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Hi my name is Chris and I was asked to write a bit about Breakthrough and what it has been like for me...what I have experienced..what I am taking away from it, and how it will affect me as I re-emerge into life. The thing is...the power of testimonials is found within how well you know or how well you can identify with the person writing them; So, I shall tell you about me first. I learned bad eating habits young. I have a super addictive personality and I got addicted to the things and to the behaviors which hurt human beings the most. Food was the first drug I ever did, and it continues to be the area where I need to be most vigilant today. I learned to starve myself to make weight for the wrestling team in high school. I ate captain crunch by the boxful, and that is nothing compared to all the different ways I hammered by body, mind, and soul with shit for decades. Think of the most awful behaviors surrounding food that you can come up with and I have done them. I have had multiple times in my life where I was actively bulimic. so many others...the weight became more and more of a problem as time went by. Each time I set out to lose it there was more of it to lose. I studied nutrition, killed myself in gyms, and hated myself oh so incredibly badly through it all because I just could not seem to stop failing at this task called life...because the periods of time in which I was comfortable in my own skin were getting smaller and smaller...until they did not exist at all. In the end..self-hatred was all that I knew. It didn't matter if I ate clean or ate dirty. Didn't matter if I did excercise or did drugs. I could not keep the weight off and I could not lose enough anymore to make a difference. I gave up. My turn around did not come until I weighed 410 pounds at 44 years of age.
After getting 90% of my stomach surgically removed I got control of the runaway train. The surgery hurt a little. After going from 386 to 240 I had to have two skin removal surgeries. They both hurt really really bad. But I healed and I trained and I came back with a vengeance. After all that....I was still able to outdo some men half my age. And yet....something was still very very wrong. I was "eating clean" and doing everything right, and the number on the scale started going up again. When it got to 248 I was terrified....completely terrified. I thought I was just "one of those people that are supposed to be fat because they have just done too much damage to their metabolism," and oh my God what a pile of crap THAT was. Most..if not ALL of what you are being told about food..about your bodies...and about how to fix it are lies. Sadly..we live in a country with a corrupt government that does not care about the health of its citizens. But I guarantee you that the people at Breakthrough do.
I learned what real clean eating is for the first time in my life. I know more now about food and what it is doing to you than any trainer in any gym of that I am certain. Finally..I am the one with the knowledge and the power. The people at Breakthrough are the kindest I have met in a very long time. Incredibly stunningly patient. I believe it stems from their leader Nanette. My weight this morning was 185.7. I am closing in on 180..which will be only 40 pounds above what I wrestled at in high school. This will be a total weight loss using the Breakthrough Protocol of 60 pounds in under 5 months, and it was all fat. This program is designed to protect your lean muscle mass while adhering to a very low caloric intake. I have actually gained 3 pounds of muscle during this time. My waist...having once been 72 inches is now 32 inches. But that is just number stuff...the thing is my body is free of toxicity. My mind works soul is aura glows brighter. I'm far from perfect...I made many mistakes on this program...I could have lost the fat much faster... and I cheated more than is part of my self destructive makeup, but my coach Bonnie never once raised her voice, or got angry, or got impatient. After awhile it dawned on me.."Holy shit this woman is never going to leave me. She is with me whether I succeed or fail." It was at that time that I really adhered stringently to the protocol and the results were and continue to be stunning. I forgot just how strong I really am. Because of the massive load reduction upon my skeleton I can now lift and carry much heavier things than when I weighed more. Get that? Lighter AND stronger....the last time that happened for me I was still in my twenties, and that proves that this product is superior in a market based upon mediocrity, mass consumption, and my personal favorite: The endless list of companies claiming that their products are healthy when in fact their products contain stuff that is toxic to human beings. That is a large part of why I continued to fail..I was loading myself with shit that I believed to be healthy and in reality it was making me slowly get sicker and sicker. Not Good. For this to work..truly actually unlock fat that has been inactive and dormant for decades and turn it into useable fuel..that is in my opinion the fountain of youth. It has been at least for me. Please remember. Sleeve gastrectomy, multiple skin removal surgeries, massive shock and trauma to my body, mind and soul for over 30 years...and after all that..especially after the trauma of three surgeries in a two year period...THIS PROGRAM STILL WORKED the fat that they could not cut away is now gone. I guarantee it will work for you just have to follow what is written and what has already worked for so many others just like me. And then for the rest of your life, which you will have by then positively altered forever...there will be two things you must never stop doing: 1. Weigh yourself each day and learn to not let the number affect you emotionally no matter what way it has gone, and 2. Every edible thing you pick up....before you eat it you have to ask yourself...."Knowing what I know now do I still want to put this into my body?" More times than not the answer will be no, for with knowledge will come the power to do what you could never do before.
Good Luck My Friends,

-- Christopher L

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