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With Credilife I was able to buy the home of my dreams. True professionals that I felt where with me throughout the process of returning my credit to a manageable state. They throughly explained to me why they chose for me to follow a certain blueprint, and how it would benefit my family and I. I tr... See More


I would definitely recommend Credilife to anyone that doesn’t know where to start or too busy to repair their credit themselves. Their team of professionals get right to work and stay on top of everything. Their recommendations and advice are top notched. I will definitely recommend credilife to m... See More


I'm a huge procrastinator so having credilife was amazing. They sent all of the letters, disputed and removed all the dings on my credit report, told me exactly what to apply for, how long to wait, how much to spend and now i have a 710 credit score with the tools and knowledge to have an 800. They ... See More


Arelis LOVED Credilife®

Arelis M gave Credilife® a 5 star Rating

Marc was very helpful and gave me get advice. Best of all, he told me I was going an awesome job on my own in rebuilding my credit AND it wasn't necessary to hire him! Who does that? Marc Brooks, that's who!


This company especially Jeremy has helped my family out so much ... my husband and I are on our way to buying a house just from joining the credit life Facebook group.... I cant imagine what they could do for me if i signed up and hired them to help fix our credit profile.
Miracles is what were working with here... thankyou for every piece of information you guys have been God send.......

amber guillen gave Credilife® a 5 star Review on Google
Cheryl Jones gave Credilife® a 5 star Rating on Google

I love credilife. Very professional, they tell you what you need to do and why and even talk to threw the process, I got improvements the first month. I'm so close to my dream of home ownership only a couple months away.....

Laura Turner gave Credilife® a 5 star Review on Google
Credilife® Replied: Hi Laura, super excited for you. This is what it is all about. At Credilife® we believe we are all better together. Lifting each other up through education, motivation, and accountability right? Can't wait for an update from you when you close on your new home! Thank you for sharing. Such a great thing to wake up! Keep up the good work :)
Cheyenne Seymour gave Credilife® a 5 star Rating on Google

Credilife has helped me a lot. I was with them for a short duration but within that time frame, i learned alot. This isnt one of those "wham bam, thank you ma'am" credit repair services. They take their time to work with you as well as teach you. Their credilife coaches make the process very smooth and they not only tell you what theyre doing they show you the process every step of the way. Thanks to credilife i not only have better credot but i have the knowledge to maintain it and keep it growing! Thank...

Jorge Romero gave Credilife® a 5 star Review on Google
Credilife® Replied: Hi Jorge, your review is a true testament to what we are working so hard to achieve. Much like that age old adage,... "if you give a hungry man a fish, you feed him for a day, but if you teach him how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime". Thank you so much for the kind words! Stay mindful, and be well. Your friends at Credilife®

I’ve been astonished by all the information I’ve learned while working with this company. They have a free Credit repair group and they have so many resources available, they want to help people and their life’s and credit!!

They provide free resources and always reply on posts or messages . I completely am greatful for finding this company and all the help I’ve recieved on raising my credit and achieving my GOALS!!!!...

Samanatha Stephens gave Credilife® a 5 star Review on Google

Kevin suggests you use Credilife®

Kevin B gave Credilife® a 5 star Rating

What a great investment in myself. Chris always took the time to explain credit and how it works. I learned so much and Read the benefits of having good credit. I went up nearly 200 points from when I started to the end. I was able to buy a new home on acreage. I was able to get approved for credit cards and credit lines that I was never able to do before. Thank you Credilife...

Jbarrera 281 gave Credilife® a 5 star Review on Google

Best financial advice ever given to me! Seen my score increase 100 points in 1 month! Definitely recommend credilife to anyone seeking high credit scores & homeownership! Thank you credilife coaches!...

Angela Monzon gave Credilife® a 5 star Review on Google

We have been with Credilife for about two months and have seen good results. They return emails with in a good time frame there is tons I mean tons of information to learn from. They are worth every penny spent. I could not wrap my head around doing the process to fix my credit I needed a good company. I joined the group on Facebook and learned a lot and made the decision to have them help and I am so pleased and excited. I have never had a credit score over 600 now I do and still growing. All you have to do is...

Brandy Adams gave Credilife® a 5 star Review on Google
Credilife® Replied: Thank you Brandy, this is what it is all about. We love hearing from our clients and appreciate the time you took to share your experience. We're here for you and look forward to seeing your credit life blossom ;) Wishing you all the best!

Credilife is the best choice I think I’ve ever made in life. Getting in control of my credit and finances instead of letting it control me. If you listen to your coaches you will do well. Worth every penny!


Dawn suggests you use

Dawn G gave Credilife® a 5 star Rating

I loved credilife because in less than 6 months I achieved the buying power most people dream of. I honestly was skeptical about this experience but it was worth every penny. It's very convenient for a person with a busy schedule and I would recommend to anyone who needs to boost their credit profil... See More


Tanisha enjoyed the experience with

Tanisha J gave Credilife® a 5 star Rating

Very easy to work with, helped me boost my score more than 100 points in just six months! If anybody out there needs help repairing and rebuilding their credit, credit life is the way to go!
Thankyou Rick!...

mike utermoehl gave Credilife® a 5 star Review on Google
Credilife® Replied: Thank you for the testimonial Mike! Congratulations!

Michael thinks you should try

Michael U gave Credilife® a 5 star Rating


Brian D gave Credilife® a 5 star Rating

Had a great conversation and consultation today 1/10/20 with Jeremy Deysach, Credit Coach....

Jason Allen recommends Credilife® on Facebook

Credo life has given me hope for my Financial future! Thanks to there awesome team.


Minimah suggests you use

Minimah B gave Credilife® a 5 star Rating

This company has been patient with me and keeps working hard to help me be debt free! I was lost and felt like my credit would never be repaired. They... more

Maia S. gave Credilife A Financial Wellness Company a 5 star review

I worked with Credilife from 2014-2017 though it wasn't continuous since initially they were just helping me with my student loans, which were in default.... more

Area52industries .. gave Credilife A Financial Wellness Company a 5 star review

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