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I attended the Subsea Management Training course and have nothing but good to say about Mike and his company. This is not the training course that you are used to in the industry, where you show up, the instructor reads powerpoint slides all day and you are given a certificate at the end. This course is taught by subsea professionals who have been in our shoes and faced the problems we've faced. They bring years of experience to the table and it shows.

The course is designed for Senior Subsea Engineers, guys who have the hands on knowledge but may be lacking in the management department. Every aspect of this training is relevant to the running of a subsea department and will give you the tools to be a better manager and the ability to see the big picture and how your department fits into it.

What I enjoyed most about the training were the discussions. Mike has a gift for getting everyone involved and before you know it, the whole class is engaged and sharing things they have picked up along the way. There must have been at least 100 years of subsea experience sitting in that room and Mike created an environment where every person contributed something. Even the guys with 25-30 years of experience were learning new things.

As a relatively new Subsea guy, I walked away with a better understanding of what my Senior SSE's role was. I also have a good idea about how a subsea department should operate so I can help my Senior be more effective and when I step into the role one day I will be ready lead my department, train my guys and manage my operation with a high degree of confidence to a level of success I didn't think was possible.

Every Subsea Engineer, from the new assistant to the highly experienced Senior, would benefit from taking this course. This type of training is long overdue in the subsea world, Deepwater Subsea has stepped up and our industry is only going to benefit from it. Do yourself a favor and take this course.

-- Joe J

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