Breakthrough M2

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gave Breakthrough M2 5 stars


I was asked by some friends to go to a seminar. I went but I told myself that I was not buying anything that I wasn't going to do another "diet". I had tried so many that hadn't worked. Well, needless to say that didn't happen. I signed up immediately and never looked back! I feel awesome and have lost 20 pounds in 5 weeks!!! Not a small feat for me. I had a total thyroidectomy 3 years ago and although I didn't gain any weight due to this I couldn't lose any either. This program is easy and amazing!!! I am so glad that my friends Tammy and Elise got me to go along with them. I am so looking forward to continuing to eat healthy for me! And to lose more!! I love being a Loser!!! <3

-- Theresa S

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