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A few years ago I got myself in credit card debt by helping someone that had scammed me out of thousands of dollars. Debt Consolidation Pros helped me plan a way out of debt to all the credit card companies I owed money to and even though it will still take a little time to see my way clear, I'm wel... See More


It's so great to think I've just about done my time. If that sounds like a prison sentence it's because that's what this was for me. I put myself into a debt prison but you all have helped me achieve my goals.


I don't envy anyone the circumstances that brought me together with Debt Consolidation Pro but thank God that they were there and oh-so-helpful in my hour of need. If you're on the brink of possible financial disaster and hoping for a miracle, here's my advice: Wake up and get these guys on your sid... See More


I’m debt-free. Service was good and professional. Though it took a while for the proposal to come together it was well worth the wait 8 the 9 payments down to one. What more can I ask for.


The process is very efficient and timely. I had my share of that and I was looking for a new start. They were able to consolidate 90 to 95% of my data and reduce what felt like 1 million payments into one payment only per month. The debt collectors no longer call me I no longer can hide behind my ph... See More


The process was quick and easy! I submitted an email application and someone got back to me quickly. I was concerned that I wouldn't be approved because of my credit. They were able to help consolidate my debt, and now I have some extra money on a monthly basis. It feels good to have the creditors off my back. Thanks again!...

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