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I thought i was destined to drown in consumer debt for the rest of my natural born life without any chance for assistance due to no collateral and a few maxed out credit cards. David has already paved out a plan for me to fix my financial path with no need for banks looking down on me and my financi... See More


excellent experience. now i'm stress free from my debt. I'm very grateful. thank you... See More


I was very comfortable using this service. Luke was a knowledgeable expert who is excellent at his job.... See More


We found this at a time that everything was out of control: credit cards maxed out, line of credit maxed out etc. It has taken us 4 years + to get it all paid off but feels so good. They are easy to communicate with and can lengthen or shorten payments; whichever you need at the time. Love it.... See More


experts at what they do. i'm debt free!... See More


Everyone that was involved in this process of helping me with debt relief were very kind and helpful. Every time I had a question they stop and answered me until I understood and I was in a area that had no signal and I lost contact with them they were very polite and called me back. I appreciate ev... See More


What a serious life saver – thank you so much for helping me out when the banks and credit unions all ran away screaming, and the creditors were driving me and my family to the edge. So much stress has been eliminated.... See More


The loan is easy to understand. Also the loan company lays out all the information about payoffs, including early payoff, any possible fees, (if any.) They gave me a quick response. I don’t think from the time I filled out my application to the time I was contacted was approximately 5 to 7 minutes... See More


A few years ago I got myself in credit card debt by helping someone that had scammed me out of thousands of dollars. Debt Consolidation Pros helped me plan a way out of debt to all the credit card companies I owed money to and even though it will still take a little time to see my way clear, I'm wel... See More


It's so great to think I've just about done my time. If that sounds like a prison sentence it's because that's what this was for me. I put myself into a debt prison but you all have helped me achieve my goals. ... See More


I don't envy anyone the circumstances that brought me together with Debt Consolidation Pro but thank God that they were there and oh-so-helpful in my hour of need. If you're on the brink of possible financial disaster and hoping for a miracle, here's my advice: Wake up and get these guys on your sid... See More


I’m debt-free. Service was good and professional. Though it took a while for the proposal to come together it was well worth the wait 8 the 9 payments down to one. What more can I ask for.... See More


The process is very efficient and timely. I had my share of that and I was looking for a new start. They were able to consolidate 90 to 95% of my data and reduce what felt like 1 million payments into one payment only per month. The debt collectors no longer call me I no longer can hide behind my ph... See More

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