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Andy is the man. Honest, straightforward, and responds quickly. We have been using his system for collections for a few months now, and starting to see some great results.

Ryan Fisher

Ryan suggests you use Profit Generating Ninjas

Ryan F

The company that I work for started using AR Ninjas at the beginning of February and have had great success!! We have had almost $1500 of previously uncollected funds collected so far and the dashboards are very easy to maneuver and use. Anytime I have a question regarding a report that I received, or anything with the TekCollect portal, my wait time on hold is minimal and the representative helping me is always friendly and can answer my question with no problems! This company understands that every uncollected... Read More

Mariah Miller

Andy is a sincere advocate for dentists, their businesses and creates peace of mind as a trusted partner.


So happy to know about Andy through an AADOM referral. He helped me with my questions and inquiries. And, guided me to know where to start considering my situation with my practice. I’ve got some homework to do, but I truly appreciate Andy’s time and guidance. Thank you Andy!!! I’m sure we will speak again 😊

J.m. R.
Profit Generating Ninjas Replied: It is people like her that make my job so rewarding and frankly easy! thank you so much for your kind words!

Jasmine Highly Recommends Profit Generating Ninjas to their friends & family!

Jasmine R

Profit Generating Ninjas got a great recommendation by A


Andy was really friendly and knowledgeable. Unfortunately he is unable to take us on at this time, but he still took the time to provide us with the contacts of other people in the business. We truly appreciate Andy's help!

Gregory Monfette

Tia is very excited to recommend Profit Generating Ninjas

Tia C

Kira thinks you should try Profit Generating Ninjas

Kira M

Andy is absolutely amazing !! Andy actually told me we don't need to do anything or utilize his services. I so greatly appreciate the time he took to talk with me and his exceptional honesty!!!

South Bay Dentistry

Terry gave Profit Generating Ninjas an AWESOME Recommendation

Terry W

Megan Highly Recommends Profit Generating Ninjas to their friends & family!

Megan S

Andy and his team do the best they can to help you with your needs! I was very grateful with all the advice I received without even charging me!
Highly recommend them to all

Ben Sanei, DMD

Behzad Strongly Recommends Profit Generating Ninjas

Behzad S

Andy, Andy he's the man. If he can't do it no one can!

Michael Gazori

Andy, Andy he's the man. If he can't do it no one can!


Dr Michael Highly Recommends Profit Generating Ninjas to their friends & family!

Dr Michael G

Don't hesitate to contact Andy! He genuinely wants to help anyone, anyway he can. Great conversation, great advice and great direction. He understands the importance of your goals and strives for your success. Thank you Andy Cleveland for being there for all of us.

Sara W.
Profit Generating Ninjas Replied: its people like you sara that make my work rewarding, thank you!

Sara enjoyed the experience with Profit Generating Ninjas

Sara W

Andy was very knowledgeable and helpful in helping my college student team and I gather information on the state of the dental insurance industry for a market research project. He offered to help us voluntarily, and we appreciate the support. Would recommend!


Even though he wasn't able to help me in CT, he was quick to respond and offered a few contacts who he felt could help.

Zachary Lubchansky
Profit Generating Ninjas Replied: I appreciate your kind words, its an honor to serve you!

Very professional. Was very upfront and honest about the whole process and even said he didn't think his agency was the right fit for our office but then referred us to someone that he thought would be. Most importantly I didn't get the feeling that our office was just a "number" or it was all about the money but that he was genuinely trying to help us make the right choice for our business. Thanks again collection ninja!

Esther Turner

Esther enjoyed the experience with Profit Generating Ninjas

Esther T

Zack LOVED Profit Generating Ninjas

Zack L

Amazing results! I just signed up a couple of weeks ago and they’ve already collected $1000 from 2 accounts that were a year old. Couldn’t be happier!

Judy Christianson

Judy had a great experience with Profit Generating Ninjas

Judy C

New client with this company. Very please with my result to date. More accounts cleared in these past few months than the other companies did in years! Highly recommend Andy. Great guy, personal attention, quick results and superior professionalism. You can’t go wrong with him.

Diane Feichtner
Profit Generating Ninjas Replied: What can I say Diane but THANK YOU! We are nothing without our clients, you make our job EASY!

Profit Generating Ninjas got a great recommendation by Diane

Diane F

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