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I love Comploy because it is easy to use, and the support is great I always get all the answers I need when I need them

Marita Sobotka

Thia is not an easy task to start, Samantha with Comploy and the team has truly gone above and beyond with the level of customer service we received. We can honestly say that we have had the best care, attention to detail and respect for our business from Samantha and Comploy. We are glad we made the decision to join Comploy Insurance as they are truly experts in the industry.

Candace Stevens

I've used comploy now for a couple of years and I can't express how helpful my account manager, Adam, has been for me. Saves lots of time and risk where small guys like me tend to miss keeping up.

Michael Murray

Now is the perfect time to utilize a company that understands how small to medium business work. This global situation is making people re-evaluate the needs of companys. Reinvesting or jumpstarting when back in the office. Comploy specializes in streamlining the needs of HR so everyone can get back to the act of business and positive profit.
Let Comploy do what they do best...HR.

Sonja Motley

Comploy has changed the business model for payroll services. They truly value their clients and listen to their needs. They are a customer service first company.

Alli Puckett

I've worked with Chris Myers at Comploy for almost a year now. He knows his business well and brings value to all of the HR functions. But what I appreciate most is the high level of character and service that he brings. He is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him!

Mike Falls

Chris and comploy have been taking car of my payroll for my auto shop for over a year now. They have stayed on top of all of the upcoming issues and made sure we stay compliant with all the crazy rules that go along with being in business. They are awesome. Thanks for all you do. Highly recomended.

Geoff Waters

We've been using Comploy for several months now and it has been wonderful. The switch was seamless and our payroll specialist was incredibly patient. We're able to do more for less and we are only paying for what we need. Thank you Chris and team.

Jeff Legins

Chris and his team handle our payroll and make things very easy. They also stay on top of things like workers comp and make sure you are covered. Great to work with.

Geoffrey Waters

I love Comploy because it is easy to use, and the support is great I always get all the answers I need when I need them


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Candace S

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Jody Z

Candace had a great experience with Comploy, Inc

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Marty A

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