closing escrow tomorrow on our home all because Fortress did exactly what they said they would. We couldn't be happier.

Dana Bryant

Hi my name is Charles FORREST I'm here to say so far so good I was in deep deep credit trouble and I got connected to fortress through a company that I was seeking funding from and they recommended fortress to repair my credit score and I did so and they went to work right away from the the time I signed up with them until now my score has gone up just as they promised I'm so glad that I finally found someone who does just what they say they will do.

Charles Forrest

with the help of the excellent team, i went from 640 (AVG) to 720 (AVG). the entire team kept communications going with updates and questions to help out. after setting up your account the process goes from easy to simple. the website team developed a great customer interface.

call them with quesitons, they have LIVE PEOPLE answering phones as well. The case manager Dave, super nice and follows up ASAP!

get yourself and your credit fixed by the pro's that know the law.

no hacks, no posers just answers

Thomas Davis

Fortress credit professionals has had a huge impact on the Bathe to save tour & the aussie Amos family ..... FCP is a gold sponsor of the tour which has literally helped saved many lives & also been a huge part of creating awerness for animal rescue & adoption.... Rondi & Michelle Lambeth (the founders) truly care about helping others first & their commitment to the bathe to save tour is s perfect example. Rondi is extremely personable and the absolute best in the business ..... This bloke &... Read More

Anthony Amos

A trusted source for solid information. Straight talk about credit reports and personal finance.

Mike J Primus

I like fortress because unlike other companies, the actually charge only when an item is removed. No hidden monthly fees or long term contracts. They did exactly what they said they would do, and on too odnthey, I got training on how to add new good items to my credit report. I've gone from 540 to 7... See More


Growing up I knew little to nothing about money or credit. I thought that because I didn't have bad credit or debt that I would automatically have a decent credit score. Man was I wrong. Rondi helped me establish a 720 score in just a few months by following just a few easy steps with his help. Not ... See More


When starting the process of getting my credit fixed I was overwhelmed in medical debt. Thanks to Fortress and Rondi Lambeth's work and guidance my credit went from 430 to 700 in just a few months. He and his team showed me several things that I had no idea affected my credit. It used to be so hard ... See More


I came here as a client in 2012 with a 584 credit score. Six months later my score was 702 and today I'm always in the high 780's to low 800's. This place was so amazing I came to work here. Proud to say I've personally helped over 2,500 people go from bad credit to great credit.

David Michalek

Rondi took on my credit and my score went from 643 to 801 in 120 days... We now use him exclusively with all of our tenants that want to buy. My wife is over 831 and for him it was so simple and obvious while other companies milk you for over a year....Highly recommend him.

Rob Palano

Felt very confident about the help and understanding. Can't wait to get the repair completed

Mike Kelley

As a Real Estate Investor my credit was completely dismantled when the local bank I was leveraged with was taken down by the FDIC in the middle of the night... The bankers messed up and good honest hard working people like me paid the price. They used their right of set off to liquidate my accounts and left me with $8 in my wallet with no legal recourse and called my loans due which triggered universal default, foreclosure actions and IRS problems. Fast forward a few years and I hired Rondi's company Fortress... Read More

Bill Crane

Rondi was a great help when it came to correcting incorrect information on my report

Tracie Lieuallen Winfrey

Highly recommended and appreciative of the time and attention from Fortress .. They educated me and performed their repair process in a very timely manner .. This firm has not only exceeded my expectations they have managed to monitor and groom my credit for 38 months post my repair contract at a minimal fee per item .. I have recommended Fortress to 3 family members and many work coharts .. not to mention I attempted to use Lexington 3 times and never received a result for my time and investment. If you are... Read More

Mike Calhoun

Top player Jesus Gonzalez is an awesome epresentative, glad to have rrceived an exllent oveall experience.

Jovani Mondragon

Fortress credit was very good at keeping me informed on the Month to month changes. Fortress was just as excited as I was watching my credit score get higher every Month.

Michael Birch

Fortress helped me raise my score from 619 to 685 with just one tip that I heard on their free audio; included with the service! Just one tip!!

Lisa Bell Sartor
Mohammadu Mifras

I have been greatly relieved and excited that I am in a better financial situation because of my involvement in improving my financial future with Fortress Credit. It has been professional while making me feel at ease about getting my personal finances in order. Everyone who is interested in havi... See More


Fortress Credit Pro, its staff and especially its leader Mr. Lambeth have above average integrity, knowledge, and service.

In an industry which is predominantly infested with con artists, pretenders, and overall morally corrupt companies and/or is refreshing to see someone step up to the plate and change the game!

Keep doing the good works guys!

Marcelo Alvarado Jr.

I have been a lender and originator for close to 20 years and it took me close to 17 years to find a credit repair company that really new their stuff enough for me to actually refer clients to them. I am not one to refer without investigating someone ability, credibility and knowledge in their field. Fortress credit is the only credit repair company I trust enough to send my clients, family and friends to for any and all credit repair needs.

Tim Tolbert
Colin Brown

I've considered Rondi a mentor for over 10 years now, he knows more about credit than 99.999% of the "experts" out there and he practices what he preaches. Rondi, Michelle & David are great mentors and I highly recommend you work with Fortress if you get a chance!

Jesse Rodriguez

When I spoke to Jesus he made me understand everything I needed to do to improve my credit score very helpful I was excited to Start a New chapter in my life ty so much


The experience was great I was a client first and now I work for the company.


Fortress has changed our lives for the better. Awesome work!


Scotty was very helpful getting me set up today. He also answered some additional questions and gave some great advice about how to keep my open accounts in good standing. I recommend working with him to get the best results.

Kate Hull

Scotty was very helpful getting me set up today. He also answered some additional questions and gave some great advice about how to keep my open accounts in good standing. I recommend working with him to get the best results.

Jason Garrido

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