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The free information provided by Credilife on their Facebook page has been incredibly helpful. Credit Repair takes time, but the knowledge I’ve gained in the group has been very beneficial and I can’t wait to take back my buying power!


I received help from Creditlife getting advice on establishing credit and information on consolidating and refinancing my student loans. Absolutely professional service and it was extremely fast!...

Ben Arndt recommends Credilife® on Facebook

I was looking for help after an accident put me in a bad position financially. I had several bills that got sent to collections and my credit was affected. After I sat down with Rick, if I remember correctly he can in on a weekend to meet me, he gave me a few things to try. One was to request a negative report be removed from my credit. After following the guidance given my credit recovered. Didn’t even have to hire them. I really appreciate a company that is there to help....

Cory Casey gave Credilife® a 5 star Review on Google
Credilife® Replied: Thank you for the kind review Cory! We help 1000's of consumers every year to get their buying power back through credit repair and educational coaching in credit and financial responsibilities. The more we understand about money and the value and benefits of good credit and spending with a plan, the better off our communities become on a whole. Congratulations! and thanks again for shout out!

Corey Highly Recommends Credilife® to their friends & family!

Corey C gave Credilife® a 5 star Rating

I was very skeptical about credit repair until I gave Credilife a try. Let me tell you something, they are the real deal! I went from getting turned down at every credit application to getting approved for a house being built and completed in a month! I am so glad I chose this path with this amazing... See More


Thank you Chris! Graduated in June or July, but wanted to wait a bit to save up my down payment. Dude - FYI approved for a 408k mortgage... all because of you and Credilife!

And no, I didn’t take it all, you taught me better than that. Bought a mid 200’s house.

First time homeowner now and new... See More


I am one of the Credilife® Certified Coach, so I have a bias for sure. I also work with a team of awesome people that help our clients everyday reach their financial dreams...

Rick Wenner recommends Credilife® on Facebook

Denis Strongly Recommends Credilife®

Denis A gave Credilife® a 5 star Rating

Ryan is very excited to recommend Credilife®

Ryan B gave Credilife® a 5 star Rating

Kimberly gave Credilife® an AWESOME Recommendation

Kimberly R gave Credilife® a 5 star Rating

The folks at Credilife go above and beyond to explain and assist with helping you not only repair your credit report but understand the way that credit building works so that you can continue working on it once you've graduated the program. I was able to raise my score an average of 100 points with ... See More


Raymond Highly Recommends to their friends & family!

Raymond J gave Credilife® a 5 star Rating

Vincent LOVED

Vincent B gave Credilife® a 5 star Rating

When I stated with Credilife I wanted to be done with life & everything. I was in a really bad place in my life think abuse/divorce etc a couple months after I started with them & not only did they help coach & guide me on my repair journey but they were there for me to support me & help me with my issues when I had nobody else to talk to. I ended up in the Hospital & wasn't expected to survive but I believe because of the prayers of so many including credilife my life was spared... Read More...

Rachel Anne recommends Credilife® on Facebook

Luis is very excited to recommend

Luis M gave Credilife® a 5 star Rating

Katrina thinks you should try

Katrina H gave Credilife® a 5 star Rating

Nicole LOVED

Nicole C gave Credilife® a 5 star Rating

Obviously everyone's results might be different and/or take longer, but we went up over 100 points in 3 months! We never thought a mortgage would be possible, but after working with Credilife, we are purchasing a new home!


Credilife was a good experience and helped me learn a lot of things about credit, and how it plays a huge part in a person having buying power and a sense of worth not being declined every time applying for credit. They make it easy to understand what exactly is going on, and have a plan going into... See More


Not only has Rick and the Credilife team repaired our credit, but they have also taught us along the way how to continue to grow and build! This isn't just a quick fix repair company. Credilife genuinely cares about their clients and their future success. Their services are worth every penny!...

Amy Brooks recommends Credilife® on Facebook

Rick and the team at Credilife are amazing! They have turned my credit completely around and made our dream of owning a home a reality! I could not be more grateful and pleased with everything they have done for our credit!


Wow. It’s only been a few months and my credit score has jumped tremendously and my credit report is clean. Can’t thank these guys enough....

dominik wirz gave Credilife® a 5 star Review on Google

Wow. These guys are incredible. In just a few months my credit score has jumped to the point that I got a car loan. My credit report is now clean. Can’t thank them enough.



Isaac O gave Credilife® a 5 star Rating

I started Credilife about 8 months with 12 negative accounts and my credit score was around 525 average for all 3 credit bureau. I had the pleasure of working with my coach Isaac and he’s been nothing but amazing to me and family. I can always count on him to answer his phone, answer my emails in a timely manner (most of the times within minutes). With his help i was able to remove all 12 accounts and settled with the original creditor at a lesser amount than originally owed. My credit score is... Read More...

Gerald Etienne recommends Credilife® on Facebook

Catherine Highly Recommends Credilife® to their friends & family!

Catherine H gave Credilife® a 5 star Rating

Gerald Highly Recommends Credilife® to their friends & family!

Gerald E gave Credilife® a 5 star Rating

Just finished up a phone call with Chris and it was well worth my time. He is very knowledgeable and delivered information based upon my very own accounts. I’m just a mama trying to buy a house for my family one day. What are you waiting for? Schedule an appointment....

Elizabeth D Cloud recommends Credilife® on Facebook

I wasn't dealt a great hand when it came to finances. My career path left me in some very tough spots, leaving me to make some tough choices on which bills I paid. There was a point that I thought bankruptcy was going to be my only option. Fortunately I knew a few of the folks over at Credilife. I reached out to them to see if they could help. I have seen my credit score increase by over 100 points in a years time. I would recommend these folks to anyone thinking about repairing their credit....

Kristopher Williamson gave Credilife® a 5 star Review on Google

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