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5050 Hwy 3, suite A101
Bremerton, Wa 98311
United States

There service is great... See More


Go see Dr Hunter and Dr Fuji. Today!... See More


I have been going to this place for a number of months. Always great service. Staff is dynamite. Would suggest anybody to go here.... See More


Bremerton Wellness and crew has changed my life, when I thought at 20 years old I would have to give mine up do to pain and fibromyalgia. I have stopped all pain, depression and anxiety medications since coming here, and have even been treated for a ear infection by adjustment when my nurse practiti... See More


So I started coming here close to a year and the servicesI have recieved have been outstanding. Michelle and Leila are really good and i highly recommend both acupuncture and Massage from them both.... See More


I love this place! They are so welcoming and honestly, funny. It’s so nice to come into such a fun environment! The doctors are great and the front desk girls are punny.... See More


Haven’t had any back pain since after my first visit with Dr Hunter Thx... See More


They’re great! They have the best front desk staff and dr hunter is outstanding!... See More


Everyone is so welcoming and nice to me. I always feel comfortable here. They are great at communicating and working financially with me. I’ll come back as long as I can .... See More


Really like Bremerton Wellness the staff are always super helpful and friendly. I have referred people and I always know that they will always be well taken care of. ... See More

Great staff. Great doctors. Very clean facility. And very friendly all around..

M McDERMITT gave Bremerton Wellness a 5 star review

Dr. Hunter is very attentive, listens to the problems at hand and comes up with a proactive game plan. The ladies at the office are very friendly. Scheduling is flexible. I love the reminders as well on appointments! If you need a massage or acupuncture, they do that too!

Marianne Weber gave Bremerton Wellness a 5 star review

Dr Hunter is very understanding and is a great listener and his methods are great

Jill Reed gave Bremerton Wellness a 5 star review
Brooke Phillips gave Bremerton Wellness a 5 star review
Lindsey Little gave Bremerton Wellness a 5 star review
Valerie Jacobs Recommends Bremerton Wellness

I originally started seeing Dr. Gill at Kingston Crossing Wellness Center when I lived and worked in North Kitsap. I began going there in June of 2014. I transferred my care to Bremerton Wellness Center 3 months ago when I shifted to working in Bremerton and now I get to see Dr. Gill once in a while, but have connected with primary practitioner at this location, Dr. Hunter. Both chiropractors are friendly, skilled and extremely knowledgeable. Both practices have great desk staff and ample variety of support services like acupuncture, massage, etc. Preventive care is a worthy investment. I feel my best maintaining my back health with them after 3 prior injuries.

5 days ago
Kendel Glance Recommends Bremerton Wellness

i love the people here there very nice and easy going to talk too im very happy with the massage i got and will be recommending bremerton wellness to my friends

2 months ago
Angie Mark McDermitt Recommends Bremerton Wellness

best place ever. Everyone is so great.

2 months ago
Rick Mathiasen Recommends Bremerton Wellness

Acupuncture is amazing. We both go.

4 months ago
Sheri Kistner-Schulz Recommends Bremerton Wellness

The staff there are very down to earth and supportive of patients. I am impressed with Dr. Hunter. He is very knowledgeable and supportive in trying to find ways to relieve me from my sciatica and lower back pain.

4 months ago
Paula Lea Ingram Recommends Bremerton Wellness

Dr. Hunter is my Chiropractor, and he is amazing! Kim is my Massage therapist, and I feel wonderful after massage, seeing my Naturpath has made such a difference in my health and wellness. last but not least the ladies who staff the reception desk are friendly!! love them!

4 months ago
Lisa Acker Recommends Bremerton Wellness

Very friendly staff and very knowledgeable about their services and products

4 months ago
Holly Sue Ruddock gave Bremerton Wellness a 5 star review

I can not tell you how THRILLED I am that I found Dr Morris. She is by far the most amazing Doctor EVER! Informative, kind, compassionate and brilliant! Seriously folks, if you are wanting to take control of your health or you are needing help and SUPPORT (thats a biggie) you must make an appointment. Dr Morris takes time to get to know you, your health goals and creates a strategy. The staff is great and its conveniently located (near the Fred Meyers, so you can buy all your new healthy foods) I am so grateful I found this place. The free seminar they offered was the tipping point for me. So if you see it in your newsfeed, GO!

6 months ago
Amber Elizabeth gave Bremerton Wellness a 5 star review

I moved here a couple months ago and couldn't walk from sciatica issues and I was in constant pain. Been seeing Dr. Hunter regularly and feel like a new person. My pain is gone, I have feeling in my toes, I can sleep, and I'm not angry from discomfort anymore. Highly recommend coming here. The staff is great, the offices are clean and the outcome is absolutely life changing.

9 months ago
Heidi Lytle gave Bremerton Wellness a 5 star review

Excellent individualized care. X-rays show why I've had so many pain and energetic loss issues recently. About to embark on regimen of massage, diet, chiropractic and acupuncture. Had a great massage and adjustment today. Gave me energy for cooking I normally wouldn't be able to do. Sal and Lindsay answered all of my many, many questions. Kim and Dr. Platt were very thorough, also answered many questions. Looking forward to subsequent visits over the next month. Hoping for long-term results!

12 months ago
Sally Rosi Holman gave Bremerton Wellness a 5 star review

The staff are wonderful!!!Dr. Fujii (acupuncture) is the best! I would recommend Bremerton Wellness anytime.

12 months ago
Hanna Roundtree gave Bremerton Wellness a 5 star review

I would recommend this place to anyone. Truly a life saver

12 months ago
Kalissa Fagin gave Bremerton Wellness a 5 star review

THANK YOU for the most care and integrated treatment I could have received as I transitioned into retirement from a desk job. I feel very confident that I will be able to move into my next life adventures with vigor.

1 year ago
Lee Bee gave Bremerton Wellness a 5 star review
1 year ago
Elizer Mark gave Bremerton Wellness a 5 star review
1 year ago

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